October 21, 2014

If You Don’t Go Within!

Happy Tuesday to You!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my last blog on my E.C.H.O. concept of healthy living.

I’ve had a busy week working with clients and preparing for HLC3, which starts today at the rural retreat setting at Hidden Valley in Escondido.

Going Within!

Today my video blog looks into the concept of “going within”. The yogis have a saying, “If you don’t go within, you go without!”

There is deep wisdom shared in this saying.

In my video blog today, I’ll share some practical concepts for weaving your much needed, necessary “work-in” time into your day.

I also share some simple, practical ways you can meditate.

To avail yourself of some of the resources I mentioned in my vlog, I encourage you to listen to my Dr. Quiet Audio Companion where I share seven different meditations.

Inspired Students!

Recently a few people inspired by my message of living a holistic lifestyle have shared with me their amazing transformations and applied knowledge of my teachings.

From Germany, Clemens a young man finishing his high school education has shared his inspired mandala reflecting his healing heart. I am impressed as he has never taken any of my courses and has been following my blog and youtube channel.



Needless to say, Clemmens has taken responsibility for his health and happiness and shared:

“My family doesn’t quite share my new way of healthy, organic and glutenfree eating, so I had to start shopping for myself as well as preparing and cooking my own food. As a result I got more and more mindfull about what was on my plate and I developed quite a passion for cooking.”

I am impressed, keep up the good work Clemmens! You are well on your way to being a fantastic CHEK Practitioner and a living example of my teachings!

I always love seeing my students grasp and embody the essential concepts of my holistic teachings.

R.Vinodh Rajkumar a student from India recently forwarded me the image below, explaining his “HELPS” acronym, which is quite cool.


1) Philosophy of Hippocrates (2) Perspectives of Paul Chek (3) Principles of Sports performances (4) Maneuvers of Labourers and (5) Empirical evidences after application of all these four major beacons.

Vinodh is a Physiotherapist who spent a decade of post-qualification life as academician, clinical therapist and independent researcher. When he began to work in fitness clubs about five years back, he was only doing limited scope of work for his clientele due to lack of relevant experience.

Soon he discovered my articles on Primal patterns, functional training and the significance of inner and outer core units and applied my teachings with his clients solely using my perspectives to guide him as a working foundation for his professional work titled ‘HELPS’.

Thank you Vinodh for being committed and applying sound principles to your work and leading your community.

R.Vinodh Rajkumar

If you are in Bangalore, please seek out Vinodh at https://www.paleolithicx.com/

CHEK Course Completions

This past week we saw several courses completed around the world. I am grateful to our skilled CHEK Instructors who provide excellent education. I am equally grateful to these committed students – Congratulations!

Golf Performance Specialist with Terrance Thomas: October 13-15 San Diego


HLC1 with Jator Pierre: October 17-19: Portland Oregon


Exercise Coach with Donal Carr: October 15-19: Melbourne AU


Recent Art

Angie and I had a great time painting last weekend on my day off.

New Life by A Lustrick

Angie painted this beautiful peace she named “New Life”.

The she of me by P Chek
I painted this one, titled “The she of me” as a means of reminding myself that I’m not truly a “man” until I’ve balanced the masculine and feminine elements of myself.

As the painting would suggest, I’ve got plenty of the masculine, but am working daily on my feminine expression, which is an interesting investigation that requires a lot of self-awareness, particularly as a man with loads of testosterone by nature.

My painting inspires me to keep looking within and to find that beautiful place of dynamic balance that is often elusive to men, particularly those of us raised with a Western mind-set….

I’m out the door right now to teach HLC 3, so it’s a busy week for me. I hope you enjoy the video blog this week. I’ll share more with you some time next week.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek