May 27, 2014

Miraculous Living Pt. 3/4: Unconditional Love

Happy Tuesday!

Well, it’s absolutely lovely to be home!!

I certainly had a fantastic trip to Australia, but didn’t realize how tired I was from all the outputting until I got home and stopped moving.

Today, we continue with Pt3. Unconditional Love of my Miraculous Living series. After that, I’ll share a painting I’m working on.

Miraculous Living Pt. 3/4: Unconditional Love

Miraculous living is not only what we all naturally want for ourselves, it is what we have.

This series looks at the four qualities demonstrated by those with Supramental capabilities; Spiritual Masters and others with the power to create harmony wherever they go.

My series draws from the observations of Sri Aurobindo, as quoted in “Physics Of The Soul”, by Amit Goswami (p.226-8).

The first two qualities we discussed in the series so far are:

1. The ability to transform the negative into a positive. This equates to Dr. Movement in my 4 Doctor self-management system.

In this vlog, the first of this series, I shared some practical tips for transforming the negative into a positive as an essential component of whole-brain or open-minded thinking.

2. The powers of creative expression even beyond the laws of physics. This quality correlates with Dr. Happiness in my 4 Doctor self-management model.

We are each creating beyond the laws of (Newtonian) physics with every thought. We act outside of mater, yet infuse ourselves into mater, often becoming addicted to, and overly identified with matter.

When we realize that it is the thoughts we energize with emotion and belief that determine both how our mater dances, and what “the matter is” that we start to wake up to our creations.

Once we realize that between every “yes” and “no” is Unlimited Potential, we become more motivated to take advantage of the potential offerings instead of believing that our ego’s thoughts are accessing our full potential.

When we realize that “Dr. Happiness is The Dreamer” within us, we are more inclined to become clear as to what happiness really is for us, and creating it.

As Arnold Patent says, “To live life in ideal terms, you must first conceive of it that way.”


ML Pt 3 UCL blk bd
Today, in my vlog we look at the third quality displayed by Supramental beings as recognized by Sri Aurobindo:

3. The Power of Unconditional Love (UCL).

In my vlog today, I highlight the fact that to enter into, to experience UCL, the master must become completely selfless.

To enter UCL with self-identity would automatically create two; you as subject and the experience you perceive as the relative object of experience. It is such a radical concept to grasp for an ego, that most have a hard time understanding what it means to become completely selfless.

Though we may intellectualize the concept, we are still sitting in the ego’s comfort nest of individuality, while perceiving our own existence without it.

The same paradox emerges when the ego tries to meditate. As long as one tries to meditate, there is always two:

  • The one who can’t, and
  • The one who can but seems out of reach, yet is witnessing the whole show all along…

I explain that when Masters with Supramental abilities access UCL as a means of healing self or others, they don’t go there as the director of the show.

Knowing that you are an expression of what they are, they take themselves into Wholeness, becoming fully Unified with UCL.

They are likely to have put forth the intention that their subject is “open to healing”, but they will not have taken energy from there (UCL), and directed to your liver meridian, or tried to make your challenging relationships disappear.

When they enter The Field of UCL, their state shifts. Their intention to share that experience with you, is their intention to allow you to experience your own perfection – in which – you may “choose to heal.”

Here are some tips I share and expand upon in my video today:

1. Death Breath: How long we can hold our breath is largely determined by how much oxygen (air) we have in our body relative to the rate that our metabolism consumes that limited supply.

Because fear excites our metabolic engines to prepare us to flight, flee, or freeze, breath-holding time is usually less when fearful than when relaxed.

As a means of experiencing the affects of harmonizing with UCL, try just taking a couple deep breaths, and timing how long you can hold your breath.

Next, begin by chanting (internally, not aloud) “I am safe in UCL”.

While chanting these words, completely allow yourself to the incredible safety and support of UCL as you’d imagine it.

While your previous breath test came to an end largely because of your inner-fear that you’d die if you kept going, this time, hold the thought that dying would be pure bliss if you were to die into the arms of UCL.

As you feel the urge for air, just focus on the words and relax into your own experience of UCL.

To the degree that you are capable of believing your own thoughts, and trusting that the truth of you is UCL, your body will relax.

As you relax, you will use less of the available air within you per second and last longer with fewer struggles.

This is a metaphor for your life. This is a metaphor for my life too! I practice daily. Love to share the experience with all of you.

2. In-vision yourself without elements: To experience UCL, ask yourself the following questions and become aware of what you are explaining to yourself as you answer them. Please don’t worry about the numbers balancing to 100% because the result is the same for anyone fully present and honest with the exercise:

1. What percentage of who I am is made of elements from the earth?

2. What percentage of who I am is made of water or the water element?

3. What percentage of who I am is the result of fire/metabolism within me?

4. What percentage of who I am is the result of air within me?

5. What percentage of who I am is expressed as space within me?

Additionally, is the space I perceive to be “in me” different than the space I perceive to be “outside me”?

Now, ask yourself, “Without all my elements, where am I?” “Who am I?”

Witness that somehow, you have an inner-knowing of the fact that who you are is more than, beyond the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space.

You somehow know it is “you” who animates the elements. Witness that the part of you that is aware of itself without the elements, is both nowhere, and everywhere in space, making you nonlocal.

UCL is nonlocal. When you answer the “Who am I?” from this state of self-perception, you are answering for everybody, because like UCL, you are within, and without all beings.

3. I Open My Heart To The One – I Open My Heart To Every-one.

By drawing a target diagram as I’ve done in the image above, you can use the meditation as I show in the video to practice experiencing UCL.

4. Give love Unconditionally. Again, giving love Unconditionally is a paradox for the programmed ego-mind in many ways.

The intellect may say, “but I thought you said you can’t give UCL to “someone” because that creates a condition?”

That would be a good question. The secret then is not to give it to anyone, but to give it to everyone, and every-thing.

In this section, I share several methods I use to practice giving (and receiving!) UCL.

By connecting Unconditionally to machines, computers, toys, tools, stones, or anything, we can become aware of the thinness of the veil between us, and any and all “things”.

When we extend that awareness from the safety of our Unconditional relationship with things we feel safe opening our hearts to outward to others, we begin to realize that we can harmonize with them.

Soon, it is as if the world is a choir and all the members become so harmonized, they have periods of loosing their individuality to the group making up the choir; you realized that you are one in The One.

The One is UCL embodied; the Aboriginals say “Eternity is physicalized as place” (See Voices Of The First Day, by Robert Lawler).

I hope you enjoy exploring UCL. I hope the exercises are useful to you.

I love exploring myself this way. It certainly makes it easier for me to love each day.

Since coming home, I’ve been able to spend some quality time with people I love. I’ve also had some time to be alone within myself and celebrate all the joyful experiences I had teaching in Australia.

Yesterday, I had my first chance to come to my Heaven house without a schedule or others to interact with, so my desire to paint could be nourished.

While lying half awake and half asleep Sunday, I had this vision as a symbol of my life at this time. I call it “Inner Union”.

Inner Union

I plan on finishing it today after I finish this blog and a good deadlift workout.

I hope you all take time to nourish the art spirit within you!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek