November 5, 2010

The Dragon!

Good morning everyone!

Have you affirmed your beautiful day in past tense yet?

I began my day by affirming, and giving thanks for all who love me, all whom have loved me, all whom need my love, all whom I may love, all who grow through my love, and I send love to all who may need my love. I then affirmed and gave thanks for the tasks that I have completed. I take a moment and bow in honor of all great Saints, Guru’s and Sages that have helped, and are helping humanity. I do this because it makes it easy for me to see, feel and know when an event that arises isn’t part of my day!

For example, if someone is rushed or flustered and wants me to drop everything I’ve planned to do (usually because they live chaotically), I say “NO”. I let them know I’m sorry, but I’m already committed and see if there is a time that I can help them without it becoming an unnecessary stress to me. I learned long ago people will gladly pass their stresses on to you out of habit, and that if you don’t have the inner-strength to say “NO” when you need to, that your habit of accepting what you shouldn’t becomes reinforcement for their habit of being chaotic.

In Chinese Cosmology, they tell of how THE DRAGON has a favorite hobby, which is the creation of universes. Whenever THE DRAGON creates a new universe, it breathes out two little dragons; one named yin and it’s identical twin brother named yang. THE DRAGON tells them, “The two of you can rest when you can get along!” Then, THE DRAGON leaves them to play themselves out, like little children.

Meditate on this story of cosmology and you will find that you are THE DRAGON (Consciousness), and you are also the twin dragons of tai-chi (yin and yang), which represent your body-mind. Once we realize that by any act of creation (thought, word or deed), we are breathing dragons into existence, we also realize that such dragons are indeed, like little children that get into everything. And, we can seldom rest until we can get these dragons to get along with each other.

Today, I invite you to be conscious of THE DRAGON in you. Be aware of what you are creating. Pause before you commit yourself to a dragon-romp and be sure you have that much parent energy. This little dragon exercise can really reduce the amount of flaming breath and barbed tails you run into (or create!) each day. Soon enough, you will find that the most peaceful place to be is with THE DRAGON, and your desire to create little dragons will become better managed. The result!peace.

Enjoy being THE DRAGON today!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek

PS: While resting at home on a beautiful weekend day not to long ago, THE DRAGON came and showed itself to me, so I drew it knowing that I may want to share it with you.