December 21, 2009

One Love – One Heart – yah man!

Hello friends from Jamaica!!

Finally, a couple of weeks to hold still, read, write and play here at beautiful Couples San Souci with Penny and Vidya! I am so happy to see Penny relaxing and reading and Vidya enjoying herself in the water, doing art and just being! I’ve been here more than a week and although I promised myself to get some back-end work done,  I just can’t bring myself . . . guess I’ve caught the Island groove . . . slooooooooow way down and do nothing – yah man! This is a perfect place for us to rest and renew!

They have a fantastic little gym here and Vidya and I have been getting some great weight training workouts, and Penny is teaching 3 aerobic classes each day this week and enjoying scuba diving. There is a nice sauna that we are taking advantage of in between our swims in the warm crystal clear water.  The food here is excellent, and we have got some really wonderful local cuisine cooked just for us!

I am really ecstatic that this rest has allowed me to deeply meditate on Master Rumi and record my next audio program : The Absolute Essentials of Rumi! I can’t wait to share it with you just after the new year!



Me and Rumi