November 3, 2010

Sitting As A Spiritual Practice

Good morning!

Most people today spend a significant amount of time each day sitting. Most people condition themselves to believe that they don’t have time to exercise or participate in a spiritual practice. Some go to church for and sit for an hour sermon each week, but is that working for humanity at large?

There are as many masters and practices as there are stones on the beach, yet, none of them will work for you if you don’t create time for your own growth, your own inner-healing.

But don’t worry, the great spiritual Master Kabir was well known for proclaiming that to sit like a yogi and tie yourself in knots, starve yourself, torture yourself, etc., were no more likely to lead to enlightenment than sitting and meditating all day. What does he mean by that declaration?

Simply stated, it means that all things and all beings are expressions of THE ONE Great Whole. To the degree that you find your center in each personal or professional interaction with others, with life, you are in a legitimate spiritual practice. There need be no antics. There is no evidence that by sitting for long periods of time that one is participating in life more “spiritually”, nor is that any guarantee of enlightenment.

So here are a few contemporary practices you can do while you are sitting. Feel free to try the following:

1. Be sure that your computer and keyboard are in optimal ergonomic position; if you don’t know how to do this, you can get my booklet titled, 10 tips For A Healthy Workplace from the CHEK Institute. Only when your seated posture is optimal can there be optimal blood (chi) flow to your brain and organs. If your body is battling the chair, so is your mind!

2. Begin by offering a blessing for all the beauty in your life; if you are challenged to find it, create it!

3. Notice how great it feels to hit the “delete button” and clear the clutter from your computer. As distracting, unproductive thoughts appear in your mind, simply delete them. Through the practice of disconnecting your mind from such thoughts, they loose their power to commandeer your awareness, and soon you will be free from them!with practice!

4. When challenges with others arise (directly or by electronic communication), remember that everyone is loving the best they can. Instead of reacting, respond by asking yourself, “What would L0Ve do now?” If you allow yourself to connect to what the other wants, feels or needs, you will almost always find a child that just wants to be heard, respected, loved; can you offer that in an empowering way?

Osho says, “God is a verb!” To the degree that we use our sitting time to express that Beauty within, we experience that Beauty within! To the degree that we practice disconnection when we desire connection, we separate ourselves from L0Ve itself.

Enjoy the only spiritual practice there is!Loving all of yourself.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek