August 19, 2014

CHEK Updates Worldwide + CHEK Business Professional Winner!

Happy Tuesday!

Today, I’ll share an update of the highlights from the CHEK Conference, Surrey, UK, and the Winner of the CHEK Business Professional, my interview with Warren Williams and pro soccer player Emeile Heskey, and then IDEA WORLD and Angie Lustrick’s cold bath.

The CHEK Inspire Conference UK Was a Blast!!

My weekend at the CHEK Inspire Conference was awesome! So AMAZING Is all I can say after spending two days with my CHEK Faculty and students.


This is the third CHEK Conference and I’m so blessed to be able to say that having been to untold numbers of health and exercise conferences throughout my life, all three CHEK Conferences so far have been the best overall conferences I’ve ever attended for educational content – of course I’m biased!!

All the CHEK Institute Faculty instructors were excellent in their presentations and the content was superb. I was blown away with how good they have all become as presenters too! I gave four, two-hour presentations as well.


The turnout for my morning tai-chi session Sunday at 7:00 AM…it was cold and windy, which made it even more fun, blew me away! Usually, people wimp out on early morning tai-chi, particularly when cold. Not at the CHEK Conference!


I am sure that there were as many people in my morning session as there was in the whole conference; it seems we picked up some visitors from the parking lot along the way.


We had a lovely hour together getting “FRESH” and many told me how much they enjoyed the experience.

Gavin Jennings, our CHEK Europe and CHEK Academy Director and his staff did an outstanding job organizing and running the event. Thanks to you and your team!


This year, Gavin ran the “Ultimate CHEK Business Professional” contest. The finalists were (see above) Karen Maidment, Duncan Edwards, and Amaali Shaw.

Karen Maidment

Karen Maidment of Pure Body Balance, was the winner. I really thought her presentation was excellent, and that she’s done a fantastic job with her gluten free cook book, cookery classes and the overall development and growth of her business. I was excited to present her the trophy for this year’s achievement and felt she truly did earn it.

I had a lot of joy running through me as I watched the finalists present their stories and could really sense that my Legacy is alive and well.

One of the (many) special moments for me came during Matthew Wallden’s first presentation. He was explaining the many differences between his training as an Osteopath and a Naturopathic physician, and his training with the CHEK Institute.

Complexity-Simplicity Graph

Matthew showed the above graph, and explained how his education as an osteopath and naturopath was delivered in a form that was “complex”, as is most academic education today. He used this graph to highlight that the CHEK Institute Advanced Training programs are sufficiently “practical to be elegant”, yet, have a high level of simplicity (right side of bell curve).

He highlighted this by saying that he uses a relatively small amount of his original professional training in school, yet uses pretty much all of his CHEK Institute training with all his clients. His presentations were awesome.

Greg Muller, CP4 is undoubtedly the most successful strength coach in professional rugby, having trained all the champion teams in the different leagues.


He began his presentation showing a picture of him surrounded by the championship trophies; no strength coach has ever done this.

Greg’s presentation was about the application of CHEK Principles in professional sports. He shared a lot of research he’s been involved with, and the many ways he’s applied his CHEK training over the last ten years. His presentation was powerful and well delivered! Great job Greg. You can learn more about his work at

Jennie Delbridge, CHEK HLC 1 instructor from France gave a fantastic presentation on the use of CHEK approaches for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy mothers.


Jennie is our newest instructor, but you wouldn’t know it watching her present; she’s seven months pregnant too. She was clearly a master of her craft, and spoke with assurance and the authority of a woman grounded in her truth. She is someone who walks her talk!

Jennie’s partner, Duncan Reeve was very proud. They both run their business in France and Switzerland. Duncan gave a beautiful presentation about his journey as a CHEK Practitioner and living his Dream in Switzerland too. When I walked in, his audience was laughing so hard they were in stitches. I stayed a while and I must say, he had me laughing too.

Duncan has really worked on his skills as a presenter and it really showed as he delivered his presentation with passion, humor, and ease. Great Job Duncan! you can learn more about their business at


I wish I had time to give highlights of all the sessions because every one of them I attended was captivating, interesting, informative and practical.


While at the Conference, I got to meet with many of the CHEK Academy students. I had a great time talking to them about their experiences in the CHEK Academy and they all really enjoy their learning experiences and the process Gavin Jennings designed for them. They truly appreciate their mentors and love learning to help themselves and others, which is lovely for me to hear from them.

I was touched by all the really lovely gifts from people. Thank you to all of you who gave me gifts.


Here you can see one I really enjoyed and still am – fantastic sauerkraut. My favorite one so far is the spicy one, but the others are great too! Thank you Laurie Lathom-Sharp! To learn more about his product and to order, visit:



Overall, my experience at the CHEK Inspire Conference was totally Inspiring and uplifiting! I believe together, we are changing the course of health and wellness across the globe!

My Interview With Warren Williams (CP4) And Pro Soccer Player Emeile Heskey

Warren Williams and Emeile Heskey Interview
My interview yesterday with Warren Williams and pro soccer player Emeile Heskey was fun and interesting.

Warren gave Emeile a chance to share his experiences with the CHEK system of athlete conditioning and self-management as compared to traditional team approaches during his presentation at the Inspire Conference.


It was very interesting to say the least. He highlighted the fact that he’d had plenty of problems recovering from injuries in his career…until he met Warren Williams.

Warren has Emeile, now age 36 playing and feeling like he did as a younger man. Emeile is at the top of his game and is very proactive about sharing his passion for the CHEK Institute approach to athlete development. Warren Williams, as always, ahs done a superb job. Warren also did a great job with his presentation at the Chek Conference this weekend too! Thanks Warren and Emeile!

I will share a link to this interview as soon as it is edited and published. I think you will find it very interesting and educational to learn about the inside of professional sports and all the (unnecessary) challenges professional athletes have to “survive”.


The CHEK Institute had a booth at IDEA World in Anaheim, Ca. this past week and weekend. Above, you can see Ruth, James, Angie, Evan and Erin.

Angie Lustrick, Chek HLC Instructor gave two presentations. She taught how to use the Swiss ball as a tool for functional orthopedic assessments as a workshop.

Angie at IDEA

The photo above is from Angie’s workshop on how to perform length-tension assessments. Angie’s workshops were well attended and she had a lot of fun.

Angie said she had a lot of people that were so impressed with her mastery of the materials, and her obvious mastery of her own body they wanted to hire her to be their coach on the spot!

I was told there was quite a line-up of people at the booth after her workshops wanting to learn more about the CHEK Institute’s programs and to ask Angie questions.

She really loved sharing and could see that the IDEA crowd was ready and hungry to learn some practical methods for being more specific with their use of the Swiss ball, and their stretching programs.

I appreciate all of you CHEK Team!!

Angie Lustrick’s Cold Water Bath!

Yesterday, Angie Lustrick posted a fun and informative video where she shares the benefits of cold water therapy. This is a fun video to watch, and even if you aren’t interested in cold water therapy, you may be interested to see what the body of a CHEK Instructor looks like as a product of “Living CHEK”!!

She challenges her brother, and all of us to take advantage of this amazing “free” therapy that offers MANY health benefits that are much needed by people around the world today.

Great job Angie!

I am feeling so much Love and gratitude for All of my CHEK Tribe being living examples of alignment with our CHEK holistic values!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek

ps: Thanks to many of you who posted pics of the CHEK Event on FB – too many to name, but lets keep the Inspiration upfront and Live!