April 6, 2011


Hello from Loughborough, England.

Here you can see me next to the beautiful Cherry tree at the apartment we are staying at. It looks so beautiful as I look out the window I thought I’d share it with you.

Well, I’m not able to fall asleep at night until late since England is eight hours ahead of California. I sit and look at the evening hours go by wishing I could get some sleep, but my body still thinks it belongs to California. Meditating with the sun usually helps, but so far, there hasn’t been any sun to meditate to.

The sun just peeked through the clouds just now at almost 11:00 AM. I got up about 6:00 AM after laying in bed hoping to fall asleep for some time, had an espresso and did some inner-work.

I then went for a walk. I ended up finding a large cemetery to walk in and spent some time singing to all the dead people. I visited the many beautiful trees there too. They seemed surprised that someone noticed them and that I was willing to talk to them. I couldn’t help but feel how even a long human life of 100 years is but one day in the life of the Sun, who’s lifespan is about 10 Billion years or so!

I spent a lot of my morning doing preparation work for my upcoming HLC 2 course revisions. In the next few months, I will be introducing a second 5 day block of training to HLC 2 that focuses on functional medicine. Unlike the functional medicine approaches out there, this one will be “CHEKed”.

Most functional medicine isn’t functional at all in my opinion. How could it be functional if at large, people don’t learn a dam thing about how they created their own illnesses and diseases or what they can do to modify their diet and lifestyle to implement a correction in their behavior?

My new program will be Cherokee yoga Baby! I will use my skills as a mechanic, electrician, farmer, artist, coach, trainer and observer to put together a program that teaches my students how to teach their patients and/or clients how to use very simple, highly effective methods of self-management.

This program will also include specific nutritional modifications and support to accelerate the rate at which changes take place. The big difference between my program and the typical functional medicine approaches out there will be that my program is experiential, not just supplement based. Until they come up with “teaching pills”, the supplements should always be seen as “supplements” to learning the lessons needed to optimize self-management such that one doesn’t create illness or disease through ignorance.

That said, I learned a long time ago that no amount of education compensates for feeble will power! Sadly, most people find it easier to create a tired and sick body-mind than to create a vital one, which I see as a “cultural disease”. My goal is to have the new program in use by early 2012. I’ll keep you posted.

Well, I’m off to the gym to do some leg training and have a steam before coming back to do some client coaching and then my PPS coaching call this evening (morning in California). I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog today!


I know we all have painful events that still follow us around in our shadows.

We naturally become conditioned by painful interactions with other people at various points in our lives. If we are not aware, these painful events can both cloud and color our vision such that we tend to see what we don’t want instead of what we do want in relationship to persons, places and things.

As a few examples:

  • You are likely to have met people when looking for a new relationship(s). Before you even got to know them, you’d already written them off because their words or actions reminded you of someone you attributed your own pain to from your past. Later, to your surprise, others told you of the very positive experiences they have had working with, being with, or loving that very person. Humm? What if I’d only!. Is a likely reaction.
  • You are likely to have blamed someone else for doing something, only to find  out later that you were indeed the one that was at fault.
  • You may have eaten something earlier in your life and became ill. You may not have realized that it was actually a bug you caught from kissing someone along the way in the previous day or two. Now, every time someone offers you a chance to enjoy some of the food they are raving about, all you can think of is the time you got sick eating that food. But is it true? How long will you go without the joy your friends keep telling you about before you test to see if it’s a ghost you are running from?

As you can see looking at my drawing of my Spirit Bubble man, what we really are is Consciousness.

Consciousness is what your Soul is comprised of. Your soul can’t be burned, harmed or destroyed. Consciousness is not a thing. Consciousness is the reconciliation of all things as this or that. It is pure Being. Pure Awareness, but never the thing or things it is aware of.

If consciousness were things, there would be no way for you to be conscious of anything other than the thing consciousness was.

Paradoxically, consciousness isn’t even energy, for energy is something; it can be measured, manipulated, transformed, and used for this or that.

Consciousness is Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love IS GOD.


In PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1, How To Find and Live Your Legacy, I show you how to identify all the parts of your own ego-structure that emanated from your parents and family.

With that knowledge, you can begin to explore which parts of yourself no longer serve your dreams and begin to reconstruct yourself. You can become the person you want to be instead of the person you think you will be stuck being!

I teach you how to create a life mandala so you can see where and how your painful events emerged as powerful programming influences that may no longer be serving you.

I also show you how to recognize an amazing paradox. You can learn that the very events that you deemed painful, brutal, extreme, torturous were actually critical events in your life that redirected you.

Events that brought you into awareness of who you didn’t want to be. Events that taught you more about what love really is so you could recognize that you were not loving optimally if you repeated such acts toward self or others.

You may realize that, in many instances, if you hadn’t been through the painful experiences you had, you may not have found your true love. You may not have been redirected such that you chose to study what you did, and therefore, become the person that you are today!

So remember, the truth of you is lighter than light – indestructible -Eternal.

If you believe in God, then take each opportunity you can to act like it instead of just talking about it.

After all, as many of my students have found when revisiting painful events in their past, they are gone unless you keep digging them up out of the past! Many of my students, and myself, can now look back on our painful growth and development experiences and laugh about them. You may have thought you were doomed many times, but you weren’t!

Now that you know that consciousness is lighter than light, like a bubble that always floats to the top, when challenges arise, try to stay light and not be overly attached.

Tomorrow, next week, or maybe next year, you will have forgotten all about it. If you haven’t, and you need to, you are investing your life-force into that which isn’t true, enduring, most loving about yourself. You are still sleeping.

Now is a good time to wake up to who and what you really are.

You are lighter than light.

You are Eternal.

You were born of Unconditional Love – That is your source and is the sum of all that you “think you are”.

Next time you are stressed out, blow some bubbles and learn to lighten up and float up to a higher vantage point so you can remember who you really are!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek