July 15, 2013

DR. QUIET was Chief Physician This Weekend!

Happy Monday!

I had a lovely, productive weekend. Friday, I met with Sean Greeley from NPE all day. I’m a big fan of NPE because their business systems are doing magic for C.H.E.K Practitioners all over the world, and for Penny and I.

Sean Greeley is a highly motivated, very well organized business man with loads of experience growing health and exercise businesses to record profits. Sean and I are trading coaching services to support each other’s growth and development both personally, and in our joint and respective teams.

It’s really great to have Sean to work with. Thank you Sean for all your ongoing love and support of Penny, Myself, and the C.H.E.K Institute!

Happy Birthday Boris Simurina!


Boris Simerina Birthday 7-14-13
Boris Simurina is Natalia Mammadova’s trainer, and Sunday was his Birthday. I invited Boris and Natalia over to my home in Vista to celebrate his Birthday with Penny, Vidya, Rory, Phil and I.

We had a great day relaxing and celebrating Boris’ birthday, and some much needed Dr. Quiet time for all of us.

Siberian Bear Shaman
For Boris’ birthday, I drew this picture of “The Siberian Bear Shaman”. Boris loves shamanism, like myself, and we both enjoy studying and practicing shamanism (native/natural healing methods). Boris is very much like a gentle, but very powerful bear.

He loves nature and lives in the mountains of Serbia and enjoys a simple, productive life. It is lovely for me to work closely with someone who share the same values about life. Thanks for being such an amazing man Boris! Happy Birthday again Bud!


Art Party
Here you can see Rory, Natalia and I working away on our group art project, which is pretty customary social practice in the Chek House. We each took turns jumping in as the imagination and intuition arose.


Bird Of Friendship
Here you can see the completed project. If you want to join us in our day, simply be present with this drawing and you will be there with us. This drawing represents our shared love and creativity for Sunday.

This “Bird Of Friendship” is the child of Vidya, Boris, Natalia, Rory, Phil, and myself. It is a beautiful expression of our day and we all hope it brings you inner-calm and joy.

Dr. Quiet Sunday
Here you can see what the second half of our day looked like. You’d think we were drawing with barbells instead of watercolor pens by how willing we all were to lay on the ground and talk to Dr. Quiet!

Tai-chi Boris and Natalia
After a nap in the afternoon, we did some tai-chi together; another regular practice when people visit the Chek House. Boris and Natalia are just finishing their second lap around my yard doing the Stork Walk. It was very refreshing and energizing!

You can learn more about some of the active meditation techniques I share for busy minded people that want simple meditation techniques by studying the Dr. Quiet audio that goes with my 4 Doctors ebook.

Stonework Update

Here you can see my buddy, Rory resting and regenerating in my rock garden on one of the meditation seats.

Rory Vista Stones

I’ve been out for several hours Saturday cleaning and reorganizing my zen rock garden just in time to get the chi flow balanced for Rory’s arrival. Great to have you back at your California home Buddy!

Vista Rock Garden
Here you can see my zen rock garden from a different perspective. This is what people see as they drive past my front yard. People stop regularly throughout the day to take photos.

When I’m out in the garden, I often have people stop by and ask me lots of questions about my rock sculptures. Several have taken it up as a personal hobby and now I see rock stacks all around in the hills and hear about others creating them with their families in their yards. That gives me great joy!

Heaven House High View
I recently built a very large rock stack in my stone circle. This is the view of my Heaven House where I train athletes and clients, and do my work. People really love coming here for coaching and therapy, and I LOVE being here, so all is good in Heaven!

I hope you all have a beautiful week and that each day, you create enough Dr. Quiet time for your own rest and regeneration.

Believe it or not, most of what ails us could be cured by simply slowing down to a natural day/night rhythm cycle, and by eating real food and drinking quality water!

Sounds simple I know, but I have spent my life teaching people how to heal with the simple methods and approaches that most people overlook, or assume.

Mother Nature has all the secrets we need if we just watch and learn through being present with her. By entraining with her healing energy we restore, renew and revitalize personal life force!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek