March 17, 2015

Symptoms of Consciousness Rising

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are all feeling the Tao each day as you navigate your lives; that means not doing too much, or too little – living in balance.

My blog today is longer than I thought it would be (the video is about one hour), but the topic is one that is dear to my heart, and hopefully you’ll recognize that in yourself.

Today, after I give a brief overview of what’s in my video blog, I’ll share recent CHEK Advanced Training completions and a little from the Heaven house.

I’ll finish by sharing a couple of DVD’s you may be interested in watching as well.

Symptoms of Consciousness Rising

Sx Consciousness Rising Blk Bd
My vlog today deals with some real issues in regard to:

1. What creates consciousness in route to enlightened living, and

2. Why it is time we all “wake up” and start making life-affirmative choices before our children are left with a waste land…

I begin my video (about 1 hour long) with a beautiful explanation of what consciousness is and how it emerges:

Consciousness is a psychic substance which is produced by the experience of opposites, suffered not blindly, but in living awareness.
(Ref: Edinger, E.F. (1984). The Creation of Consciousness – Jung’s Myth For Modern Man. Inner City Books, Ontario Canada.)

The substance Edinger is referring to is the invisible, but tangible contents of awareness.

Many, if not most of the choices people make in general are not “conscious”, but are expressions of unconscious behavior.

We can easily see that by the simple fact that if people were actually choosing consciously, they wouldn’t repeatedly choose in ways that produce unnecessary pain; addicts choose unconsciously as a general theme…

We also have to face the reality that people in general have turned their trust over to (largely purchased) science, which is a deification of the materialist mindset gone wild…

I next explain that Plotinus, a very good Greek philosopher and Metaphysician taught that the soul has three qualities:

1. Abiding (being and witnessing)

2. Reflection: Looking back and using our memory to review the choices and evens of our lives.

3. Representing: I present this as Re-presenting to exemplify that we are always representing our choices.

It is only when we take time to be with ourselves, to “reflect” on who we’ve become, who we are, and who we choose to represent that we can actually become conscious.

I’ve placed a gap between the yin and yang aspects of the tai-chi symbol to make the point that between the polarities that create reality or existence as we know it, there is a balance point (a zero-point); this is the home of CONSCIOUSNESS as opposed to the territory of individual consciousness, which is “conscious of” only the contents for which it has authentic awareness of.

To have authentic awareness of any choice means to be informed as to the ramifications of moving in either direction…

My doctors say’s to take this pill because it will help remove my symptoms of…

Just taking your doctor’s (or anyone’s) advice without taking the time to see what the negative effects of that pill will be is to remain “unconscious”.

People expect the doctors (and any person of perceived authority) to “be conscious for them”…but is that wise…is that working…or are we just seeing people divert responsibility for their own conscious (enlightenment) to others so they can live the complacent life of children with fancy toys, clothes, and instant gratification in most all they do?

I explain that “the giants” of our culture, the large corporations, are behind most of the problems that literally threaten human survival on the planet…but they do not force us (in general) to make such decisions.

Certainly they run slick ads on TV, and program the minds of doctors and most people to “believe” their offer…but again, anyone who “explores the other side of any such offer is, for the first time, acting consciously.

Only when we act consciously as a humanity will we ever put the giants to sleep, or teach them what we will, and will NOT put up with.

I finish my presentation by sharing some common symptoms of unconscious living and unconscious behaviors. I share that all such symptoms are invitations to become conscious.

When we look at the fact that what creates the foundation for nature’s existence on the planet, and therefore, our own existence, we get back to some real basics:

1. Earth

2. Water

3. Fire (warmth, metabolism, transformative ability)

4. Air

5. Space

If we all get together and really explore how our choices thus far have almost completely deteriorated these common elements such that they can barely sustain life at this point, I suspect we’ll all have a string of enlightenment experiences together.

I feel humanity has a chance for a holistic, spiritual revolution at this special time in history.

We have the technology and communications to exercise our worldwide connectedness and work together as a family, who’s (common) home is Mother Earth.

Instead of slagging each other on Facebook and youtube, we can share ways to grow our own food in our back yards, how to purify water, which corporations are polluting the planet and shouldn’t be supported…and much more.

But if we keep using our technology to play video games, and find our way to yet another shopping mall selling junk made with the same technologies that are destroying the planet, well…there will be some very challenging times ahead, for which very few on the planet will be ready for.

The children will be hit the hardest and will be the least equipped to address the mess the adults have left as their legacy.

I hope you enjoy my video blog today, and that you feel as inspired as I do to “be the change” each day.

Vote with your wallet. We won’t uproot these corporate giants from our governments…that has never worked from era to era…but we can starve them out…we can “inspire them to become earth friendly and life affirmative” if we all “become conscious” together.

CHEK Course Completions

Please welcome our latest HLC1 coaches.

HLC 1 NYC: Jator Pierre
Jator Pierre is one of our newest CHEK HLC Instructors and he’s definitely creating some real movement in the world! Here you can see Jator with his amazing, beautiful students celebrating the completion of HLC 1.

Jator has been a practicing CHEK Level 4 and HLC 3 Practitioner for many years, and has done a lot of studying with me personally. He’s the real deal when it comes to being a living embodiment of the CHEK Institute teachings, and is a great presenter too.

Jator NYC CN Tower

Jator sent me the photo above from his hotel room window of the Empire State Buidling. I’m sure he was having a nice time trying to find a tree to share some tai-chi with there in the concrete jungle…but I’m sure glad he was willing to take the time to share a much needed message with the wise ones of NYC.

HLC 1 Melbourne, AU: Jo Rushton


Jo Rushton is on a roll! She is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that wherever she goes she inspires the CHEK Lifestyle Principles! She has been teaching HLC1 primarily throughout the Australian continent but we can’t hold Jo back! She’ll be teaching HLC1 in beautiful Vancouver, BC May 1st.

Jo and I are working on a joint project together for the public and so I’ll be working with her next week to clarify our offerings – so stay tuned. I always enjoy Jo’s presence and her bright smile!

Jo and Jator are going to be here this week to attend HLC2 with Angie Lustrick so that they can also begin to teach HLC2.

If you or your clients or family are inspired to deepen their knowledge of my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program I invite you to check out our Course offerings:

CP1 Toronto: Tomi Toles


Tomi, CP4 and HLC3 also has been on roll! He presented at Empower Fusion in Chicago earlier in the month amidst the intense snow storms that locked down airports and caused a lot of stress trying to get to the convention on time.

Tomi, true to his calling and his willingness to roll with the travel and weather challenges did a great job at the Convenion and finally caught up with his students in Toronto to teach CP1 to inspire them with the skills related to this level of training.

Thanks Tomi and well done to all of you!

Exercise Coach, UK: Dan Hellman


Dan Hellman, CP4, CP3, and PT is very inspiring and knowledgeable! Please welcome our latest Ex Coach graduates!

Dan was joined by CHEK Instructor and Academy Mentor, Duncan Reeve who will be teaching the upcoming GOLF Performance Specialist program in the UK later this month.

Dan too has been busy presenting on behalf of the CHEK Institute and recently presented about the CHEK Totem Pole: A Holistic Approach to to Musculoskelatal Rehabilitation at the beginning of the month at COPA (Chiropracters, Osteopaths, Physical Therapists Association) Convention in NYC. I was very excited to know that Dan was representing the CHEK Institute and I’m sure inspired a lot of people in the industry!

I know that I can always count on Dan to teach the intricacies of my system with our students. Dan lives the CHEK Lifestyle principles to a “T.”  Thanks Dan!!

CHEK Academy USA: Leigh Brandon


Leigh Brandon CP4, HLC3 and CHEK Academy Mentor (and CHEK Faculty) flew all the way from the UK to work with our Year 2 Academy students. Leigh in his role as CHEK mentor is to support the student throughout the year guiding them through the learning material and helping them to achieve the learning milestones comfortably.

Thanks Leigh for your commitment to being a great mentor and teacher! Angie and I enjoyed your visit last night!

Thank you to all of you who trusted the CHEK Institute and our Faculty to share simple, effective methods of living well and rehabilitation healing. I look forward to seeing all of you as you advance through our CHEK Advanced Training Programs.

With Sun and Heat comes Visitors

Tarantula Heaven
It has been quite hot here with an unseasonable heat wave. In the past few days, it was 84 degrees in the shade by 9:00 AM.

Some of you may know that Southern California is in its 4th year drought. The lake my office is next to is WAY LOW on water and the drop in the water table has been causing all sorts of problems for the local growers; the additional concentration of salt is killing a lot of orchards here.

As it warms here though, the heat loving creatures start showing up. I’ve now seen two tarantulas, a rattlesnake, a scorpion, a host of interesting bugs, lots of beautiful birds, and the local wildlife…coyotes, deer, roadrunners…

The bobcats have not been showing themselves of late, but I’m waiting. They are so beautiful.

I love all the creatures. Knowing that many of them bite and “hurt or kill” keeps me “nicely alert and respectful that I’m in their house too.” I love it.

Some Great Learning!!

Angie and I just watched a very good DVD set (of 2) called “The Life After Death Project” by Richard Metheson, Whitley Strieber, and Dannion Brinkley.

The program features the I witness testimonies of several people with very compelling encounters with people coming back from the afterlife to leave messages, or “to have fun with people.”

Anyone listening to the I-witness testimonials without actually having experienced such things (which Angie and I have many times) would probably just shut it off, but…this program includes the findings of many of our greatest scientists looking into the issue of life after death.

Needless to say, you are likely to be quite surprised to see what current, up to the minute science is showing! I really enjoyed this program, and I think you will too, particularly if you’ve lost a loved one and are still grieving; they may be standing next to you right now!

Those of you who have read the I-Ching, or Tao Te Ching may have read a Richard Wilhelm translation.

This DVD: Wisdom of Changes is about Richard’s life and his contributions to our understanding of Chinese culture, Taoism and Confucianism.

Wisdom Of Changes is a documentary created by Richard Wilhem’s granddaughter, Betina Wilhelm. She didn’t know much about her grandfather in her youth.

Later in life, she became interested in his work, and being a film producer, decided to share a documentary of Richard Wilhelm’s life.

Richard Wilhelm was a very interesting man. He immersed himself in Chinese culture when he was sent to China as a Christian missionary. He mastered their language and studied the culture in great detail.

He studied with a Chinese Master of the practice of the I-Ching, who inspired him to write a translation for the rest of the world. He did an amazing job too.

Richard Wilhelm had great respect for the cultural history and wisdom of China and because he didn’t want to disrupt their culture, never baptized a single person in his 30 years there.

This is a very powerful documentary about a very special, gifted, loving man, for whom the world should celebrate having had his presence here.

Anyone interested in Eastern philosophy, religion, and the challenges of cultural conversion (West meeting East) will find this documentary highly informative. I can’t recommend it enough.

Of all the many different translations of the Tao Te Ching I have and have studied, Richard Wilhelm’s translation and commentary is hands down the best I’ve seen. He guides you to an understanding of the teachings of Lao Tzu like no other, and in so doing, brings a bright light of concern for the follies of corporate religion.

Well, that brings me to the end of our blog for this week.

I hope you enjoy the video blog this week, and that you enjoy “training the giants to eat organic and convert to life affirmative business and manufacturing practices” for the betterment, and sustainability of life as we know it.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek