January 24, 2014

Some Fantastic Resources For You!

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recent vlog tips on choosing athletic shoes.

Today, I’d like to share some fantastic resources I think you’ll really like.

A BOOK Worth Reading (or listening to)!

I recently came across a fantastic book titled, “E-Squared, by Pam Grout. The book is already on the NY Times best sellers list, and for GOOD REASON TOO!

Pam Grout does an excellent job explaining, in current scientific (but plain) language anyone can understand, how it is that as humans miracles are available to us each moment. She cites examples where the lineage of spiritual masters that have visited the planet, including Jesus, who understood this principle.

The book is a great basic training program that teaches anyone both how to effectively use their mind to create what they want in life, and how to have a truly spiritual experience in life without any need for religious dogma or religion at all!


Pam Grout draws on the works of several currently recognized experts from a variety of fields. Examples that come to mind are two of my favorites, Fred Allan Wolf, and Bruce Lipton.

Pam uses the principles of science, offering you nine experiments you can perform very easily to prove that “the universe is listening.”

She introduces the readers to the concept of “The Field” (of Potential), or what is referred to as the zero point field in quantum physics.

She explains how and why it is that “you are always getting what you ask for, you just need to be more aware of your own power and what you are asking for!”

I liked this book so much, I purchased an additional five copies of the audio book and gave them away as gifts. I hope you enjoy it too!

Pam Grout, “My hat is off to you!”

Some additional resources that may be helpful for you to study is my PPS Lesson 2: Managing Your Self so that you understand the mind, what mind viruses are and how to harness its power to manifest your dreams.

Soul Fire Divination Cards By Rowena Kryder


Many of us wonder what is happening in our lives, or what is coming. Those that enjoy exercising their intuition often enjoy various card decks with symbols and explanations.

Rowena Kryder, a very highly regarded artist, shaman, and teacher of metaphysics has recently produced a new deck she calls the “Soul Fire” deck. It has over 80 cards that are beautifully illustrated and an interpretation guide.

soul FIRE-book and cards
Vidya and I have been testing the cards and find them to be very informative. We love exercising our intuitions, so the cards are a natural way of communicating with Spirit for us.

A little background information on Rowena for you: I took a week long comprehensive course on the nine Egyptian light bodies with Rowena about 12 years ago at her hand-built custom home in Colorado; yes, she is an artisan builder too!

I learned a tremendous amount from Rowena Kryder. I have used her for Spiritual readings over the years, and always found her intuition to be very powerful and accurate.

Rowena Kryder is who taught me about mandalas, and I did my first Mandala with her, which I still have.

She opened a FLOOD of artistic self-expression in me, that has helped me heal and grow tremendously as a human being since then. Her inspiration has given me the confidence in my art to share it and the processes I use with thousands of my students all over the world, and they with their clients.

Rowena is definitely one of the most knowledgeable human beings I’ve ever met! HANDS DOWN. Her knowledge of metaphysics, shamanism, world religion, music, science, math, art, construction, and much more is so advanced, it is hard even for me to wrap my head around!

If you want to experience her power, get some of her cards, or get a personal reading from her.

To order your Soul Fire card deck, or to get a reading from Rowena, contact her through her site: https://creative-harmonics.org

What Is A CHEK Practitioner?

Many ask, “What is a CHEK Practitioner?”… “What do CHEK Practitioners do?”

Well, now you can find out first hand from one of the best CHEK Practitioners in the world, Donal Carr, from www.placeofchi.com in Northern Beaches outside of Sydney Australia.


Donal has been a teacher for the C.H.E.K Institute for many years, and is our primary Instructor in Australia.

Donal is one of my best friends, and he’s the real deal. A great athlete, teacher, father, husband, amazing chef (!!), and an incredible artist to boot! He is interviewed by CHEK HLC Practitioner Amaali Shaw and you can enjoy this excellent interview presentation right here:

Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming FREE Future of Nutrition online Conference that I’m participating in and available next week, along with many amazing industry experts. I’ll be on Day 3, January 29th, 12pm ET sharing my perspective: A Holistic Approach to Nutrition, Lifestyle, Fitness, and Spiritual Growth. You can register here: The Future of Nutrition Conference.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek