August 29, 2011


Happy Monday Everyone!


I have been VERY BUSY since getting home from Toronto in prep for the CHEK Conference and Open House.

The open house is Thursday, September 1st here at the C.H.E.K Institute and we’ve got all sorts of fun things planned for all of you who are intending to come – including working out with me at 12:30pm!

I chose to work Sunday so I could rest up today. I had to get slide shows and handouts developed so my staff can finish their work. To do that required that I have a day lead on them so Sunday was a natural fit.

I’ll be resting at home with Rory Mullin and TEAM CHEK presenter Ashley Mazurek, my garden, my stones and the lovely hills and trails today.

I’ve had fun interacting with the CHEK Level 3 students as well. Matthew Wallden is doing a great job teaching as well, which is always a relief for me; I don’t have to do so much work!

I’ll be back in Tuesday and hope you all enjoy yourselves until then!

Lots of Love and chi,
Paul Chek