January 3, 2012

Faculty & Presenter Appreciations!

Hi All,

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday nurturing yourselves and focusing your energy on what you’d like to create in 2012, I did!

I worked yesterday on organizing myself in my office, answering emails and then doing some filming in the afternoon before I had a business meeting with Penny and Vidya to discuss 2012 strategy for the companies.

I had a fantastic little workout in the gym. It is amazing for me to experience an increase in strength after a few days off from weight training. I love feeling how healthy, vital and strong my body is.

I’m sure you agree, there is nothing like that feeling of integrity, body, mind and spirit.

In today’s BLOG I’m going to continue sharing with you my love for my CHEK Institute Faculty and Presenters.

They are all such dedicated people, and you know, life is much more fun when we form teams to bring ALL our Dreams into reality.

Mark Stone

Dear Mark,

You have been helping me with the CHEK mission for a long time and I’m grateful. You are one of the most committed learners I’ve ever met.

Your love and compassion for human beings is commendable.

I’m grateful that you have spent so much of your time perfecting your craft as a practitioner and teacher so that so many thousands of students around the world could benefit from your hard earned wisdom.

I look forward to an abundant 2012 with you!

Marks Card:

Mark is willing to explore all aspects of life openly and honestly. The black represents his feminine side and the yellow of the sun the masculine side; Mark is quite balanced in this regard.

Mark has a very powerful mind that loves to process a wide variety of types of information and experiences.

The clouds in the top right represent the synthesis of information, which becomes experience through the interactions of tai-chi, or the natural flow of life.

The yellow behind him on the right symbolizes the fact that Mark “enlightens people” everywhere he goes and teaches.

The OM symbol over the throat represents the fact that Mark’s inherent nature is peaceful, and from that peaceful place, he helps others find peace in their lives.

Jon Bowskill:

Dear Jon,

Like those instructors above, you have been with me a long time too. Along with Emma Lane, you were among the very first instructors in England.

I am grateful for your willingness to do all the intensive study it took to become not only an instructor, but a real pioneer of using the CHEK methodology in the medical community in the UK.

Your commitment to precision in practice and teaching is commendable.

Your willingness to take the CHEK methods and share them with the typically skeptical medical doctors, as well as the laymen is excellent.

I appreciate all the support you’ve given me over the years from writing magazine articles to teaching, to traveling and supporting the institute’s movement.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with so many at the Bowskill Clinic in London and wherever you go! I look forward to sharing an Abundant 2012 with you!

Jon’s Card:

This card represents a teaching often attributed to zen masters and Buddhist masters in general. The teaching is “Don’t look at the finger pointing to the moon!look at the moon”.

This teaching means that there is much more to life than what is written on pages and screens and that real knowledge comes from experience. This is my hand and finger I’ve drawn here!

Jon, like the other instructors, has faced the challenge of people being critical of “Paul Chek”, largely because of what they read, or what others said!

But as I’ve told my students thousands of times, “don’t believe anything I tell you. Just try it and if it doesn’t work, let me know and we can address the issue then.”

Most people value their ideas and projections more than they value the actual experience of any topic.

You will probably notice that I’ve drawn the card so it’s very hard “not to look at the finger”, and that, paradoxically, even the Man on the moon is looking at the finger!

This means that the highest form of knowledge doesn’t come from forever accumulating!it comes when we hold still and completely let go of our own “fixed ideas” and allow our mind to rest such that it encompasses ALL.

When we go to bed and sleep at night, we “let go of all our ideas”. The problem is that most of us are “unconscious” and can’t remember any of the great truths we learn in that state.

When we learn to sleep awake, we are making real progress!

Mark Buckley:

Dear Mark,

You are certainly among the most intelligent of people I’ve ever met in my life! Your capacity to handle complex concepts and distill them down to a working synthesis is excellent.

You are an outstanding teacher. Your ability to engage your students and invigorate their curiosity and passion, while remaining authentically yourself is special indeed.

You are also an excellent presenter. You have withstood the fires of intellectualism to the highest degree and have represented me, and my teachings beautifully where many fear to tread. For that I’m eternally grateful.

You have also stood by me as a friend during many challenging times. For that I’m eternally grateful.

I look forward to an abundant 2012 with you and wish you abundant prosperity with your new training system.


Mark’s Card:

Mark carries a lot of sun-energy in his being. He’s funny and knows how to laugh even when others would rather cry.

The body of water below his head represents his feminine energies; it takes a whole body of yin to cool Mark’s super-computer of a brain!

Mark’s surrounded by little birds; the bird represents the soul in metaphysics.

Mark’s students surround him wherever he goes and Mark’s personality is such that most of his students stay connected to him throughout their lifetimes as a friend.

The OM symbol over Mark’s sixth chakra represents the fact that Mark is inherently a peaceful, joyous person.

I’ve had many great times just being with Mark and when he was a student, he always impressed me with his intelligent questions.

Mark now holds the torch and offers his students the answers only an experienced mentor can give.

Matthew Wallden:

Matthew, thank you for doing so much work to create awareness of the CHEK methods within the naturopathic and osteopathic communities.

Your capacity to synthesize complex information and create effective, practical systems of application is incredible!

You have been a lovely friend to me all these many years since you started studying with me, always loving and embracing me as a person without trying to change me. For that, I’m eternally grateful!!

You are someone I can be with without feeling hen-pecked and you’ve always been so graceful to allow our time together to be joyous, even when challenges were issues on the table. For that I’m also very grateful.

I am also grateful that you’ve made the journey with me all the way to being one of only two qualified to teach CHEK Level III, a very complex training program.

Thank you for helping so many people find their way personally, professionally and spiritually! I look forward to sharing a year of abundance with you in 2012!

Matthew’s Card:

Matt’s mind is really like a big heart. He’s always thinking of ways to help people.

His mind is “ablaze with new and useful ideas”, yet his personality is like water, cooling and nurturing. Matthew, like me, loves nature and being at one with it.

Matthew is the UK distributor for Vibram FiveFinger shoes, which is why you see the foot prints in his card. The footprints also stand for leading people on the path of life, which Matthew does so well.

Donal Carr:

Dear Donal,

You are truly a “Spiritual Warrior”. You were the first instructor in Australia and have led untold thousands to awareness of the CHEK teachings and lifestyle. For that I’m eternally grateful.

You have stood up against the academic naysayers with composure and integrity, leading them by example.

Thank you for being able to withstand the heat of the fires of “change” in the health and exercise industries and for being with me all the way! You are not only a great teacher and presenter, you devote a lot of love to raising your beautiful children and teaching them how to live what we teach.

Yours and Cathy’s legacy will live on in them and I know they are living examples of my teachings as well. For that I’m eternally grateful!

I look forward to an abundant, (less stressful) year together in 2012.

Donal’s Card:

Donal’s heart is powerful and is like the engine of an exotic, beautiful sports car; it provides the energy for his powerful mind.

Donal’s capacity to see, feel and express himself artistically is expressed in the way he lectures and teaches, which is equally beautiful.

The red side of the heart represents Donal’s male energies; the symbol represents the “wave function” in quantum physics and it meas that Donal has the capacity to connect to “all that is”.

The symbol on the right is the Pi symbol, which has wide ranging implications and uses. I’ve put it here because like Pi, Donal is very versatile and can adapt to most any environment.

As an artist, he’s able to connect with the essence of anyone or anything and draw it with astounding beauty!

The red waves express the desire to create safety and security in your life and for your family.

The black heart at the bottom represents transition, change and the unknown in life; it is bordered in gold, which means synthesis as well as being a very important color for healing.

It is my wish that my love continue to enthuse and inspire my Faculty and Presenters, as well as all our students’ around the world.

Have a beautiful day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek