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  • Working With the Stone Buddhas

    Happy Monday everyone! For those of you in the USA, I hope you’re getting ready for Thanksgiving and spending time with your loved ones. Many of you have asked me how I create those beautiful Stone Buddhas at my Heaven […]

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  • Zen In The Garden Was Awesome!

    Wow, zen In The Garden (ZIG) was Awesome this year! We had 18 people from all over the world in attendance, which was very cool.   The students were lovely, which I’m fortunate enough to have come to expect with […]

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  • L0Ve & Relationships

    L0Ve & Relationships

    Hello! I had a lovely day at home working with my Zero Force Coaching (ZFC) client, Nola yesterday. We did an energy balance session, discussed the nature of the human mind and how it tends to project it’s wants and […]

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    Hello and Happy Day! I feel FANTASTIC! Today. I spent the last three days with my beautiful soul~Brother Ruben Serrano who came to visit me from Miami. Ruben and I have always enjoyed each other’s company. We generally only get […]

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