June 22, 2011



I hope you are enjoying this series on how to use stones to create play and beauty in your life, and the lives of others.

I had a very busy day of writing and meetings yesterday. I did manage to sneak in a lovely pushing workout though. I created a mini-circuit of Swiss ball-dumbbell bench press – Clubbell snatch with touch-back – alternating single arm cable push, all at 8-12 reps for four circuits. Felt great. I did the club bell work outside in the sun, which is always a joy for me.

I’ve got a very busy day today, but I have “already enjoyed the beauty of it all” because “It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done!” Ah Ho! Great Spirit!

So, Let’s talk more about stones, the very basis of our physical being!

Creating Energy Circuits

In the above photo, you see that the rocks are all directly on the ground, or sitting atop rocks that are placed on the ground. In an electronic circuit, the ground is used to stabilize the circuit.

The earth is a massive energy well. There are so many atoms and electrons that the entire earth has a very stable combined totality of energy.

When we ground an electronic circuit, the ground has a stabilizing effect, keeping energy fluctuations from jumping up and down in their energy flow, which can be very disruptive in a variety of electrical devices.

It is these very energy surges that result in the need for surge protectors on computers and other sensitive electrical devices. That said, any rock can serve as a ground unto itself, but it’s grounding capacity will be influenced by it’s mass and it’s composition.

In my photo here, you see my little stacks atop a big chunk of granite, which is probably about 60% yang and 40% yin in composition. Therefore, the granite serves as both a ground and an energy source; this makes them very good in a garden and is why gardeners so often put rocks in circles around plants and trees; they give energy to the soil and all living things in the soil that aids in supporting their own energy cultivation.

Every living creature uses these base energies to create life and if you understand how the nodes of Ranvier work in the nervous system, you will understand how these rocks work to conduct energy.

Above the base stone, which is grounded to the earth, you see my two little rock towers. You will notice the alternating colors (yin-yang). The darker stones above them act like a sponge, drinking all the energy into themselves they can, just like a sponge; just as sponges made of different materials have different absorptive qualities, so to do the rocks of different yin-yang combination behave differently.

What is happening is that the yang stones (white) on the bottom of the little stacks are being fed energy from the large rock and the earth below, which they express outward in every direction.

By practicing with stones and learning to experience how their energies influence your own body, you can develop a mental log of what the stone energies feel like, and therefore, how they may influence others if they come into contact with them; put them into circuit with their bodies.

When I create circuits like you see here, I’m usually creating an energy form that nourishes my body based on my needs at the time. Sometimes, I create circuits out of stones to nourish specific plants or homemade herbal remedies I’ve created for healing.

While you are looking at the picture (if you want to see it better, click on it. When it appears, click on it again and you will get the image in full size.) focus your gaze and attention only on the round white stone at the bottom of the back-left mini-stack.

Can you feel that it’s energy is being projected outward, causing a sense of expansion or fullness in your own energy field?

Now, move up and focus on the greenish rock in the middle of that stack and notice that when your attention is isolated there, your energy is drawn out of your body toward the stone.

I often use very yin stones to literally vacuum chaotic energy out of people’s bodies and energy fields, while using yang-stones of various types to charge their bodies and fields with beneficial energies.

You will notice that the relative polarity of the stones in the stacks flips from yang-dominant to yin-dominant. This polarity shift creates energy flow.

This type of polarity shifting is exactly what makes an electric motor turn. By changing the size, shape and type of rocks put into circuit, you change the overall quality and magnitude of energy expressed, or harvested, depending on what you want to do specifically.

Again, it’s better for me not to over-inform you or your intellectual mind will trick you into thinking you know what’s happening, which dampens your feeling-nature and stops you from truly “learning”. I suggest you spend time playing and feeling, since both are essential life-skills.

Stones are “Light-Catchers”

In this image, you can see me carrying a large quartz crystal. It’s been sitting in the sun all day and as you can see, it is radiating a unique white-green light; think of the chakra system and correlated colors. This light has tremendous healing and energizing benefits for your body. You can see it radiating right through my hand without any sign of obstruction or distortion, unlike the light from a flashlight. I feel this is because the light is expressed largely due to magnetic relationships, and less due to electrical relationships. Just as a magnet’s field can pass right through you, so too does this light I refer to as magnetic light.

By building structures with alternating polarities, you can create healing art forms. When I work with stones, even though I’m physically tired after a day of lifting, I feel a deep sense of balance and relaxation throughout my being. My “field feels very balanced” and I sleep very well and recover much faster from exercise and mental fatigue.

In this image, you can see the sun shining through a hole in my rock formation. The yin effect of the yin-dominant stones has a drawing in, a darkening effect, while the yang-dominant stones have a projecting effect. The pattern you see in the light is referred to as an interference pattern.

If it were not for the interference patterns created by the yin of the universe meeting the yang of the universe, nothing would be here, including life as we know it.

I personally think these patterns of light are beautiful and mysterious, which is why I love creating and working with them. I learn so much that helps me help myself and others it’s beyond words or anything I could ever learn sitting in a class room being told this and that!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson on how stones work to aid our cultivation of well-being and how they can bring joy into our lives.

In our last edition of this series, Part 4., we will cover:

  • Learning about form and fit
  • Finding Balance, and
  • Rock lifting as exercise

I look forward to sharing with you tomorrow ☺

Love and chi,
Paul Chek