July 6, 2011



I hope you’ve enjoyed the series we just finished on emotional~mental balancing.

It’s always a great reminder to read my own writings and keep my own “practice” in the forefront of my mind. A little bit of “awareness” goes a long way to improving our relationship with our selves and others.

I had a busy, productive day writing yesterday. Today I’ve got several coaching calls to conduct, including a PPS coaching call at 6:00 PM PDT for those of you that may want a reminder.

For those of you that may not be aware of my video lesson series titled The Absolute Essentials Of Personal Training, lesson 7 on!balancing emotions! If you’d like to view this little lesson, just click the link www.ptonthenet.com and is free to you right on the home page.


My years of metaphysical studies have cultivated a deep fascination with the Kosmic mind and the individual ego-mind.

When you consider what MIND is, it becomes apparent that without MIND there would be no experiences to be experienced. No life to be lived!

The saying, “Life is movement” encapsulates the truth of MIND, and life. Everything that looks solid, like stones, tables, chairs and even our bodies, is actually moving at near light speed. The difference is that when atoms are created, the attraction of opposites (yin to yang and yang to yin) creates entanglement.

An example of entanglement that may help you understand the concept is that of a simple magnet. All by itself, it just seems to be sitting there, but as soon as you bring metal near it, it draws the metal to itself by magnetic attraction. The instant the metal interacts with the magnetic field of the magnet, entanglement occurs.

Another example of entanglement can be perceived by thinking of how a tether-ball works – that’s the ball like a volleyball that’s attached to a rope, which spins atop a post in the ground and you try to hit it the opposite way your partner hits it to try and wind it in your specific direction.

If you had the ball without the rope and hit it, it would essentially fly straight away from you following the line of force you created with your arm and hand at the moment of impact. When the ball is stuck to the pole on the line and you hit it, because it is entangled with the post, it can only fly in a circle.

The subatomic particles (electron relative to proton and neutron) are essentially acting the same way in that the electron is like the tether ball flying around the post of the neutron-proton pair. If it weren’t for the nuclear forces that bind them in entanglement, the atom would instantly dissolve into subatomic or quantum particles and return back to the zero point field; that would be like putting money that was once tied up in a project back into the bank.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I was pretty tired and didn’t feel much like lifting heavy stones so I decided to draw my  vision of MIND. That’s what you see in my diagram above.

Stars are extreme expressions of entanglement. The matter in the center of the star acts like a seed. Matter holds all forms in what David Bohm refers to as the implicate (in-folded) order, while light (yang) unfolds (unzips in computer terms) the seeds of matter to create body, shape, and representations of what’s in seed form until it interacts with yang energies.

If you think of a star like a giant holographic movie projector, the matter (yin) is akin to a filmstrip and the light energy released from the nuclear reactions acts to literally project what’s on the film into space-time. This produces relational-space; any two objects share a relationship in space.

My drawing shows the myriad of patterns held in seed-form in matter, and shows how yang unwraps or blossoms the seed forms, creating life as we know it.

There are beings of consciousness throughout the entire creation. Because consciousness is nonlocal, not dependent upon matter or time for it’s existence, all things, from subatomic particles to photons to atoms and everything created “are conscious”. How could it be any other way if consciousness is nonlocal? Where “wouldn’t it be?”

In my drawing, you can see the seed of yang in yin; yin is compressed in matter like you squeeze a sponge and just as water comes out of the sponge, light or yang is expressed from yin. This happens because the pressures that create matter (which occur because of feminine or yin spiraling of spirit or energy; see Walter Russel’s book titled The Secret Of Light).

In yang, you see the seed of yin; light can only become something yin and converts itself at it’s extreme into the seed form that represents what yin elements or information carried within it. Said another way, the tether ball can only spin right (yang) until it’s fully wound around the pole (zero point or eye of the storm) and then can only go the other way – yin.

My piece of art, for me, exemplifies Spirit. This is what I see when I travel in my mental body into the sun. My drawing is only a layman’s  expression of exquisitely complex patterns and activity in the sun, but hopefully, you can relax with it and let it take you there; if you see me there, say “Hi”!

This is how life occurs. This process has no beginning and no end because EVERYTHING AND NOTHING never stop exchanging places, realities with each other. What else could they do? This interaction creates space-time relationships.

Once we understand the essentials of creation, we can see them at work in every aspect of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. We learn that what’s too hot, too fast, to yang, responds best when we apply yin energy to it or the situation at hand. What’s too slow, sluggish or cold only balances based on our perception of balance to the degree that we use our will-power (yang) to warm it.

Once you understand tai-chi, reading great teachers like Lao Tzu becomes very clear and easy to understand.

I hope you have time to try a little mandala meditation with my drawing. I’d love to hear your comments on what you experience!

Have a beautiful day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek