August 15, 2011


Happy Monday to You ALL!

Wow! Just finished HLC 2 here in Toronto last night. We had a lot of fun together too.

Thank you ALL for your enthusiasm, your undivided attention and your questions – its just the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship helping others to live the 1-2-3-4 Dream of possibilities and actualization!


My students were really attentive and willing to go outside what they know to learn new skills. Here you can see the students practicing energy field reading.


I taught my students how the chakra system functions and how it interacts with the aura. I showed them how your thoughts condition the size, density and shape of your own energy field or aura.

I then taught them how to enter into foreplay with their partner and use their instinct and intuition to guide their interview process. The foreplay method I use is more likely to cultivate authentic feedback from patients because we don’t diagnose, label or judge what we feel and perceive. The students did well. There were a few students that had trouble feeling the aura field but with practice they will become more sensitive.

Our last training on chi cultivation exercises was my special surprise for them at the end. Here you can see us practicing the tai-chi Ruler exercise I learned from Master Fong Ha. I teach two variations on the exercise. One is better for the busy mind, and the other is very powerful for cultivating chi but requires a deeper level of Leg-go to receive it’s gifts. The students seemed to enjoy this training.

Some time ago, I created a dance to help my students embody the master formula for my teachings, which I call the 1-2-3-4 Formula. Here you can see us all having fun doing our 1-2-3-4 dance together. We had to practice a few times, but once we got it, we were a potential threat to the Los Vegas showgirls!


Today Rory and I will go train with our buddy Matt Nichol. Matt was the Maple Leaf’s strength coach for many years and now he’s created his own program for conditioning elite athletes here in Toronto. I think Rory and I will go over to his gym and see if maybe we can pretend we are pro athletes for a couple hours and get away with it ☺.

After training, Rory and I will do a long sauna and sink into dream-world. Maybe you’ll meet us there.

Vidya has plans to facilitate her women’s group this evening so I’m sure she will spread the love with all of them.

I hope you all have a beautiful, productive day!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek