September 12, 2011


Happy Monday To You!

Wow! What a busy period in my life I’ve just come through. . .

After being in Toronto for a very busy two weeks of teaching HLC 2 and giving many lectures and workshops at Can Fit Pro, I came home to a very intense period of CHEK Conference preparations and went right into the conference.

It normally takes me a week to recover from time shifts, schedule changes and interacting with so many people, which I didn’t get this time around. I went into the conference prep and conference presentations quite fatigued, yet the motive and buzz of all the amazing and beautiful people picked me up and kept me moving in flow.

I had Vidya, Rory Mullin and Donal Carr helping keep me on track, which was great.

When the conference was over, I went right into seeing clients due to people wanting help in person while in town for the conference. I was gratified to be able to help such beautiful people. By the time this weekend rolled around, I was really ready for some deep rest.

Rory flew home earlier in the week last week and Donal stayed to share some rest, garden play and creativity.

Friday, I had a lovely group here with us for PPS zen in the Garden at my home. The day was beautiful and hot. We began our day going for a nice meditation walk in the hills behind my house.That was a great way to set the tone for the day and harmonize our energies to work in the rock garden.



Thanks to everyone who participated, we had a stellar day!

Saturday, Donal and I went to the massage center in Encinitas for a massage and a steam. I got to see Frankie and Donal saw Francine. These ladies are both excellent massage therapists so we were both gratified with our new, lighter, freer bodies.

We then had a good long steam bath and we shared a half an hour of toning in the steam room together.

I really love toning in steam rooms because the stone walls create beautiful harmonics. It’s so lovely to know how to balance and heal your own body-mind with such simple methods.

It’s always amazing to see how afraid to use one’s own voice for creating harmony, joy and healing most people are. So easy, so fun, so nourishing to know you have what you need within yourself.

Once you know how to use your own body-mind to heal, it really aids in cultivating awareness as to when one needs to resort to such methods to fulfill a legacy.

I know for sure I’d never have been able to work for the last 28 years without losing a day to illness if I didn’t have the willingness to learn to care for myself; teaching others how to do so keeps me tuned to the many possibilities too.

Saturday, after some time out for massage and a steam, Donal and I had lunch at Whole Foods in Encinitas. Donall and I went shopping for some Five Fingers shoes for his kids and was happy to find what he needed at half the price he’d have to pay in Australia, so that was fun.

Once we got home, we relaxed and worked on our individual art pieces. Vidya went home to garden and work on making healing necklaces for special friends, which she does with great intuition and accuracy. Vidya’s healing jewelry is world class to say the least! I loved what she created.


Sunday, Donall and I got up and began a mini-fast. We drank a special tea I created to help keep our blood sugar level as we created in the rock garden.

We began by getting still in the garden and I asked for inner-guidance to create a chant we could use to harmonize ourselves with the garden and invite creativity. I had a vision the day before of this rock formation we created together and shared it with Donal.

In usual fashion, Donal was up for it. After we chanted and performed a slow walking meditation in the area we planned to build, we began with our spiral stack formation.

Using a mix of stones, we created a beautiful bioelectric energy circuit that pumps energy like a heartbeat into the garden area. The large quartz stone at the top acts like an amplifier, sending the signal out strongly.

There were many very beautiful patterns and a double spiral within the formation that can’t be seen in the picture. We had a great time creating together.

After we spent the day stacking rocks, we broke our mini-fast around 3:00 in the afternoon. Donall made an amazing dish for lunch out of the Goat liver and heart dinner left-overs from the night before. He took the left-overs and made them into an egg dish that was truly amazing!





Later in the evening, Donall showed yet another aspect of his amazing skill set and baked a fresh fig and banana tart with fresh figs Vidya picked from her tree at home that morning. It was AWESOME!



Here you can see Donall’s beautiful, tasty creation. Donall’s serving the first piece, which I managed to get my paws on. What great fun we had. Penny, Vidya, Donall and I finished our day watching a movie.

Today I’ll be working with a client all day and continuing tomorrow, so that will be fun and keep me busy. Then, I’m back at the changes for the new version of my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

I’ll look forward to sharing more with you in tomorrow’s blog. Until then, why not try signing to yourself and exploring the healing power of your own voice!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek