September 21, 2015

Medicine Ball Overhead Toss Exercise

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all letting your heart move ahead in the spirit of creativity.

In my blog today, I will share:

1. My video blog feature, showing how to perform the medicine ball overhead toss exercise.
2. CHEK Advanced Training Program Highlights
3. Highlights from my time with my lovely client Marya
4. Show-n-Tell with Paul

The Medicine Ball Overhead Toss Exercise
Paul Med Ball

Medicine ball training is a very powerful, effective means for rehabilitation, general, and sports specific conditioning, and is still quite underutilized today.

In my 11:00 vlog today, I teach you how to perform the medicine ball overhead toss exercise.

I begin by sharing some precautions, and demonstrate a test I developed to help you determine if overhead conditioning exercises/activities are safe for your shoulders.

I explain how medicine ball training can be used to effectively enhance your performance with strength training, sports conditioning, and sports performance.

For those of you wanting to learn more, see the resources below.

1. Dynamic Medicine Ball correspondence course with manual
2. Dynamic Medicine Ball Training DVDs

CHEK Institute Advanced Training Program Completions

CP3 with Matthew Wallden – Surrey UK


Matthew Wallden just completed his second CHEK Practitioner Level 3 Advanced Training Program in just a couple months.

Matthew informed me that he had a great time with his students (and he has just started teaching CP2 in Lancashire, UK, a few days ago).

I’m always grateful to my students for reaching the higher levels of training.

To become a CHEK Practitioner Level (CP3) is hard work, requiring graded case histories as a means of demonstrating expertise with prior levels of CHEK training.

Matthew is a highly skilled instructor, and along with Suzi Nevell from Auckland, NZ, is one of two qualified to teach these very advanced training’s.

Please help me welcome our newest graduates of CP3. I feel grateful Matthew, for all your sharing of your skills, love and life experience with our new CP3s!

Thank you to each of you in Matthew’s class for continuing to grow yourself and to offer your clients the best support possible.

CHEK BLOG With Our Faculty and Mentors

I have a number of CHEK Faculty and Mentors who make regular contributions to the CHEK Blog. Their contributions reflect our holistic teachings and are practical and down to earth.

Both Warren Williams and Jennie Delbridge are the latest bloggers who have made such contributions. I urge you to visit their posts to gain a little more insight about how to listen to your body and help your baby sleep soundly!

ONLINE Summits, Summits and more Summits!

Online Summits are a great way to avail yourself to knowledge and information utilizing experts in their field. I’ve been participating for years in many of these and I invite you to check the following out.

Faculty Jator Pierre is a speaker talking about the Subtleties for Gut Healing, for the upcoming FREE Virtual Event: Body Mind Detox Summit. Jator is one of our HLC1 Instructors and I know he has a lot of good information to share.

Myself, and several other CHEK Faculty and Mentors, are also presenters for the upcoming Childhood Obesity Project – launching October 12-19.

Registration is FREE 

I have a lot to say about the raging problem of childhood obesity and you won’t be disappointed learning about what we can do about that through my 4 Doctor Model to Children’s Wellness!

Highlights From My Time With Lovely Client Marya

Marya is a lovely, exuberant woman that has dedicated her life to protect public water sources and under-privileged children around the world.

Her foundation is the Sangham Foundation primarily focuses on protecting water resources while improving the lives of children.

As you can imagine, she’s an extremely busy woman, and like many single mothers, began to find it hard to juggle her work, mothering, and find time for herself.

She asked if I could guide her back to balanced living and I was happy to help her.

Though I’m very busy with a waiting list, I felt a spiritual obligation to assist Marya to be at her best because I I know her work and her foundation are very important to the world.

Marya and Mandala 9-17-15
Art therapy is an integral part of my healing practice and here you can see Marya holding up her beautiful mandala. She really enjoyed the experience of painting it.

PC mandala for Marya
Here you can see me painting a mandala I created for Marya while she was creating hers.

The mandala contains my inner-vision of her love bringing about her healing, and inspiring her work to help others in the world. The words you see are the words Marya feels best describe what inspires her life.

Because having top quality water is so important to our health, and because Marya does a lot of work with water sources, I took the time to teach her how I build a water charger.

Marya crowns charger

She has a teenage son who can help her with the bigger stones at home, and I’m sure they will both love the beautifully, naturally structured water that comes from their own homemade water charger too!

PC MH Water Charger Heaven
After Marya and I finished building a water charger, I let her feel the power it generates.

A properly constructed water charger generates a powerful pulse, very much like a heartbeat. The pulse is driven by the sun, moon, and other natural environmental influences.

The constantly oscillating energy created by environmental influences stimulates the atoms of the stone, producing an energy field that has beneficial influences on water.

The energy coming to the water contains information is memorized by the water; the energy causes the water molecules to become structured differently, and to carry much more life-force energy.

Marya really enjoyed my water here at the Heaven House so she knew first hand how beneficial the effects of a water charger can be.

FYI, in past blogs, I have shown photos and given suggestions for building your own water charger. That information is probably a year or so back in my blogs or you can search the blog site.

Slow cooked lamb
Vidya did her usual magic in the kitchen so we could give Marya some new food and cooking ideas she can use at home. She created a lovely meal of slow cooked lamb shanks. We had it with a beautiful mixed salad and some lentil soup.

It was AWESOME! Thanks for the great food Vidya.

Show-N-Tell with Paul

Paul Rock Stack Vista
Sunday was a much-needed “lazy day” for me.

I’ve been very busy with multiple projects and clients for some time now, and really needed to have no schedule…a day of spontaneous self expression.

It was very hot in Vista Sunday, so I enjoyed reading a great book on my patio until about 3:00pm, and then headed out into my garden to rebuild one of my favorite stacks that had been blown down.

I rebuilt this one from the ground up. It was quite an active meditation and took me about three hours to complete.

I just took my time and enjoyed the outdoor sauna experience. It felt great to create this stack and spend time in my garden with the fruit trees and all the creatures.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

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I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek