August 17, 2011


Happy Tuesday To You All!

It’s a beautiful day in Toronto today. I hope you’ve affirmed your dream for the day so you know when to, and not to participate in activities that may be a distraction to living your dream.

We often get in the habit of distracting ourselves with the stuff of the world and end up having a day much different that we’d hoped we’d have. I find that by being clear on my dream for the day right when I’m going to bed or getting into the shower that I’m clear as to my direction for the day. Then it’s easier for me to determine what is and what isn’t a distraction. I’m more productive that way.

Yesterday was my day off after teaching HLC 2 here in Toronto. I woke up with the joy of knowing that there are now over 30 new HLC 2 Practitioners in the world to help people find their way to well-being naturally and effectively.

Toronto has always been an enjoyable place for me to visit and teach because the people here are quite naturally open to new experiences.

After a lovely Vidya-cooked breakfast, Rory and I went to St. Michael’s Private school to visit our friend Matt Nichol. Matt served as the strength coach for the Maple Leaf’s hockey team here in Toronto for many years and is one of the most accomplished strength coaches I know.

When we arrived, Matt was taking a bunch of pro athletes through some field training. Rory and I enjoyed the sun and I did a little stride work and play on the beautiful rubber track at Matt’s facility.

Matt and I both love heavy lifting so we got into some deadlifting and some lateral pulling with a loaded Olympic bar. Here you can see me checking out Matt’s form as he deadlifts. Matt’s gym is a small, but very well equipped room in the back of the ice arena at the school; you walk out the back door of Matt’s gym and you are right at the track and field training area!very cool!

I did  some deadlifts off a 6 inch step box. Pulling off a box like this is very hard. Box deadlifting requires tremendous leg and butt strength to get the bar off the floor when the box lifts your feet so high that the bar is literally resting on the tops of your feet.

Generally, I’ve found that you can deadlift approximately 50 pounds more off the floor for any lift than you can do from the box due to the biomechanical challenges created by having to squat so low to grab the bar. Matt and Rory thought that me pulling 390 pounds off the box for sets of 2 was pretty acceptable for a guy that’s 50 in a few days.

I’m just happy my Mother taught me about health so young and that I’ve always enjoyed the health benefits of exercise.

Well, I’ve got to run now. I’ve got a busy day of coaching clients and a business dinner meeting tonight with Richard Fedele and Julia Schneider of Alexion Lifestyle PERKS program – our newest affiliate partners.

Tomorrow I’ll be busy preparing to lecture here at Can Fit Pro.

I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

Seize the day!
Love and chi,
Paul Chek