May 13, 2011


Happy Friday!

Yesterday, I worked with Gary Crozier to create a new video on how to do the tai-chi ruler exercise I learned from Master Fong Ha. Hopefully, we’ll edit it and get it out soon so you can learn how to use this simple, powerful chi-building exercise.

After that, Rory and I went for a massage and a long steam. We enjoy toning in the steam room because the stone walls make us sound good!

Rory and I have been busy playing in my zen rock garden. Bloody Rory, he can beat me in one-on-one with a basketball, and his second rock stack ever is one I’d only expect from a master! You can see him standing beside his creation here.

Today, we will drink some healing tea and be present with the nature spirits. Hopefully, they will teach us how to create more beauty in our lives so we can share it with you!

Consciousness is not “a thing”.
It is Unconditional Love.

Everything that is, is created, and
Consciousness isn’t created because it’s not a thing.

Everything that is something, is only something for a while before it becomes nothing again.

All the while, Consciousness was conscious of all things, but was never the things it was conscious of. It is Unconditional.

It is because Consciousness can be without being that Consciousness is always The Diva of everything.

It is the Diva of the flower that lets it know which way to turn to face the sun.

It is the Diva of a tree that guides it upward.

It is the Diva of water that soothes you when you bath and shower or swim and play.

It is the Diva of fire that warms you and teaches you what can be done with metal or glass.

It is the Diva of your favorite cup that calls to you in the morning.

It is the Diva of your car that you either listen to or you don’t.

It is the Diva of your heart that you either listen to or you don’t.

It is the Diva of your sex organs that you either listen to or you don’t.

It is the Diva of the rocks that lays your foundation.

It is the Diva of the air that lets you breath.

It is the Diva of the Lion that Roars!

Spend time being quiet inside and get to know the Diva in you. Then, your Diva will introduce you to all the Divas of the World.

Then, you will see love and beauty everywhere you couldn’t see it before.

Your Diva will teach you to look right through stone.
There, you will not just see matter, or just the sun,
you will see that in the center of everything, of every atom that is, there is something brighter than the sun, denser than matter.

You will see and come to know THE DIVA of EVERYTHING.

Soon, you will know who you really are.

You will find that you love stories made of matter, light and magic.

Magic is the story that tells itself!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek