October 25, 2013

Freedom Pt. 2

Happy Friday to You!

I hope you’ve been enjoying my current vlog series on freedom.

I’ve been as busy as ever, but enjoying my work and the beauty of the land at work, and at home.

I took the day off Wednesday because I’m working through the weekend with clients, and had a lovely day.

I decided to rebuild my tall stack in my garden at home. They are tricky to build because once they get over about 12 feet tall, the wind makes them start to oscillate. That triggers degeneration at key contact points where the stones rest on each other. As they break down, the stones begin to wobble. Soon enough, the wind, a bird, or squirrel ends the vertical dance.

Big Stack Build Ladder
Here you can see what it looks like as I get higher and higher. This is a ten-foot tall ladder. Stacking rocks from a ladder is very hard, and dangerous!

It is very hard to get close enough to the stack to calm and center yourself enough to feel the gravitational field and gravitational center of the column. The weight of some of the rocks I have to carry up is such that reaching out to put them on the stack, can easily create a lever arm big enough to topple the ladder right into the stack!

The ground I have to put the ladder on is often very uneven and a stable ladder is hard to come by… Yet these things are what makes it so exciting when I complete one. My last one this tall lasted about three months, and even made it through wind storms that were shaking branches off my fruit trees, which was mind boggling to witness.

Big Stack 1 Vista
Here you can see my finished stack. It’s around 15’ tall. The crown is a lovely piece of rose quarts, which generates a lovely energy field, particularly when mounted atop of black lava, which is a very strong yin polarity, feeding a lot of yin-chi to the relatively yang rose quartz.

Big Stack 2 Vista
Here is a little closer shot so you can get more perspective.

Whenever I build a stack like this, we regularly have people pulling their cars over, kids getting out, and people taking photos. People are very intrigued by such rock formations, which is likely to be because they have been used to both communicate, and mark essential locations, such as places of worship and healing for thousands of years, if not untold thousands of years.

After I finished my rock stacking, I got to work finishing this art piece I named “The Spiritual Warrior”.

Spiritual Warrior

I worked on it at night in my last hour before bed for a week, and finally finished it. I use art to wind-down at night, and alleviate myself of the need to express my creative energy, and my inner-world.

This was a vision that came to me in meditation, and I just enjoyed drawing it without any concern for technique or artistic perfection. I really don’t enjoy drawing to please, or meet expectations based on artistic, preconceived notions. It is simply a means of self-expression for me.

Freedom Pt. 2

Today, we continue my series on FREEDOM.

We began the series with a quote from Robert Henri (The Art Spirit, p. 175), which inspired me to share my feelings in this regard.

Robert Henri’s quote is:

Freedom can only be obtained through an understanding of basic order. Basic order is underlying all life.”

In my video blog today, I expand on my previous model and we use the principles of creation to move forward. The key basic structure we use today is:


2. SECOND PRINCIPLE: Mind = tai-chi = Sex Energy (TE)

3. Third Principle: self-conscious = “Choosing to create” (te)

I share that the basics we all must master if we are truly going to be Free body, mind and spirit.

As a general theme the fall into the following categories:


2. Forces to Create with

3. Choices to make

4. Doctors or core value categories essential to any holistic living philosophy.

5. Elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether/space)

6. Foundation Principles: yin = Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep; yang = Thinking, Breathing, and Movement.

7. Body-mind or psychophysical themes to master in life.

After sharing my views on these topics, I give some Tips:

1. Get your hands dirty; talk is cheap and shallow compared to actual practice!

2. Seek Masters.

3. Simplicity before complexity.

4. Be authentic…Don’t be a parrot!

I hope you enjoy the conclusion of my little sharing on freedom and that you all have a lovely weekend!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek