November 4, 2010

The JOY of POOPing!

Busy, busy, is life in your head,

So much to do, some days I dread.

If I could just find a moment for me!

It seems that the toilet is the only safe place to “BE”.

As I sit and relax my mind,

I release my earth to the water,

Ahh, feels so good, we both unwind.

Oh my dear Poopie Cop

Have you a message for me?

“Yes, I do. Look and see!”

If I’m light brown, float, and

Smell as earth – and came with joy,

Consider yourself The Mother’s

Healthy girl or boy!

If I sink, and I stink

There are things trapped in you

That most likely you should not chew

–Soon others will smell you too!

Drink more water instead of

Drenching yourself in deadly perfumes

Let your mind rest and become crystal clear

Just as the toilet water is

When you are not here

Your body reflects your every fear.

If I come as pressed and hard

You need both water and time

Each day walking, or raking your yard.

If you can see and recognize food in me

You must approach meal times more spiritually

Chewing your food slowly so you can smell and taste

This relieves the burden of indigestible waste.

Eating food from plastic wrappers and cans

Puts your creations on the poopie line up

Dear woman and man!

If you don’t meet the poopie cop

For doctors and therapists

you will shop!

Simply save your money and enjoy

The love food brings you each and every day

For Mother Earth and Father Sun gift you

With their Spirit in this most beautiful way.

If to the Poopie Policeman

You can’t be True

There’s nothing that drugs

Nor doctors can do!

I suggest you spend time

With the 4 Doctors in You

For only with their guidance

Can your dreams of health and well-being come true!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek