December 11, 2014

Getting Ready For The New Year – The PPS Approach

Happy Thursday!

I hope you are happy and well.

I’ve been slow getting my blog up this week because I was in need of some deep rest after preparing for and teaching my new HLC2 course.

In my blog today, I’ll share some tips for getting ready for the new year, HLC2 highlights, a news report on medical marijuana oil use, and some recent art from Angie and I.

Getting Ready For The New Year – The PPS Approach

The New Year is just around the corner.

Now is the time most of us begin pondering the events of the year just lived.

Some of us will be distracted getting ready for Christmas or the Holiday season in general, and that pondering won’t begin until hangovers and the fatigue of business wears off…but retrospection usually comes.

My yearly process includes spending time within myself reviewing my personal life, my professional life, and my spiritual life.

In my video blog today, I share some thoughts on how to best cultivate the New Year by reflecting on what we needed, first and foremost, as an individual, personally.

Some of us will have had the best year ever. Some will feel the status-qua, and others of us will have come to the point in our lives where we know that for better or for worse, reflection enhances perception.

Enhanced perception, in my opinion, is a wise way to enter a new year so our chances of creating what we “want” are maximized.

Considering that our personal life is the foundation for our professional life (work life), it seems logical that unresolved personal challenges may be the roots of some of our professional challenges.

These challenges in my experience largely revolve around relationships of one kind or another.

These may be with yourself, such as having an inability to say “no” when you are saying “yes”, only to regret it later…again…or they may be challenges with others.

In my life, I’ve found that the better I am about honestly meeting my personal needs, the less challenges seem to arise in my professional life, and the more composed I am when they do.

I finish my vlog with some comments on our “spiritual life”, which for me isn’t something based on articles in magazines, or religious books.

To me, the spiritual person is nothing other than one who accepts responsibility for the choices they make moment to moment.

The word “spirit” really means transition; for all that is “spiritualized” is moving, in some stage of transition. To think is to spiritualize possibilities.

To breath is to induce polarity into a body and anchor your soul there while you create yourself moment to moment…all things spiritual are in process…moving…changing…

The only universal constant we face in life (aside from gravity) is change itself.

When we awaken to the fact that we are at minimum 100% responsible for the choices we make in relationship to ourselves, and 50% responsible for every choice we make in relationship to others, we are becoming spiritually awake.

Therefore, how you manage your personal and professional life in the New Year is probably the best indicator of your potential to grow spiritually.

I find that as I grow spiritually, I’m less likely to reenact programmed beliefs and behaviors that caused limitation for me in the past, and am more likely to listen for what is actually being said instead of taking for granted that what I’m hearing is the actual message.

I hope you enjoy my video blog this week.

HLC2 Last Week Was AMAZING!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all my new HLC2 students who joined me for the first unveiling of my new HLC2 model.

First time runs of any new course of this magnitude are always exciting on many levels… you don’t have a sense of time flow, and you are excited about teaching what you have come to believe in enough to share at that moment.

My students were real committed learners. Though several were not in the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching business, they were moving forward to gain a deeper awareness of the holistic living process.

My approach is largely on in which we worship and foster health instead of deifying illness and diseases.


I took my students on a tour de France of body-mind-spirit integration. We worked long days each day, but took time to learn, and ground ourselves with a variety of breathing and tai-chi based practices.

I shared a model for looking at an individual’s life to see what motivates them to make the choices they make, and to help people find the support they need to enhance awareness of the choice they make and therefore, how they are spending their energy.


My students learned a lot about how to use common stress and disease indicators to determine approximately how much life-force energy their client has relative to how much they are spending.


With a careful assessment of all relevant lifestyle factors (quiet, diet, movement, and happiness), my HLC2 students can quickly get to the core issues producing symptoms.

I shared a new way for most people to look at fatigue, illness and disease; they are not the problem, they are actually healing or balancing reactions by the body.


With the training to understand the basics of how the psyche works, and how to read the body, my HLC2 students can inform their clients as to what diet and lifestyle factors are likely to be causing the body to resort to illness and disease as a means of healing.

That way, the etiology or actual cause is addressed and valuable lessons are learned. This way, pain and healing become functional, valuable in fact.


Angie Lustrick (and her dog Maggie) was there assisting me and learning to teach this class in 2015, February, in Copenhagen.

Angie enjoyed the course a lot because she feels it really helps HLC Practitioners get right to the core issue, and have better skills and tools for lowering measurable stress factors.

Angie feels she can fine-tune it nicely so the information flows and the class days can be kept shorter. I have all the confidence in the world she’ll do that because she loves to finish on schedule.

The class ended with a lot of tears from both the men and women as they expressed what would change in their life after having completed HLC2 with me.


I was deeply moved over and over again at the genuine expression of my students — how deeply their lessons had settled within them after just five days of training.

It was a great experience for all I feel, and the staff at the CHEK Institute did a great job making it all happen smoothly too. Staff photographer David Kloz was there throughout the week to take photos. Thank you to my amazing CHEK Team!

Other Recent CHEK Course Completions!

Please take a moment with me to congratulate other students who have recently completed CHEK courses.

Exercise Coach in NYC December 3-7 with Tomi Toles


Canadian Mother Tests The Edges Of CANNABIS LAWS

More and more often, we are hearing about people being challenged by, or challenging cannabis laws in Europe and North America. Compared to places like Amsterdam, we are slow learners, but it is great to see that more and more people are enjoying the benefits of cannabis and cannabis products.

Medical marijuana and the products thereof are, in general, often more effective and far less toxic than their medical counterparts.

When you dig into the issue of medical marijuana use, there isn’t a question of the research being there…it is. It is really a question of corporate control of who’s making how much money off what drugs and whose corporate agenda are they treading on…

It amazes me that people would rather kill themselves taking dangerous, often relatively useless, toxic medical drugs instead of using Mother Nature’s tool kit just because they believe what they read in tabloids and see on the news…never realizing just who owns all such media channels and controls their distribution contents and destinations.

Below is a great little report about a Canadian mother whose son is being helped from a debilitating medical condition by cannabis oil. It turns out that the Canadian government “will allow her child to smoke it”, but doesn’t allow the use of the plant oil, which acts much differently in the body of the consumer.

Here is the lead in and link to this informative, short article if you are interested in learning more about practical applications of cannabis for medical conditions:

Canadian mum flouts cannabis law – A Canadian family breaks the country’s medical marijuana law for a treatment they say is crucial to their son’s health. Read more:

Sharing ART

Well, I’ve enjoyed resting this week and had the burning desire to paint with Angie.

Dance of the soul by P Chek
This came to me as a vision when connecting to my soul to see what “wanted out” Monday. It took me two days to paint and I call it “The Dance Of The soul”.

A full explanation of all the symbols contained and their meaning would be lengthy, but we all know very well that the dance of our own soul is a magical mystery journey called life! In metaphor, life can be said to be a dance between fire and rain, but the secret is to keep making music within, and without along the way.

Angie 6FP Totem Pole
While I was paining the dance of my soul, Angie started on this cool totem pole. She is creating it to exemplify the CHEK HLC 6 Foundation Principles.

I asked her if I could share it with you and she said, “sure, but I’m still working on it”. I’m always amazed at what comes out of her and all the transitions her art makes in process. I intend to share the completed painting with you, so stay tuned.

As I shared above, I’ve just come through a heavy period that included international travel, teaching and developing a new advanced training program, and running my coaching business atop of it all.

How I Feel Today

This morning, I had the burning urge to “let go!” To paint without concern for the shape of a hand, a face, or the color of this or that. I just felt the need to be spontaneous and go totally by my emotional expression.

This painting was AMAZING FUN to create. I painted in in about 2 hours. If you want to know what it feels like to be Paul Chek in the moments I was painting, just look at the painting with a relaxed gaze and feel what happens inside you. God Bless.

I hope you all have a beautiful, creative, playful, restful weekend.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week when I’m “back at it” once again!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek