February 22, 2013

Why Have a Dream & Qualifying Change (Pt. 5. Final)

Happy Friday!

I hope you all had as great a day as I did yesterday!

Amidst my business, I got outside to lift some heavy stones in the beautiful rain.

I’m building a special heavy rock lifting area and to stock it, I have to go hunting for the juicy stones in the brush; but have to be careful due to poison oak!

I found a bunch of beautiful big stones and got ONE HELL OF A WORKOUT carrying them out of the brush, up a hill, and to their new home. I was soaked with rain on the outside, and sweat on the inside, but felt fantastic!

Yesterday, while I was working away writing, I had to have a pee (I like to pee outside on my plants to give them some love and support!) I was standing there having a nice pee when I felt something moving near me. I looked up just in time to see a beautiful Bobcat right in front of me. Once it saw that I saw it, it ran into the brush, but it was beautiful. It was about the size of a small dog, but with gray hair and black stripes.

Very cool! I love the local wildlife and it’s great to know they are comfortable to get that close to the house.


During my recent visit from strong man, coach, philosopher Elliott Hulse, he asked me what the importance of having a dream is?

This is a very good question I get asked a lot as I travel the world and interact with my students and people in general. In the video below, I give my answer to Elliott during our interview.

Thank you Elliott for your compassion, wisdom, and love for humankind!

Here is the video we shot about the importance of our dreams:

To learn more about Elliott Hulse and enjoy his many great video offerings, feel free to visit his web site at: https://elliotthulse.com/blog/


Tanya Carroll Lightening bolt

(Photo Credit: Tanya Carrol, HLC 3: Livestrong Primal Fitness)

While many people fear, and are generally resistant to change, it is a paradox that the only constant in the universe is change! Regardless of who, or where you are, everything in and around you is in a constant state of transition (spirit), change.

The earth is never in the same place twice from moment to moment. The suns, moons, planets, the sky, the water, the earth, everything in and around you is constantly changing, so why all the fear of, and resistance to change?

Aside from the issues of physiology, which I’ve already eluded to, our fear of change is largely a product of mindset, conditioning.

To highlight my point, many people who frequent coffee shops and restaurants have a favorite place to sit at their favorite locations. If they come to visit, and their favorite seat is taken, many will be so frustrated or disappointed that they can’t even enjoy the same great food, ambiance, and people they enjoyed just yesterday only two tables away!

Many people, even when given the multitude of benefits of taking cold showers would rather take dangerous drugs, have surgeries, and suffer unnecessarily than take a cold shower!

They already know water won’t hurt them. They wash their hands in cold water most days, they have been in cold water and had no negative effects, and usually feel much more alive and vital afterwards.

Yet, when it comes to doing something beneficial, easy, free, and powerfully effective, like taking cold showers, their mental projections become stronger than their stated desire. They remain stuck, waiting for the magic pill.

To better facilitate change in your life, my tip for today is to hold still, and look around you with open eyes, an open heart, and an open mind.

You will see birds flying to and from nests with food and supplies – change.

You will see insects very busy tending to the garden – change.

You will see people moving to and fro – change.

You will see the sky changing.

You will see the light of day and the dark of night forever changing.

You will see babies and children growing – changing before your eyes.

You will see and hear sirens – change!


People often loose sight of the fact that we are not only individuals. We are a living, breathing, growing, evolving organism. Humans are cells of the organism called humanity.

We learn for each other and share our knowledge, experiences, and wisdom.

We love each other and teach each other how to love, and love more naturally and beautifully.

We hate, and fight with each other. And in so doing, we grow to learn the costs of disharmony.

When one of us breaks a leg, we share that experience with those around us.

When we learn a new way to harness the power of nature, develop new technologies, or achieve feats never before achieved, we share and empower each other.

When we abuse the earth through commercial farming and industry, we all suffer together.

There is a reality that few are aware of when it comes to change.

The reality is that without change, there could be no experience of life. There could not be love. Love is an energy-form that moves and transforms all it touches.

When it comes to qualifying any change in your life, a simple principle to remember is, “Will this change help me become a better, more loving, more wise, more capable, more harmonious human being?

If the answer is yes, then, get in a cold shower! – I mean, go ahead, make the change.

Add something beautiful to the world of life, love and experience for all of us to learn from and share in. After all, we are all doing it anyway. Now maybe some of us will just be a little more conscious each day.

Finally, when exploring change and qualifying the change, it is important to consider:

1. Finances; can you make the change without causing more stress than it’s worth?

2. Equipment availability: Will you need tools or equipment that you don’t have?

3. WILLINGNESS! If your willingness isn’t at least a 7/10, you are unlikely to make any sustainable change. Reevaluate. Find something you can have a sense of love for, and connection to, and go that route.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little series on change this week.

I invite you ALL to BE The CHANGE you want to see around you. DREAM BIG! Your L0Ve will make a difference!

My theme for next will be on tips for building your dream team.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek

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