November 23, 2015

Finding Yourself in The Middle of Love Pt 2 (3)

Happy Monday to You!

I hope you’ve had time to explore some of the excellent resources I shared at the beginning of my current blog series.

Unfortunately, those in the world with the strongest, often most dogmatic opinions on what life is, and is all about are the least educated; they are often “experts of their own paradigm, but selectively ignore a variety of wisdom traditions, scientific advancements, and the parallels between quantum physics and mystical insights.”

Today, I’ll share:

  • Part 2 of “Finding Yourself In The Middle Of Love.”
  • My concerns, and news around the issue of GMO salmon and related challenges you need to be aware of
  • Some great resources you may enjoy exploring
  • A little fun from my life
  • Finally, I’ll celebrate a great dance achievement by CP4 David Freselli with you.

Finding Yourself in The Middle of Love Pt 2

Abundant Love

Today, In Pt.2 (about 33:00 long) I explore basic distinctions and functions of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds and how they work together as ONE.

I begin my presentation today at the beginning that keeps on beginning… Eternally… And I do my best to help create a rational understanding of the irrational nature of ZERO.

I express several ways to conceive of how No-thing becomes Every-thing, and give a mix of references from current science, and ancient wisdom traditions.

In my video presentation, I give an explanation of how the upper, middle and lower worlds relate to each other (though in actuality they are inseparable expressions of each other).

I share how the tai-chi symbol beautifully symbolizes the process of perpetual becoming and un-becoming or “transition” (change), helping us to understand the nature of life much more fully.

The information in this series is a snapshot of the kind of teachings I offer in my HLC2 and 3 training programs.

The difference here being that:

A. Here in the video blog presentation, “I’m sharing what I experience via synthesizing my own inner-experiences and how such experiences can be viewed collectively through the use of science or wisdom tradition teachings.

B. In your actual HLC2 and HLC3 training, the emphasis shifts from an intellectual understanding to how these concepts can be experienced within yourself, used to guide your life, and from that place of authentic wisdom, guide others.

Therefore, if this kind of teaching excites you, getting into HLC1 and starting your legitimate practice is the first step.

Otherwise, you will always have only my word, or the words of others to guide you, which keeps everything at the intellectual level.

Without authentic practice in real-life situations of your own, cultivating empathy and compassion for others being coached through life’s challenges is also limited to the realm of the intellect.

I have discovered, Ideas never equal experiences until lived.


I hope you enjoy Part 2 of my series today!

GMO SALMON – Concerns you Should be Aware of!!

Angie forwarded this email message updating the public on Obama’s choice to allow GMO salmon.

I feel these kinds of issues need to be considered by all human beings, for the whole GMO mania is, in my opinion, not only very dangerous, but is a concept based on a false premise.

The false premise is that we need GMO foods (of any type GMO) to feed the world because we can’t feed the existing population through organic farming and ethical hunting and fishing practices.

In my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program, I go into great depth regarding both research findings and practices of organic farming and the relevant soil sciences.

I clearly explain and document the fact that it is not at all an issue of the world not being able to sustain the population through organic and moral means.


The world is like any other garden; it must be loved and cared for in order to stay beautiful, healthy, and productive.

It is far more an issue of how devastating the existing population on the planet is with its industrialized, science based modes of living (materialism). At large, we have all fallen into the trap of “making life easier” while at once, killing life – biting the hand that feeds us.

While most of us are busy working away to buy our next iPhone, BMW, or microwave oven, what the pursuit of marketing driven “happiness” is dong is blinding us to what we are doing to nature at large.

Most people alive today have no idea where their food comes from, nor how it was cultivated/raised, just as they have no idea for the actual motives of government and governmental use of power.

If anyone was too see what I see in my clinical practice helping people from all walks of life heal, and what is the most common causes of their health challenges and contrast that with such governmental actions as:

1. Creating labeling laws that prevent you from ever actually knowing what you are putting in your body, or even if the additives are natural or synthetic.

2. Perpetually forcing small farmers out of business so large agro-farming business can take over and destroy more land and waste more water…

3. Supporting the destruction of the rain forest for (often American) corporate agenda’s…

4. Suppressing as many forms of natural healing, nutrition, and medicine as possible to keep you needing and using the drug and corporate medical systems.

5. Stopping patents/inventions from being accessed to allow you to have both free and sustainable energy.

6. Pushing vaccination programs down peoples throats by making them “legally mandatory”, while never giving any attention to the fact that mountains of research show that most of the vaccinations open Pandora’s box, often causing many more illnesses and disease than they protect people from.

7. Keeping our education systems in a state of perpetual degradation, while often suppressing any science that goes against Biblical teachings and the dogmatic Judaeo-Christian, materialist addenda.

(Note: You can find a LOT of information educating you on the above listed issues and many more at: and

I watched a documentary on the dangers of GMO salmon featuring David Suzuki a couple years ago.

He showed a mathematical model for what would happen if GMO salmon ever made it into the ocean(s).

Needless to say, because of the fact that male GMO salmon are much bigger, which triggers the females to be preferentially attracted to them, within a surprisingly short number of reproductive cycles, all the natural salmon would be GONE.

If you want to use your modern technology wisely, using it to follow the issues of keeping the earth healthy are wise applications.

Using them to make your voice heard, and let the governments know you/we will NOT stand for being lied to, manipulated, nor for killing the planet for money, is potentially life saving for all.

Don’t let Monsanto Kill GMO labeling – Every voice counts!

Don’t let Monsanto corrupt our democracy and our food supply – Take Action Today!

ALL HANDS ON DECK! Obama FDA approves GMO salmon and now the U.S. Senate wants to kill GMO labeling – Take action now!

Dear Angie,
We regret to inform you, but once again your government has chosen to put junk food and biotech industry profits over the real concerns of the American public.

Yesterday, officials in the Obama Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shocked Americans by opting to approve GMO salmon for human consumption here in the United States, where 90% of the population favors GMO labeling.  This deeply flawed and irresponsible approval is an outrage and means that the first genetically engineered animal will soon be on the shelf in grocery stores and restaurants across the country.

And because of current U.S. law, these newly approved GMO Frankenfish will appear on your plate without you knowing it due to a lack of mandatory GMO labeling laws here in the U.S..

Angie stop Monsanto’s desperate plan to kill states’ rights to label GMOs! – Tell your Senators and the President:

“I support GMO labeling!” Every voice counts!

Tragically, Obama’s approval of AqauBounty’s genetically engineered salmon was done using only the company’s own shoddy scientific studies, which were so poorly designed they wouldn’t pass a 5th grade science fair.

For two of the studies submitted, AquaBounty used sample sizes so small that they have no scientific credibility, with only 12 fish tested for one study, while another study on possible allergic reactions in humans involved only 6 fish!

Despite this scant evidence, the FDA approved AqauBounty’s GMO salmon anyway. Seriously?

This is so irresponsible it should be illegal! Unfortunately, if everyday people like us don’t stand up, we will soon be forced to eat these untested GMO Frankenfish because there are no laws that require mandatory GMO labeling.

Now U.S. Senate is Poised to Kill GMO Labeling Once and For All.

Even worse than this new approval is the fact that yesterday, Politico reported that your Senators are close to a deal on possibly selling us out on GMO labeling once and for all.

Right now Monsanto lobbyists are scrambling to get your Senators to support efforts to kill GMO labeling and preempt states’ rights so food companies can avoid mandatory GMO labeling.

Even more alarming is the fact that Politico reported that some Senators may even go so far as to attach a rider to the end-of-year budget bill to create a voluntary GMO labeling standard to stomp out the GMO labeling movement once and for all.

This is the Monsanto Protection Act all over again, but this time its even worse. It would be a permanent law that would forbid mandatory GMO labeling, outlaw the right for states to pass GMO labeling laws and set up a phony voluntary standard that has no teeth at all, and even make it illegal for local counties to regulate GMOs on their land.

Ironically, the same giant food and chemical companies that are fighting to deny us our basic rights to label GMOs in America, already label them in 64 other countries around the world.

We need all hands on deck to stop the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act and convince your Senators not to violate states’ rights and kill GMO labeling and allow GMOs to be labeled “natural”!

Don’t let Monsanto continue to corrupt our food and our democracy – it’s time to protect America’s family farmers, communities & the environment! Every voice counts!

Click here if you support labeling genetically engineered foods! Don’t let Monsanto get away with continuing to undermine our democracy write the rules behind closed doors.

This fight is about transparency, freedom of choice and democracy! Who writes the rules in America? Us or Monsanto? It’s time to make a stand, this could be our last best chance to win labeling.
Please share this alert with friends you know who may be concerned, we need all the comments we can get and every voice counts!

Remember, democracy is like a muscle, either you use it or you lose it!
Thanks for participating in food democracy,
Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team

1. “FDA approves genetically modified salmon in agency first”, U.K. Guardian, November 19, 2015
2.  “Senators look to approps fix for GMO labeling, with a catch”, Politico, November 19, 2015

Some Great Resources You May Enjoy Exploring

Many of you know that I participated with the Child Obesity Project organized by Dave White in Australia.

Last week I offered a webinar about Healing Hormones with Gut Health

If you’re wanting to heal your hormones (and get rid of all the associated symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, overwhelm etc) then the first place to start is with your digestion.

Taking care of that is much easier than starting a new exercise routine, buying expensive supplements or getting blood tests taken.

In fact you’re already doing exactly what you need to do – which is eating – I’m just going to teach you how to tweak that to improve your digestion.

You can view the replay here: Healing Hormones with Gut Health!

I’ve been listening to the audio book version of “The Vortex – Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships” by Ester and Jerry Hicks, The Teachings Of Abraham.

I’ve studied a lot of Ester Hicks work (Abraham), and I must say, I feel the teachings of Abraham have world healing powers. They are very well grounded spiritually, and certainly serve to demonstrate that “we are not alone.”

Regardless of what your religious ideology is, anyone with common sense will find this book or audio book powerful.

It offers concepts and tools that can literally transform the lives of anyone who practices what Abraham shares. I highly recommend this book to any and all CHEK Institute students.

My student Patricia Pinto, HLC3 and Ex Coach, sent me her, “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Heal Your Body Book, which I find succinctly excellent – Just 15 Essential steps to help you heal and live a holistic life.

This is a concept I’ve been wanting to engage in myself for many years; many times I’ve said to Vidya, “I need to write little pocket books that cover the essentials because people don’t have the aptitude for anything else these days”….

She is also in the process of writing another book, entitled, Rise! Warrior Woman, Rise! Empower Your Success to teach women how to empower themselves using the tools I embody daily…my daily disciplines of stretching, breathing, clean eating, meditation, movement, etc.

Patty is also is an energy healer offering Reiki to her clients.

Patty and her partner, CP4 Wayne Daniels have a busy wellness business: Evolve Through Motion in Irvine, CA offering holistic lifestyle coaching, movement training and rehab.

My student Ollie Martin, CP2 and HLC2, also just published his book, Ski Fitness.

I was so impressed with what he put together I wrote a comment which he published on the back of his book:

“Ollie Martin’s new book “SKI FITNESS” is a beautiful synthesis of self assessment and individual progression that harmonizes beautifully with what I know to be true from 32 years of training and coaching athletes of all types. What is even better than finding a good book like this is knowing that the author isn’t just a cut-n-paste expert, or an academic, but is a tried and tested elite athlete with authentic wisdom to share. I have personally witnessed Ollie’s incredible athletic ability, and since he is proof of his teachings, this book will get you there!”

Ollie is in the UK and you can contact him at

Recently, my mother sent me a fantastic DVD documentary on sound healing featuring Tom Kenyon, the celebrated sound healer, teacher, and more…. The program is titled, “SONG of the new EARTH”.

There are many great explanations of things like how sound works in the brain, through our nervous, and subtle energy systems; how kundalini emerges and rises to affect our conscious states of awareness, and much more.

Angie and I really enjoyed the program and it is beautifully filmed too.

A Little Fun from My Life

Angie continues to grow day-by-day, and it is all very exciting to watch and experience.

Angie twenty six wks painted tummy full,JPG

Angie and Penny have been having fun finding things and making arrangements for Mana’s arrival.

Angie twenty six wks painting close

Soon, we will all attend a five week birthing course together with a Doula that Angie really admires as an authentic teacher and birthing leader.

I’ve been very busy with work and travel lately, so I haven’t had time to paint Angie’s tummy for Mana for a while, but got to do it this weekend (see above).

I like to go into meditation in my HealthMate IR sauna and connect to Mana’s soul and ask Mana what he would like Daddy to paint for him.

The night before I painted this, that’s what I did, and Mana gave me images of a red wagon with Maggie (Angie’s pug (dog)) in the wagon.

I’m sure Mana is looking forward to taking Maggie for journeys in his wagon (I better start looking for a sturdy wagon soon!).

It was fun to paint for Mana again. It’s always tricky to paint a moving, breathing belly, particularly when covered in coco butter (to prevent stretch marks).

I hope Mana enjoyed his painting.

Angie and I did a lovely workout together in the gym, and then, I had to deal with the sadness of seeing Mana’s art dissolve into a stream of color as it ran down the shower drain.

It is always amazing for me to experience how I can still get attached to my creative acts of love.

One of my ways of not getting too attached is to give away many of my favorite art pieces, but there still seems to be a little boy in me that wants to keep such things close – I’m still growing….

CP4 Dave Freselli Impresses Judges and Wins in Dance Contest!

Dave Freselli, CP4, is a wilderness survival expert and an all-round cool guy.

He recently informed Vidya and I that he and his partner, Jennifer Berry were voted 1st place – Judges Choice, and 2nd place – People Choice, in the Dancing With The Rouge Valley Stars recent dance contest.

Check out Dave’s FB post here:

Great Job Dave!

I love to see anyone and everyone dancing, so thanks for leading by example!

There is a lot to be grateful for.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones and may you do little acts of kindness this holiday season.

Love and chi!

Paul Chek