May 11, 2012

Looking For A Beginning . . .

Happy Friday to All!

I had a productive day at work yesterday with lots of coaching and meetings. It was my day off from weight training, and so I finished my day with tai cihi, art and great food.

Today I’m busy working with Zero Force coaching clients, who are visiting from the east coast, which I’m excited about.

My Zero Force clients commit to 20 hours with me and I am happy to say, the coaching format is very effective in helping them to stay on track pursuing their dreams and allowing me to help them fine-tune their personal, professional and spiritual goals with self, others and All.

Many people ask me: “How do you do all the things you do each day.” I achieve my objectives through thoughtful planning and goal setting.

By the way, speaking of goals, we at PPS Success are offering a wonderful opportunity to for you to learn how to stay on target and set and achieve your goals.

One of our monthly specials is Life Solutions Lesson 3: Staying on Target: Setting Goals to Achieve Your Dreams!

I would not be able to achieve what I’ve set out to do in my lifetime without using the techniques I cover in the lesson.

As a matter of fact, here is something for you to contemplate: “If you are not working toward your own goals you are working for your bosses!”

If you haven’t been setting goals or not aware of how to do that successfully, or if you are struggling by distractions or can’t seem to stay on target, this is a great lesson that will empower you.

Looking For A Beginning . . .

Or an End

Creates One!

How far can you look up?
How far can you look down?
Vision perceives an end.

When traveling in a circle, is there an end?

Is there an end to seasons!or do they create each other?

When looking at a map, we plot the beginning and the end of a journey.

Yet, does the end of one journey not mark the beginning of another?

If the Universe reaches the end of its journey, where will you go?

Tao-Te-zen Practice is an exploration.

A leaf falls off the tree to be eaten by insects and microorganisms – they leave the products of their journey to be used – to be eaten by others – their ends become our means!

Zen is the practice of appreciating that both ends and means create life out of each other; one’s refuse is but another’s food or tools.

Zen is the practice of weaving beginnings and ends into the tapestry of life.

No beginning – No end.

That is zen.

I Hope your weekend is wonderful!

I’ll be working on Saturday with clients but I’m looking forward to my rock garden Sunday with Rory and Vidya.

In case you have forgotten, Mothers Day is Sunday – give your mom a call! You could not be here without her!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek