November 8, 2011


Good Tuesday to You!

I had a productive day yesterday. As usual, I visited the gym and did some weight training.

I was very busy building slide shows all day and the day flew by in a flash for me. I hope you found time to eat (well), move (adequately) and be healthy. Sounds like a good book title to me!




Fungal infections are very common. It is estimated that as much as 90-95% of the world population suffers from a fungal infection. What are some common fungal infections? They are:

–       Dandruff

–       Jock itch

–       Athletes foot

–       Vaginal yeast infection

–       Toe and fingernail fungus

–       Skin lesions

–       Benign prostate hypertrophy (According to Doug Kaufmann. Read his book, The Fungus Link for more information)






Fungal infections also cause many skin conditions that are often diagnosed as other maladies, yet I’ve seen a host of such maladies clear up when I’ve put people on Doug Kauffman’s anti-fungal diet plan.



We are conditioned by our medical and drug establishments to think that every little niggle is essentially a drug deficiency. We are conditioned to kill the enemy.

What if fungal infections have a friendly component to them?

All fungi and parasites (in general) are opportunists. They are Mother Nature’s decomposers.

Whenever we eat too much sugar, or too much food, we invite them to the table (our body).

I like to call them teachers.

If you want to take advantage of your little helpers, pay close attention to the symptoms that arise as you eat and drink throughout the day and evening.

Whatever you consume that increases your symptoms is exactly what’s giving them good reason to stay and party on and in your body!

Whatever you can’t effectively digest, metabolize, assimilate and eliminate becomes food for both fungi and parasites.

No matter how many drugs you take, or how much money you spend on doctors and creams to cover your pimples, rashes, and bad body odors, you will not eliminate them.

All you need to do is write down everything you are eating and drinking day by day in your journal. Write down any symptoms that arise following your meals.

Correlate what you’ve eaten the three days leading up to the increase of symptoms with the worsening of your symptoms.

Then, cut back, or cut out whatever you think may be feeding your fungi. They love, love, love sugar, anything with sugar (particularly processed sugar) in it.

That means you will need to read labels very carefully!

If you do that and are still challenged, then it’s time to get yourself on a strict rotation diet. I’ve created a very effective rotation diet plan for you in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

So there you have it. Why try and kill the little creatures that are simply there to eat up the excesses when all you’ve got to do is stop consuming in excess?

I love my fungal infection. It has been a great guide and teacher to me. It always informs me when my moods or emotions are leading my diet, and not my intelligence.

I wouldn’t try to kill my friends, but I do starve them out as needed. Fungi have taught me to eat and live better and they will do the same for you.

If they are chronic, they are here to tell you that you are living below Mother Nature’s standard for healthy life-forms and she’s sent them to warn and educate you.

First Mother Nature lets you get tired. Then she sends fungi and parasites. Then she lets you get sick.

Then she gives you a final warning called “a disease”.

If you don’t listen to her warnings, she finishes the job and lets you go back to where your body came from, in the soil.

So what are you eating today?

Love and chi,

Paul Chek