July 1, 2011



I hope you’ve been enjoying the series thus far.

Today I’m taking the day off, getting a massage, having a stem and playing in my rock garden and drawing.

Today is also Vidya’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Vidya! I’m so proud of Vidya because she takes excellent care of herself and is a great example to women of any age. Thanks for being you and sharing your life with me Vidya!

I plan on resting Friday and Saturday and then use the next two holiday days to work on my HTEM&BH! revisions.

Hopefully, you will take time this weekend to experience some of the self-help exercises I’ve shared in this, and the previous two posts.


In the previous two posts, we’ve discussed the concept of the merry-go-round of emotions and thoughts. I shared my concept of the merry-go-round’s ability to generate centrifugal force and how the further you get from (your) center, the greater the (external) force of the movement is.

I showed a photo with a friend of mine on the merry-go-round being spun so hard he was almost to fly off. I then shared that if someone were sitting on the center post of the merry-go-round at the same time, they could easily hold a camera and take a photo because the centrifugal force is drastically reduced when in the center position.

I then showed this same concept applied to the tai-chi symbol and highlighted the nature of parental emotion as a conditioning stimulus to their children.

I suggested that to the degree that parents or influential people create a turbulent environment, the infant or child both learns to prepare for that environment and is programmed to respond that way. I suggested that such childhood programming typically becomes that individual’s way of relating to others.

In the second post, I moved into an explanation of elemental relationships. I shared what they exemplify from my own perspective and clinical experience.

I gave several examples of how the elemental qualities emerge in our disposition or personality. I shared the constructive/creative and destructive/transformative cycle of the elements and suggested that even a basic understanding of these cycles can be used to choose which element(s) may offer a balancing effect.

I shared several exercises and highlighted that one can find their primary element by identifying the kinds of things they are naturally inclined to do and enjoy.

Now, we will finish the series with a deeper understanding of how all these factors play out in relationship to one’s own emotional~mental disposition.

What Comes First!Emotions or Thoughts?

Some of you may notice that I often use the term emotional~mental in place of mental~emotional. That may seem odd to some who believe that emotions follow the mind or thought; negative thoughts produce negative emotions and vice versa. That would certainly be logical.

The reality is, logic and emotion don’t mix! They are often like oil and water.

Earlier in my career when I was studying the scientific literature on emotions, I found good evidence for why the emotions seem to so easily overpower the mind and/or rational thought processes.

For example, most of us are aware that people that say they “do love each other” can become so angry that they will literally kill one another.

I refer to this as a Latin love affair because my experience is that Latin people in general have a quite strong tendency to express their emotions, be it through dance, love, or war! Italians can be much the same, yet, so can most all of us from time to time.

First off, if you study biology you will find that the hormonal system emerged with the first single-celled organism. It was only about the time the class of creatures you’d be familiar with as jellyfish and the like that a rudimentary nervous system was identified.

The research I’ve looked at shows that the nervous system is not essential for communications within the body. It only speeds communications. Hormonal communication takes place through osmosis and/or diffusion, which is very slow compared to neural conduction, which can reach speeds of 120 meters/sec.

In Symptoms Of Visceral Disease (7th Ed.) by Francis Marion Pottenger, he sites research on animals where the sympathetic nervous system had been removed and showed that the organisms glands and organs kept functioning, but at a much slower rate.

In my lecture titled, Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System, I refer to our hormonal system as the engine of the body, and the nervous system as the throttle that speeds or slows the engine.

Another fact that many without an understanding of physiology are often ignorant to is that there is no functional division between the hormonal and nervous system.

The nervous system is technically referred to as a neuro-hormonal axis. This is because all nerve conduction takes place by, and is dependent upon neurotransmitters, which are a class of hormone molecules.

Steiner speaks of the spiritual evolution of man and points out that our astral/emotional body is much more ancient and well developed than our mental body/field.

If you look at the animal kingdom at large (take chimps or baboons for example), you will see that there is a very strong emotional component to their way of self-expression, equal to that displayed by humans or greater in some instances, yet, in general, they lack the mental development we exhibit.

Steiner suggested that we are still in the period in which we are developing our mental faculties/field.

Valerie Hunt was the first person that I’m aware of to prove the existence of chakras through solid scientific research at University Of California Los Angeles. She’s a very well respected researcher with extensive knowledge of both metaphysics and the healing arts.

In her excellent book, Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations Of Consciousness, she points out that though the normal flow of emotion does follow thought, the emotional field is so strong it can, and does overpower our thought processes.

Though there are numerous other authors that harmonize with this observation, we don’t need science to prove what we already know from our own life experiences.

Because the basis of emotional experience is rooted in and produced from hormonal interactions in the body, maintaining an optimal diet and lifestyle are absolutely essential to achieving hormonal/emotional homeostasis.

It makes me sad when I see all the drugs, electro-shock therapy, and a wide variety of invasive procedures being used to “help” people with emotional~mental imbalances.

I’ve seen a wide variety of research papers and documentaries demonstrating that when children with behavioral disorders are taken off of commercial foods with additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers and artificial colorings, there is a significant improvement in their emotional-mental state.

Yet, even with that science available, the medical system and drug cartels continue to ignore the etiology of most such illness and disease and dispense drugs that can radically alter hormonal function, or damage it forever!

It is because of my extensive work and research in the field of holistic health that I designed my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! so that if followed, emotional-mental homeostasis can be achieved at the biological level; this means we can optimize the body and it’s biochemistry.

It is ONLY when we achieve biological homeostasis that we can authentically determine just how much of a persons emotional-disposition is influenced by family and social programming vs. biological imbalance.

I’ll give you a couple simple, very common examples of hormonal influences on the emotional~mental disposition of people. Have you ever watched how children change when you feed them processed sugar (table sugar or the sugar in packaged foods)?

Every additional dose they ingest results in a rapid escalation of pseudo-joy and excitement. What most parents, teachers, and physicians seem so willing to ignore (evidenced by the fact that they keep feeding children and themselves this way!) is a very simple rule of physics!

What goes UP, must come DOWN!

One minute, you’ve got a normal kid. Your normal kid eats a bowl of typical breakfast cereal (which ranges between about 46% – 60% sugar!), to which they add skim milk (Lactose), another form of sugar less the fat.

To top it off, parents sit there and watch kids add sometimes-astonishing amounts of table sugar atop of it all. In seconds (sugar is absorbed through the stomach!) the neuro-hormonal axis is wound to the nines and they are spinning like a top. Often, acting completely out of control – that’s the “up cycle”.

Again, within minutes to an hour or so, physics makes its laws known yet again and now we have a variety of challenging symptoms emerge. They include one or a combination of:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Withdrawal
  • Attention deficit behavior
  • Sadness
  • Moodiness
  • Behavioral disorders of a variety of types!

If it were as simple as topping the sugar, it would be an easy and simple choice to make.

The problem is, as Candace Pert, author of the excellent book, Molecules Of Emotion points out, sugar is highly addictive and should be classified as a Class 1 drug because it is as addictive as morphine and heroine!

Next, if you want to see how powerful modulating the hormonal system of an adult can be with regard to emotional~mental disruption, give any woman who’s hormonal system is imbalanced a cup of regular coffee!

This is particularly true in the few days they are premenstrual. This is also true of any woman entering into menopause.

I’ve witnessed more times than I can count how a seemingly normal woman can turn into a down right bitch! All with a cup of coffee or a shot of espresso or two! They can become vicious, blast criticisms, and be down right mean.

The next morning before the coffee arrives again, it is as though they are someone else all together.

So, “what comes first, emotions or thoughts?”

You should now be able to answer that question for yourself.

What’s the key point here if not blatantly obvious!the first step toward emotional~mental self-management is commitment to the management and mastery of Your 4 Doctors; DR. DIET, DR. QUIET, DR. MOVEMENT, and DR. HAPPINESS.

You are welcome to study my book titled, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now! (available at www.ppssuccess.com)

Why is this critical information to completely comprehend? Because billions of dollars a year are spent on psychologists, psychiatrists, pills and rehab programs for people with emotional~mental disorders without any mention of essential diet or lifestyle factors.

Don’t waste your time reading self-help books while eating commercially raised and packaged crap, sugar drinks, coffee and ridiculous energy drinks like 5 Hour Energy!;

5 UP!..5 DOWN; which is really about 25 down when you look at the half life of hormones and chemicals effected by such drinks.


In my diagram above, you see a typical sign wave. The positive cycle we can attribute to yang, and the negative cycle to yin. In the positive cycle, you see I’ve placed the word “Is”, and in the negative cycle, I’ve placed the word “isn’t”.

This is a linear expression of the circular tai-chi symbol; which one is yin and which yang isn’t relevant, only that yin-yang or positive-negative are transitional states.

If you look at the image (above) that I’ve shared previously in this series, you will recall that I referred to the green zone as homeostasis, the yellow zone as unrest, and the red zone as distress! Let’s keep that in mind as we move forward with our exploration here:

Programming Influences Of Emotion “or” Mind

When children are raised in a household where the food and drink exemplify what I’ve shared above, they begin their emotional~mental programming with one foot in the (metaphorical) grave!

These poor little humans don’t have a fighting chance of expressing their authentic soul-nature, which can be exemplified as their natural elemental expression (based on what I shared in Part 2.).

Even if the parents were so-called enlightened beings that live in and guide from the “green zone of homeostasis”, their children will quickly turn into dragons, deeply testing their patients to the limit! I’ve seen this many times myself.

It’s sad for everyone involved, particularly when the children get diseases! I’ve seen that too many times to count as well!

So, consider, as we move on into mental-programming issues, how many of them (and us!) were raised in this state of hormonal disarray.

When you see my diagrams above, you see the word “Is” and “isn’t”. To the degree that anyone is programmed by parents who are overly concrete in their expressions of “truth”, or what “Is or isn’t”, we can assign a polarity magnitude.

For example, If we look at the sign wave in my diagram above, if zero is no polarity or a completely open, enlightened mind, the top or bottom of the sign wave would be a polarity value of 10.

If we now remember that a magnet has a north pole (yin) and a south pole (yang), which attract according to the magnet power or “Gauss” of the magnet, we can use this sort of scale to understand mental programming bias.

If for example a child is born in an orthodox Christian (it could be any such religion or philosophy) family, it is highly likely that the parents conviction that Jesus is the only begotten Savior will be infused and reinforced at an inclusion magnitude of 10.

Because the ego-mind operates on the principle of exclusion, such a child will naturally be programmed to exclude the possibility that there have been other Saviors or “Begotten Sons or Daughters” at the same magnitude of intensity, reflecting the natural laws of energy flow born out in physics, and the universe.

If you’re definitely a “10” that you are traveling north, you are definitely a “10 for not traveling south.

What’s in store for such a child outside the confines of mom and dads private brainwashing center? First off, it won’t take long for such a child to meet another child with equal conviction in another, yet different Begotten Savior of their own.

This mental-polarity differential is the stuff that fights and wars are made from!

We must all realize that all language is based on the principle of exclusion. When I say, “my tea is hot”, that statement excludes the possibility to most people listening that if they stick their finger in my tea, they will find it to be cold. If we didn’t have social consensus on such common linguistic terms, we’d ask a waitress for a cup of hot coffee and we could end up getting anything from an ice cube to boiling coffee.

All vibration (language is vibration) seeks a rest state (zero), just as when you throw a ball in the air (positive), it hits the ground (negative) with the same energy potential gained in the positive cycle and bounces repeatedly until it reaches a rest state – zero.

In a zero-state, there is no “right”, no “wrong”. No “is”, no “isn’t”. ALL IS.

So what emerges then, when we program children or people to believe this or that with progressively larger magnitudes of intensity or conviction is that we set them up for a fall of equal magnitude! For example, consider the conviction with which people have believed:

  • The world “is” flat. Not much more than 100 years ago, your parents would probably have been very firm in their conviction the world was flat!but is it?
  • “God will burn you in hell for sinning.” If GOD is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, how could GOD possibly “choose to burn anyone in hell?” First off, where is hell? Where is heaven? To “to sin” is a condition and “to burn someone in hell is clearly a condition”. How could UNCONDITIONAL LOVE do so, when clearly making such choices is to impose conditions?
  • Some Jewish people believe their race were “The Chosen Ones” with a conviction rating of 10. Could GOD choose a specific race of people as this or that?
  • No man can run faster than a 4:00 mile. That was taught in university physiology texts right up until 1956 when Roger Bannister broke that barrier, yet it took years for physiology texts to be change to reflect current truth. If you’d argued with your physiology professor that a man could run faster than that, what do you expect his/her response would have been prior to 1956?
  • The age of the world is “x years old”. Well, we all know that’s been changing as science and technology improves. So, what of the children today being programmed to believe the world is only 4-6,000 years old? How do you explain fossils to them?
  • The size of the universe has changed several times in the past 200 years, and even more so since Hubble invented his telescope!
  • The universe was created in one instance referred to as “The Big Bang”. How many people have been conditioned to believe that and will argue to the point of fighting over it? Too many!

Current advances in astronomy from experts like Fred Hoyle and John Wheeler estimate that the Big Bang theory is probably only about 3% accurate at best.

Why does it persist?

They clearly state in documentaries I’ve studied that that belief persists because most of the major university programs with astronomy programs are backed by Christian funders and will reject any research paper that may prove Bible cosmology wrong! They clearly state that orthodox religious influences has seriously tainted and slowed progress in our understanding of the universe and our beliefs about it!

  • We will never fly! When the Wright brothers first began inventing aircraft, people told them they were nuts and it would never work! Were they correct?
  • We’ll never have cars! I’ve studies Henry Ford’s biography. For many years, people told him he was wasting his time and money trying to build a motorized car. People were very upset with him because his test cars scared their horses and rejected the idea for quite some time after he’d created working automobiles.

Were they open minded?

The key take-home point here is that when children or people at large are programmed with conviction to believe anything we can’t know for sure is “fact” (we all agree that water is wet). Water is wet and that’s a fact you can safely teach children), a dogma is created.

Dogmas of any type are an excellent formula for living a life of pain! Dogmas believed at a conviction magnitude of 10 (positive) attract their negative (opposing polarity or dogma) with an intensity of 10!

Two trains going at each other with a conviction rating of a metaphorical 10 will completely destroy each other. Thus is the history of religious war, the greatest single cause of death on earth – DOGMA.

When children are raised in such polarized emotional~mental environments, by the law of attraction, they will draw opposing viewpoints into their lives. If they don’t have an open mind, painful relationship experiences and the health robbing stress that goes with such relationships is to be expected!

As the parents or programmers move toward green, there is a natural sense of “wonder” and a diminished likelihood of being closed-minded. Even though I feel very confident water is wet, I’m certainly willing to look at good science that suggests otherwise.

Why not?

The more information we have in general, the more likely we are to make good decisions. The more polarized our internal and external environments, the more narrow our breadth of knowledge and understanding becomes. This is dangerous if one desires to live a life of freedom.

When we learn to live with Love as our guiding principle, we learn to live within the range of the principle of inclusion; to love is to “include”.

To fear is to exclude. When we fear God, we exclude God. When we believe we are sinners, we begin to fear ourselves and God.

Over and over and over again, I’ve helped people with diseases that resulted from the stress of not loving and caring for themselves because they believed they had sinned so much that they didn’t deserve love.

I’ve studied the works of many of the world’s greatest healers and common among them is the observation that when people become afraid of God, they begin to resent God and turn toward acts of evil to gain freedom or gain revenge.

As a shaman, I do work with people in the afterlife realms. Many people will not move into the Divine Light at death because they don’t feel they deserve to be loved and are afraid that God will punish them. Some will stay and hover around the earth plane for extended periods of time, even hundreds of years!

People with such painful beliefs are also highly susceptible to entity possession. I’ve extracted many entities from very physically, emotionally and mentally ill people in my career.

In almost every cases, there were deep fears of God that emerged from dogmatic, childhood religious programming! This makes me sad.

In Part 4, the last edition of this series, I will highlight how programmed polarity and the related emotional~mental disturbances that result set us up for confusion and pain in many other ways people often are unaware of.

I hope your weekend is Beautiful and that you stay “open minded”.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek