January 4, 2013

I’m Moving!

Happy Friday to You!

Well, it’s very busy in my life right now because I’m moving!

Amidst all the business, I managed to get into the gym for a good lunging, squatting and cable-pulling workout yesterday. I don’t want my backside looking like a typical 50+ man’s! and there’s nothing like heavy lunges to keep it young.


It’s been nine years since we moved into our current location in Vista, California. I remember feeling concerned about moving from Encinitas to our Vista location because my dream was to have a gym busy with local clients seeing my most elite CHEK Instructors and practitioners.

Unfortunately, my fears were well-informed. The locals in this area still think that mayonnaise is a food group and exercise is something you do when you get in and out of a chair!

The only two CHEK Practitioners that made a successful business working with locals and people from around the world were JP Sears and Josh Ruben. They have both moved on, creating their own unique business offerings.

The buildings here at the institute in Vista have never been very functional, and are poorly designed and built, which has come with many challenges over the years.

Though my personal office is separate from the main Institute building, I’ve had constant interruptions and challenges while trying to manage my intensive work and product development schedule.

I do a LOT of audio and video recording here, as well as a lot of writing, so having an environment free of noise from cars, motorcycles, garbage trucks, weed-whackers and the likes has come to be essential for me.

Unfortunately, the two buildings we lease here in Vista are way overpriced in today’s market, making our overhead unnecessarily high, which isn’t a good idea in today’s economical environment. Penny is looking for a new location for the CHEK Institute business operations, and I will be moving to my new office (shown below) on Monday.

Vidya and I are busy packing up offices, my treatment room and a identifying what we are taking from my gym.

I’ve had literally hundreds, if not thousands of amazing workouts in my gym at the Institute. It was my dream gym, built to have the room and equipment to support truly functional training and education.

It’s a strange feeling to be dismantling it, but it’s a great lesson in non-attachment. I’m very grateful to Eleiko, who supported me with the best weight lifting equipment in the world. I will take all the essentials to my new location and build something smaller and more efficient.

In the nine years I’ve been here in Vista, I’ve traveled the world many times over sharing my message of holistic training and living. Here you can see me working out with the Russian Olympic Weightlifting team at the Russian Olympic Training center in Moscow.

I have photos of me training in gyms all over the world with all sorts of amazing people and students that I’ve acquired since being here in Vista. The Vista location served us well for many years, but we are all excited to upgrade and streamline for the next generation of CHEK Holistic Living education and opportunities.

My New Personal Office

We looked for some time to find a place that is quiet and had the building space and facilities needed for me to develop a variety of new products and programs, and that was not too far for me to drive to.

This new location is my much-needed personal “think tank”, where I hope, paradoxically, to spend as much time in a state of “no-mind” as possible. I do my best work in no-mind. I’m excited to share the many new educational opportunities I’m working on with you soon.

This photo shows the long driveway to my new location, which is a big, beautiful, clean and well-built home in Escondido, about 18 minutes due east from the existing CHEK Institute. The drive to my new location is beautiful. I drive through the farmlands, local hills and valleys, and don’t have to take any highways.

Here you can see the entryway to my new office. Believe it or not, it is actually less expensive for me to rent this beautiful 3000 sq. ft. home on eight acres of land than it is to stay in my current Vista location. I’m exhausted of being in industrial parks and commercial buildings and environments.

I’m a man of nature and feel like something is dying inside me when I don’t get my bare feet on Mother Earth and my hands involved in creating things in nature. No more!

This is the view from the living room, which will be where I put my desk, plants, and as much of my library as I can comfortably fit in this room.

Here you can see the beautiful scenery behind my new office, which is where I’ll do a lot of my tai-chi and meditation practices, as well as a lot of filming.

With eight acres of land, I can create meditation walks, power spots, hikes, and there are LOTS of rocks to play with!

The house has a four-car garage, which will be transformed into a new functional training gym. The ceilings are a little lower than I’d like, but one step out the door and the sky is the limit!

Escondido is a very sunny location. It’s about 5 degrees hotter on any given day than Vista, but I don’t mind because I love the sun and I love sweating when I train too.

My last program to be created in the Vista location is my new “Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials“.

That program is in test phase right now and we will be duplicating the first set of programs for the reviewers, sometime in the next two to three weeks at the outside, those of you that want to benefit from my wisdom and experience in this area can purchase the 4 DVD, six-hour program.

I’m very happy with it and feel it’s one of my most important education programs to date. Daryl Isaacs, CHEK video editor has done an excellent job editing my content and making it look nice. If you want to be notified of the release early and get your free “Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections” report, feel free to click on the link above.


Just this morning, Vidya forwarded this message to me that was posted on facebook by the one and only, the beautiful Michelle Powell, HLC 3 in Australia:

“At the beach this morning a man stopped to talk to me about my rock stacks asked me if id been to America coz in California he met this bald man who did rock stacks. Lol!small world isn’t it. He told me I have a big heart and much love to give; good start to the day.”

Its amazing how fast stories of my rock stacking travel! I’ve created rock art all over the world and have had many amazing experiences while doing it.

On one of my past trips to Australia to teach there, Donal Carr and I created a big stack (even bigger than this one) on the beach at Monavale Beach where he lives.

That day, Cathy Carr’s sister had come to visit and they were going out to visit some friends for dinner. Cathy’s sister and her husband had no idea that we were stacking rocks that day and when they arrived to have dinner with their friends (who neither Donal, Cathy, or I know), their friends said they had to show them some pictures they’d taken that day!

Well, they showed them “this amazing rock stack” they’d taken a photo of while walking on the beach that day!and there it was, the stack Donal and I had built earlier that day! Synchronicity!

Here you can see my son, Paul Jr. sitting between two of about eight big stacks he and I created on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

When I started building stacks on the beach in Tulum, people came from everywhere to see what I was doing. There were cars, taxis, bicycles and foot travelers all coming to take pictures and talk to me about rock stacking. Many people began trying it themselves too!

Here’s the cool part. Just a couple weeks ago, I got an email from the owner of the house we rented in Tulum while there. He told me that he went to the beach where I did my rock art, and that my biggest stack (to the right of my son above) was still standing. What’s so special about that is that it made it through the hurricane season down there without falling over! Now that’s amazing to me!

I’ve had great joy leaving something beautiful behind wherever I go to teach in the world. It is inspiring to see people of all ages take up rock art with no other impetus than watching me do it. My students all over the world have had the same experiences as well.

Here’s to rocks, art, and unbound play!

It may be a few days before I can put up another blog because of moving and getting everything set up, on-line and functional in the new office location.

In the meantime, there’s lots of great stuff you can look at by scrolling back through past blogs if you like.

Its going to be a great year!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek