September 20, 2013

HLC3 Highlights and Pt. 5 How To Survive In A Modern World

Happy Friday to You!

In my blog today, I share:

1. Some highlights from my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 3 advanced training in Oceanside, CA.

2. My vlog titled, How To Survive In A Modern World Pt. 5: Do I Work-In or Work-Out?

I hope you have all been enjoying our current vlog and blog series on surviving in a modern world. As a Holistic Health Practitioner that consults people with health challenges from all over the world, I can assure you that the issues I discuss in this series are real, and that failure to effetely manage one’s self in a modern world does cause fatigue, illness and disease very frequently!

I’m sorry that I’ve been slow on blogs lately. I intended to keep the series running consistently on an every-other-day basis, but couldn’t keep up with the pace while teaching.

I had to take a break from blogging while teaching, and we had some technical problems with the video I’d shot for this blog, stopping it from releasing on schedule.

I’m back at it now, and am excited to be able to continue the series today, and then again on Monday.

Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 Training in Oceanside, CA.

HLC 3 in Oceanside was an amazing experience for me as a teacher. My students were well prepared, eager, open-minded learners, which is every teacher’s dream.

We covered a huge amount of material in the course and everyone got to use their training to develop their own healing program. We all learned a lot from sharing our challenges in life, and I made some suggestions for each student based on my own life experience coaching people with similar challenges, and working through my own.

We had a very diverse group, with a physical therapist, two Napropaths (Swedish doctors of musculoskeletal medicine), and Marshal Dickholtz, a NUCCA chiropractor and director for the NUCCA organization. Marshal is dong a great job converting his NUCCA practice from a traditional NUCCA practice into a Holistic NUCCA practice, which I’m very excited about.

We also had practitioners from several other professions in class, making this a great multidisciplinary learning experience.

Infant Development Practice
We do a quite extensive infant development training in HLC 3 because infant development disorders are very common among both children and adults of all ages.

I teach my HLC 3 students how to cross-correlate their infant development findings with all other findings from their assessment of glands and organs to their mental-emotional assessments. This allows them to create a truly individualized approach to each individual’s body-mind challenges, increasing the likelihood of long-term resolution.

They really enjoyed learning how all the body-mind systems interrelate with each other.

J Delbridge Reflexology
Here you can see Jenny Delbridge practicing a reflexology assessment on her partner. Jenny and her partner Duncan Reeve have their own CHEK business: Peak of Wellbeing in Switzerland and both of them are on their way to being qualified Faculty instructors for the C.H.E.K Institute.

In the HLC3 course, I explain the neurology behind reflexology and how to use this skill to determine the level of functional stress on different body systems.

The students were pretty surprised at all the points they found in each other and how they related to what was going in within themselves. It’s always great for me to see the childlike joy when my students realize how beautifully integrated the body-mind is.

J Brion Birthday Gift
Jeff Brion’s birthday was yesterday, the day after our course ended. I really love Jeff and we’ve been buddies for some time now. Jeff is “Mr. Peaceful”, so he’s a real joy for me to be around.

I went through my collection of necklaces from all over the world and chose one that I thought suited him. I gave him the one you see in the photo above, which is special to me.

I have worn it all over the world and it was a favorite before I hurt my neck in a lifting stunt about eight years ago. I was at my peak strength level then, regularly doing as many as ten sets in the deadlift with 500 pounds, and had about 20 pounds more muscle than I do now. I thought Jeff would enjoy my youthful chi.

Spirit Of Jeff Brion
Two evenings before out last day of class, I started drawing this piece of art for Jeff. I just relaxed and connected to Jeff’s spirit. This is what came through my pens. I called this one “The Spirt Of Jeff Brion”. He and his partner Rosie really enjoyed it and we all enjoyed feeling the essence of Jeff in the art. Happy Birthday once again Jeff!

HLC 3 Student Dinner
Vidya and most of the students went out for dinner at Ki’s Restaurant in Solana Beach to celebrate a great learning experience together. They had a fun time enjoying a great dinner together.

HLC 3 Oceanside 9-13 Class Photo
Here you can see all my amazing students. I had such an amazing time with this group of students. We all fit and functioned together so naturally and beautifully. It was as though we were all part of a tribe that had reconnected and intuitively knew each other and could relate to, and work with each other easily.

Wednesday night, as I was resting and celebrating the completion of a great class, I put my awareness on my class as a group to see what would rise in me artistically.

HLC 3 Group Soul

This is what came through me, which I call the “Group Soul” of our class. This is what the mutual love within our group looks like when I draw what rises in me.

Thank you to all my students for an amazing, loving, fun, joyful teaching experience. I’m proud of each of you and am grateful that you are in the world helping others learn to experience the level of peace, well-being and joy that you all share authentically within yourselves.

I would like to thank my staff at the C.H.E.K Institute, and Vidya for helping run a smooth course as well!

How To Survive In A Modern World Pt. 5. Do You Work-in or Work-Out?

Work-In or Work-Out
In my vlog today, I explore what the difference is between working-in, and working-out. I give the criteria I developed for “working-in” and share tips for determining when working-out is likely to be most productive for your overall dreams and your well-being.

I hope you enjoy Part 5 of our mini-series.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek