January 24, 2017

Choice: Good, Evil, and Insanity

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a productive week, and a restful, playful, creative weekend .

Today in my blog, I will share:
1. Choice: Good, Evil, and Insanity (42 minutes long)
2. News
3. Show-n-Tell with Paul

Choice: Good, Evil, and Insanity (42 minutes long)

Today I share an investigation about choice, and how we can use our awareness of POTENTIAL or UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as the basis of creating what we want, and need for our collective well-being, and that of the planet.

I share a passage from Charles Muses’ excellent book, Destiny & Control in Human Systems: Studies in the Interactive Connectedness of Time (Chronotopology).

Essentially, Muses says that we are on the brink of becoming the first species to be collectively insane!

In my vlog, I share the definitions of insanity, and look into the differences between good and evil as well as those between morals and ethics as it relates to the situations we are in collectively and globally.

After all, we are dangerously diminishing natural resources, and both overheating and polluting our planet.

I share my awareness and inspiration in hopes that we can all rise to the occasion together, create balance in the world and implement better ways for the children of the world to thrive by learning to use their creativity effectively.

I hope you enjoy my video today!


Angie’s brother forwarded this image to her, and I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, encourages us to realize that behind every cloud of gray is a silver lining. We just have to look for it.

If there’s one thing Donald Trump is doing, it’s that he is helping us see our unconscious minds in action.

When you consider that his agenda is NOT supported by the popular vote, then we can see right where the consciousness of many Americans lies.

Sadly (this is not to say that Hillary Clinton was a better choice), “we have created a monster where there are no good choices.”

That monster is the corporate agenda of a few wealthy individuals and their families!

Delicious Bone Broth

We can increase or health and vitality with bone broth. Our good friend and student — chef Lance Roll “The Flavor Chef” — is offering everyone a small discount when you purchase from him this month.

In the spirit and love of Dr. King, and the connectivity between us all, he would like to extend $17 off any order over $150 with this coupon code: “17off150.”

Vaccine Awareness

A new documentary series is coming out that, once again, brings a lot of truth out from under the corporate/political rug.

This one features Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O., our chosen physician to consult on the issues of vaccination because of her expertise and honesty in these areas.

You can learn more about this promising new vaccine education series here: https://www.vaccinesrevealed.com/

Show-n-Tell with Paul

January C.H.E.K Institute Webinar: Take Back Your Freedom

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, 12 p.m. (Pacific Time), I’ll share practical and effective counter-principles we all need to use immediately and consistently to take back our health and freedom, and restore harmony to the planet. 

If you are ready to be the change, I will show you how!

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds!

I watched one of the BEST, most authentic, factual, well produced and visually beautiful documentaries I’ve ever seen on the true nature of who and what we human beings are. It is titled, Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds!

The movie outline reads: There is one vibratory field that connects all things. It has been called Akasha, Logos, the primordial OM, the music of the spheres, the Higgs field, dark energy and a thousand other names throughout history.

That said, the movie has four distinct sections and each is unique and relevant. It is available on Gaia TV or you can purchase the parts on Amazon.com

For example, there is an incredibly beautiful segment on the sacred spiral, and another exploring the dangers of thinking too much!

I rarely watch movies or documentaries twice, but Angie and I enjoyed watching this one a second time because of the clarity, depth and beauty of the presentation.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds is a beautiful marriage of current science and ancient spirituality, metaphysics and religion.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, then chances are you will absolutely LOVE(!) this program.

If you are a C.H.E.K Institute Professional, I HIGHLY recommend both watching this program and taking notes.

A Visit From Edwina Crawford

Edwina Crawford is a PPS Success Mastery student from Australia who works to protect Aboriginal rights in the juvenile Australian justice system.

Edwina has taken live courses with me in the past, and I just love her presence. She has a big heart and really does her best for both the Aboriginals and people in general each day.

The beautiful painting you see behind me and the boomerang I’m holding were given to me by Edwina several years ago.

A young man she works with who participates in a detention art program painted them. Apparently, this painting was one of his first!

“Wow!” is what I said when she gave me the painting and told me that.

It is one of my favorite paintings, and I keep it right behind me in my office as a constant reminder to love and listen to Mother Earth and to be kind and respectful to all natives and people of all colors and races, for we are all Children of the Earth.

Thank you for visiting me Edwina. I wish you the best each day in your beautiful life. Know that your love is an important anchor and source of possibility for everyone you touch.

A Gift from Greg Schmaus

My student and client, Greg Schmaus, drew this lovely art piece as a Holiday Season thank you gift to me for the work we’ve done and continue to do together.

I was really impressed with the deep symbolic representations in his art. As an art therapist, it’s a clear message that he is learning and living the many methods we’ve been working on and mastering together.

Thank you Greg, both for being such an amazing student, client and source of healing and inspiration for others and for the lovely art piece you so kindly created and framed for me. I love you Buddy! You are amazing.

Mana the Biker Dude!

In one of her most recent photo shoots with Mana, Angie dressed Mana up as a biker.

I love these photos of Mana.

He seems to really love his photo shoots with Angie (Penny gets involved too from time to time), and I love seeing him express himself, and morph into all the different expressions he and Angie create together.

Mana is more fun and joy than I ever imagined I’d be having as a father again. He continues to inspire me to be the very best man and father I can be each day.

I know he inspires Angie and Penny to be their best too, so, in essence, Mana is our Spiritual guide and inspiration. Thank you Master Mana!

Mana recently helped Angie and me create a piece of art in the gym during one of our rest periods which was fun.

He created the fire, with a little help from Mommy so he wouldn’t eat all the chalk before using it to draw, at the bottom. Then, with his right arm, he created his special “I’ll rub my arm through this section” effect in the bottom right hand corner.

A few days ago, Penny and Angie took Mana out to have lunch at a local fish restaurant. They offered paper and crayons, so Mana actually did his first work of art all by himself.

He didn’t feel the crayons were explicit enough, so he included some colorful food from his plate to give the piece more dimension. 🙂

Our 2017 Yearly Mandalas

Angie created this beautiful 2017 mandala in one sitting!

I was so inspired by it, and it follows the general theme of the art piece we created together while training together with Mana in the gym as the New Year was approaching.

I love Angie’s art. She’s very simplistic, but can certainly do complex art too. She’s quite a Zen Momma for sure!

Thanks for sharing your love and beauty and your 2017 mandala with us all Angie!

I was very excited to finish my 2017 mandala Friday.

As you can probably imagine, my work life is very full, and my home life is very full too. So, it’s not as easy to find quiet time to paint as it was before Mana was born.

My mandala was inspired by a drawing Angie and I created in the gym with colored chalk a few weeks ago. I’d been meditating on what I wanted to come from my soul as a message and visual guidance for 2017. When I saw our finished drawing — like a flash of lightning — I knew what I wanted to paint.

My mandala has many symbols within it, but to save time and space, I’ll share the general message from my soul since, if you are reading this, our souls and soul-paths are connected.

My awareness of the present state of the earth and humanity’s collective role in creating the imbalances that now seriously threaten all life on earth is expressed by the sun in the background to start with. We are overheating the planet in many ways.

As a collective, we are much too aligned with masculine energy (scientific materialism and masculine expressions of religious ideology and politics), and that is reflected in the incredibly high rates of chronic disease worldwide. Most of what ails humanity is trying to do too much to make money to pay for all the ceaseless purchases people are programmed to think “will make them happy.”

Our (general and collective) blind faith in experts has led us to consume massive amounts of junk food, drugs and a wide variety of “quick fix” supplements and use related gimmicks or “short cuts.”

The result is excessive stimulation of our essential (survival) body systems that are regulated by autonomic control.

As our bodies become depleted, there isn’t enough energy to effectively run and regulate our essential survival systems, so systems begin to fail, and the immune system becomes suppressed due to chronically high stress hormone levels and the over-consumption of sugar and toxins.

Increasingly, we are burning the candle so brightly by ingesting (through body and mind) so much artificial stimulation, that we have depleted our yin/feminine capacity to store nutrients, heal and rest effectively.

Then, the sun, in this regard, is a reminder that we must bring balance to ourselves and the planet before we “burn out.” The sun is also a symbol of consciousness.

Its strong presence in the background and the Divine Eye looking through itself is a symbol that imbalance and pain offer a direct awakening to all who are paying attention to what they are creating.

The tree, which both grows in the sun and needs water to grow and survive, also represents that:

  • We all need trees to survive.
  • We are all part of one big family tree. We are all children of the earth who must work now to celebrate our common origins from Mother Earth and start working together (to put our differences aside) and care for the planet.
  • The tree represents the key staff and instructors at the C.H.E.K Institute, who work so hard to share their love and support the world each day.

The water is a symbol for “water,” which is also a symbol of the unconscious contents of the mind, or the collective unconscious of humanity and/or the Universal Being (The ONE, or Great Spirit).

You can see that the water is enclosed by black heart-stones with gold, silver and multi-colored metallic flakes. Black symbolizes transition and the metallic flakes of silver and gold represent consciousness and wisdom.

We are in a transition that we can’t get through without water or without accessing our collective consciousness and wisdom.

There are eight Native American style tents representing the need to live closer to the earth and more simply. Each of these tents represents the collective of CHEK Professionals working for the common good in different countries around the world.

The circle of friends symbolizes the C.H.E.K Institute’s role in helping to educate and inspire everyone everywhere to hold hands and participate in balancing ourselves and the planet, so we can leave the world a better place for our children than it was when we arrived.

The silver outer circle represents connections through higher consciousness, and through the worldwide web. We are now able to connect to people even in third world countries that previously had no easy access to the outside world.

It is my dream for me, the C.H.E.K Institute, our students and any willing supporters who would like to join us in spreading the teachings of Holistic Living so that people have simple, practical tools to use.

It was once said that, “A little bit of nonsense repeated regularly for just 10 years can wipe out 100 years of truth.”

I do believe this is true and our media corporations have proven it!

I also believe, based on the science of how the mind actually works, it must be equally true that a little bit of truth repeated regularly for just 10 years can wipe out 100 years of nonsense!

It is the mission of the C.H.E.K Institute to spread as much truth as we can in 2017, and to inspire as many people as possible to live in line with the simple, holistic principles we teach. I invite each and every one of you to join us in doing just that in 2017.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing something fun and interesting with you next week. Who knows, maybe Mana will have done a new photo shoot and we can see what he becomes next!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek