February 4, 2014

CHEK Level 4, Coyote and Father Boyle Sculpture + More

Happy Wednesday to You!

Well, to say I’ve been busy would be an understatement!…

Here’s a quick update as to what’s going on in my life for those of you that are interested:

CHEK Practitioner (CP) Level 4

Tomorrow, I begin CP4, my most comprehensive advanced training program. This year, I have a small group of four students. Two have flown in from the UK, one from Bermuda and another from Ashland Oregon.

Like OSHO, I’ve always said, my mission isn’t to create masses of average practitioners, but a solid group of very skilled CHEK Practitioners that can be authentic, living examples of my life’s work and teachings.

The four practitioners who will arrive tomorrow morning have made a long journey from CHEK Exercise Coach all the way to CP4. Several of them are also skilled CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches as well. I’ll share them all with you in upcoming blogs.

The main function of CP4 is to fully integrate all CHEK Practitioner, HLC and PPS Success Mastery training into a practical, working synthesis.

We will learn nonviolent communication skills from my mother, Meera Censor (see her recent sculpture below).

We will also explore several Native American approaches to healing, and will do some mandala healing if time permits. CP4 is a special course because the CHEK Practitioners are tasked to be their own patient/client and applying all their teachings to themselves.

When they leave, they will each have written their own body-mind healing/growth/nurture program. They will do this out of their love and respect themselves, and for humanity; they will do this to be living examples of holistic health and well-being; they will do this to show you that it is possible in a modern world.

I will be teaching for the next two weeks, and then will take ten days off! I will be blogging only when I have the head and heart-space to share.

I must love and care for myself first, and time will be very limited over the next two weeks. I look forward to sharing with you as I can.

Standing on The Swiss Ball

Standing on a Swiss Ball

Tomi Toles is a CHEK Faculty Instructor and good friend. We share several clients together. Here you can see Tomi teaching one of our favorite clients how to stand on a Swiss Ball. She is a board-sport athlete and we are getting her nervous system some good reflex training as we move her forward to higher levels of specific fitness.

(Click on the image above to see video footage of Tomi’s client performing a squat on the Swiss Ball.)

Not everyone should attempt to stand on a Swiss ball, and learning to do so is best done in soft sand or soft grass! With a CHEK Practitioner coaching you, you’d be amazed how easy it is. Great fun too!

Great work Tomi and Special-K!

Coyote Visit in Heaven
Today as I was working away at my desk, I felt movement and looked up to see this beautiful young coyote hunting a rabbit in my garden. They will on occasion come up to the house now and then to have a look around, and eat the local ground fare.

Coyote in garden 1

I love them and it’s always great to have a visit. I watch them moving around most days with my binoculars, so I know they are close. It’s exciting when they are five feet from you though! I’m anxiously awaiting my next bobcat visit too…

Father Boyle Sculpture
My mother just finished this new sculpture of Father Gregory Boyle, author of the amazing book, “Tattoos On The Heart”.

If you’d like to learn more about my mothers sculpture and studies of the world’s peace keepers, feel free to visit her site at: www.humanitariansculpture.com

Donal Carr – AU Rockstacking!

Here you can see Chek Faculty Instructor and one of my very best buddies, Donal Carr’s recent rock stack.


Donal and I love to build things like this together when I’m there, and I can see he’s getting damn good at it too! No surprise there if you know Donal Carr!

Keep up the great work Donal. Lovely to see you expressing your creativity and getting fit and strong in the process. Big Hug Bud!

Have a lovely day and I’ll look forward to sharing more with you as soon as I can get a moment.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek