February 14, 2011

BRAIN~MIND BALANCE Part 3: Archetypes

Hello and happy L0Ve Day to ALL!

I hope your weekend was as beautiful, healing and nourishing as mine was. Today, I will offer you more of my view of how to balance the brain, mind and emotions so that you can feel more safe in your ability to live and create what you want in your life.

In the first two parts of this blog series, I talked largely about how the brain is a living collection of cells with very important nutritional needs. I also shared how our nervous systems (brain and mind) are imprinted first by the environment created in our mother’s womb, which conveys all essential information to the neonate via her own vibrations, hormones, emotions and nutrition, for better or for worse!

Today, I’d like to share a little about how the brain is programmed so that you gain some awareness as to the fact that you can reprogram at will.

Archetypes are the underlying energy-forms or patterns that serve as the foundation of mind. Though there are many archetypes, there are far more symbols, signs and ideas that rely on archetypes for their underpinning. For example, a base archetype that underlies all functions of mind is “movement”.

Space, time, matter, mind and thought all depend upon “movement” for their existence. Therefore, movement may be thought of as an essential or “primal” archetype. Movement is expressed in my 4 Doctor system as Dr. Movement. Dr. Movement is a second order archetype that emerges from the first and most primary archetype, which is that of stillness, silence or “abiding”.

The Chief Physician in my 4 Doctor model is Dr. Quiet. Dr. Quiet is the Chief anabolic physician, for without adequate rest, our capacity to move is debilitated; Dr. Movement is the Chief of catabolic energy.

Additional archetypes with relevance to our discussion are the energy-forms commonly used in Chinese medicine; they are earth, water, fire, air and ether (space). Dr. Happiness is the physician in charge of effective dreaming and has a profound influence on how we make choices. When we are clear about our dream, we make intelligent choices as to how we will use our mind to create the environment that is conducive to living our dream. We can’t effectively create our dreams if we don’t effectively recreate our bodies such that they can express our dream creations.

Dr. Diet is the Physician in charge of our dietary choices. (You can learn more about my 4 Doctor system here)

If you’ve been following the Brain~Mind Balance series so far, it should be fairly easy to see the connection between your parent’s patterns with the archetypes I’ve share thus far. How you value rest (quiet time), movement (manage the flow of energy usage), dream creation (Dr. Happiness) and your diet (Dr. Diet) are very likely to be reflections of parental programming or “ideas”.

I suspect you can see the nature of an archetype here considering the vast expanse of ideas emergent of only a few archetypes. How you relate to the archetypes discussed here largely determines how you think and create in your life.

If a child is brought up in a healthy way, they will have a healthy relationship with such essential archetypes that they are more grounded in creating what they want than those less fortunate; the less fortunate are commonly more skilled at creating what they don’t want because that is what they were taught, largely out of fear-based thinking among family, friends and their social environment!

There are many other relevant archetypes that govern and influence our creative capacity and who we can relate to effectively. Some of the most essential of them are, The Victim, The Prostitute, The Child and The Warrior.

The Victim
The Victim emerges quite strongly in any child that was victimized. When the soul in the afterlife is ready to take on a new body, it sees the light of love created as it’s potential parents begin making love. It can only see the light of the potential parents that carry an archetypical pattern that resonates with it’s own Karmic (mind) imprint, which is the culmination of all past-life experiences held in the mind of the soul as unmet desires or un-reconciled judgments against self and others.

Though this my seem a bit wild to some of you, its actually so obvious as to be overlooked by the intellectually imprisoned mind. If you are a typical western business-man steeped in traditional Christian values and a Buddhist monk wearing a robe walks into your hoiti-toiti coffee shop, your are unlikely to have any interest in interacting with him/her and are equally as unlikely to see the love and beauty emanating from their heart and mind as it fills the room. This person “is likely” to run a whole series of judgments through their head about such a beautiful person, the monk, that “does not” reflect the truth before them. It is this very nature of one’s mental-emotional construct that would also stop them from accepting practicing Buddhists as their parents!

We attract the parents, in the time, place and situation most likely to offer us the growth and Self-Realization needed to progress toward enlightenment, the crown jewel of human life. If our parents are alcoholics, or were verbally or physically abused as children, they may end up unconsciously turning their children into victims, constantly expecting them to take on adult responsibilities so they can attempt to regain their childhood and childhood freedom back. Victims of abusers very often beget victims by becoming abusers.

An example here may be that you are age seven and you have two younger siblings. Your parent(s) now put you in charge of feeding and caring for your siblings. If you don’t do it well, you become “victimized” by them. Soon, you become an adolescent that either overly attaches themselves to following orders and loose your own sense of freedom and seek approval from any and all parent figures by following orders, even if it results in a loss of your own freedom and self-expression, or, you may avoid responsibility like the plague.

In the later example, you find many adults that can’t hold a job or last in relationships because as soon as responsibility emerges, they feel an inner angst that repels them. But can you see how tremendously challenging this can make a person’s life? One who is a victim may find themselves stewing over, ruminating on all the times they’ve been victimized and often develops a view of life that suggests everyone owes them something because their life has been so hard! Not a fun person to be around once you come to see behind this mask!

The Prostitute
The prostitute archetype is a reflection of what we will do to get what we want, and often exemplifies what we will do or give of ourselves for “money”. As the old saying goes, everyone has a price. This archetype becomes problematic when an individual believes that they must do what they must do to survive, even if it costs them their happiness.

A common example of this archetype can be seen in the millions of people that went to school and studied to become something their parents wanted because they were told that “if you aren’t a doctor, lawyer, business-man of esteem, etc., you won’t amount to anything; sometimes they are told that if they don’t achieve such white collar success, they will shame the family; now they must deal with the victim and the prostitute at the same time!

So, what’s the result here?

The result I see very commonly in my work coaching and counseling people is that they do what they feel they have to do to maintain the standards and expectations of their parents and family while dying inside because they aren’t doing what “they love to do!” They honestly think they have to do that to survive the environment in which they were programmed!

Many of these people unconsciously develop illnesses and diseases because in our culture, it is acceptable to ask for a break (with pay) if we are sick or diseased. It is acceptable to get time away from family members that drive you nuts if you can isolate yourself as a sick house dweller. Sadly, many of these people find it easier to die than to change the way they think and behave and heal what they feel.

The Child
The child archetype is strong in all of us, for at our core, our essential nature is childlike.

Like the circumstances that I highlighted above with regard to creating the victim archetype, the child archetype emerges strongly whenever someone didn’t get to have a normal childhood. These people become adults that want to be cared for. In personal or professional relationships, you find out who these people are because if they don’t feel like you are caring for them and meeting their needs the way a good parent should, then you don’t care for them.

They may be sexy, beautiful people on the dance floor, or after a couple drinks, but once the mask is seen through, you have a friend, lover or employee that requires the constant attention, petting and nurturing natural only to children. You find that you haven’t got a friend, lover or employee, but that you now have an additional dependent in your life!sound fun to you?

The Warrior
The warrior emerges in all of us whenever we need to stand up for ourselves or our values.

We learn our warrior tendencies from the warriors in mom and dad, first and foremost. If you come from a warring family or tribe, you are likely to look for the enemy in everyone you meet, which is likely to stop you from ever seeing “who they really are”.

This archetype is important because it gives us the strength to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in, yet, if not carefully balanced with a healthy affirmation of love, joy and creativity or “play” in life, it can leave one in a perpetual battlefield!

If we don’t have a healthy outlet for the warrior in us, such as sports and learning how to have a healthy discussion or debate on relevant topics, we unconsciously create battles to give ourselves some sense of value or contribution in what may well have become our way of relating to others as we learned in our childhood environment.

Research in brainwashing and memetics (the science of language and ideas) suggests that only 1% of human beings ever learn to manage their mind such that they effectively exercise their free will.

This means that about 99% of humanity is simply acting out their programing, while being unconscious of how and why their life got to be the way it is.

The first step to your own self healing, once you’ve mastered eating and caring for your body so that it isn’t constantly generating fear impulses as a means of surviving, is to simply become “aware” or “conscious of” your own thoughts, words and deeds, and the feelings underneath. Learn to notice when are they producing your dreams, and when are they not?

By monitoring your thoughts and judgments of yourself and others through conscious awareness and a genuine willingness to learn and grow, you will begin to see and feel the victim, prostitute, child and warrior in your self. Then, try to track back to the earliest experiences of when you had to adopt each relevant archetype to survive your environment. Once you do that, you can simply ask yourself, is this mode of being creating what I want in my life now?

For more information about archetypes, please see Caroline Myss’s work:

The first thing that must take place in order for you to make meaning of your experiences and cultivate a more peaceful, loving life experience for yourself and all you share relationships with is to have a dream bigger than your problems!

Dream creation has a basic A, B, C, format which is best remembered in reverse:
C: Have clarity in your dream; be clear on what it is that you are creating and which values must be in place to effectively create the relationships that will necessarily fulfill your dream-creation.
B: Believe in yourself! Without belief in yourself, you will never trust that you can indeed create your dream. This kind of person often says thinks like, I was going to do that but! I had that idea too, but! You are lucky you can do that but I can’t because!
A: Action! No dream can be fulfilled without action.

In my next edition of this series of Brain~Mind Balance, I will go deeper into the science of brain washing so you can see how to begin washing away all the ideas that don’t serve you through an understanding of how ideas or “mind viruses” are acquired and transformed into functionality.

I had an absolutely lovely weekend. I spent a lot of time in my rock garden and in my garden with my fruit trees and plants. I was able to successfully build my second spiral rock stack. The one you see in the images below is modeled after the human DNA and is a double-spiral (yin and yang) and took me about six hours to build; that’s because it fell down about six times! I love to learn so when they fall, I just see it as meaning that I can do a better job listening to my soul so I happily start again.

You will see some beautiful pictures of the light of the sun energizing the etheric field as well as the magnetic light emerging from the stones. I also share a lovely shot of last night’s sunset. I hope you enjoy them.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek