December 15, 2015

Exploring Pornography Pt 1 (3)

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are enjoying the winter season and that you are excited for the upcoming holidays.

I’ve been busy coaching clients and getting a little painting done too. I like to create paintings for Holiday and New Years gifts, so this year, I’m doing 42 paintings…now painting/drawing is a lot of fun and a great way to express your love.

In my blog today, I’ll share:

  1. Exploring Pornography (Part 1 of 2) (about 35:00)
  2. Chek Institute Advanced Training Program Completions
  3. Some highlights from my work with Judith Marsden, CP4, HLC3
  4. A Surprise Gift from Haitian artist, Frantz Zephirin

Exploring Pornography (Pt. 1 of 2)

Today, I dive into the subject of pornography; I’m wearing my bib because so many feel it is a “dirty” topic…

Recently, I did a video blog on masturbation, and it was one of the most viewed of the video blogs I’ve share to date.

Among the pages of comments were many questions regarding my opinions of pornography, and pornography addiction.

These are comments and questions I regularly get from patients and students around the world, so I thought it may be worth taking a holistic look at the subject of pornography.
In my video blog today, I start by giving two definitions of what pornography is. I then overview the learning objectives I’ll cover in this and the following blog on the topic.

I talk about sexual practices among our nearest primate ancestors, and suggest people look into the works of Primatologist, Franz de Waal, as well as the books “Sex At Dawn” and “Sex At Dusk”.

I then outline the “standard paradigm”, or “socially conditioned beliefs” around monogamy or “pair bonding” and express my concerns over the so-called “scientific” claims on the issue.

I suggest those interested in understanding the misgivings of science read Rupert Sheldrake’s excellent book (or listen to the audio book), “Science Set Free”.

I finish my vlog presentation with five key points or tips for those challenged with, interested in, or practicing orgiastic sexual methods.

I finish by suggesting an audio program I created to help people better understand sexual intimacy in relationships, titled, “There Are 2 Kinds Of Sex”.

In my next edition of this video blog series, I will look at sexual practices in different cultures throughout history, and look at how viewpoints on pornography (or anything for that mater) reflect an individual’s stage of conscious development.

CHEK Advanced Training Course Completions

Please help me congratulate our newest graduates from the following courses.

Exercise Coach with Tomi Toles – Oceanside CA


We had another big CHEK Exercise Coach class with the one and only, awesome, Tomi Toles at the helm. Tomi shared that his students were great and that he had a great time teaching them.

Thanks to all of you for progressing in your CHEK Education!

The world is in great need of skilled holistic exercise and healthcare professionals, so there’s LOTS of business waiting for you when you go home!

CHEK Practitioner Level 1 with Ashley Mazurek – San Francisco CA


Ashley Mazurek is not only an amazing mother and successful athlete, she is an excellent CHEK Practitioner and HLC Practitioner with a busy business and she brings a lot of practical experience to her students.

She has studied and practiced with me for 12 or more years now, and having her as your instructor is a real gift.

I am sure you all had a fantastic CP1 with Ashley and that you are excited with all the new assessment and program design skills you’ve gained. You will help many heal and grow.

I look forward to meeting each of you along the path of your CHEK education.

HLC1 with Jo Rushton – Melbourne AU


Jo Rushton just completed HLC1 with her students in Melbourne, Australia.

Jo is an amazing teacher with a world of experience in many fields. She’s a qualified Chef, a skilled CHEK Practitioner, a spiritual practitioner and graduate of mystery schools, an amazing artist, a TV and radio personality, and more!

I can only imagine how excited you all were to have Jo as your teacher and how excited Jo was to share her love and wisdom with each of you.

I hope you enjoy applying what you learned in HLC 1 with Jo. If you haven’t read Jo’s book, “Rocket Fuel On A Budget”, it is a must read for anyone wanting to learn how to be super healthy on a budget.

Thanks for all the great teaching Jo!

The Weekend with Judith Marsden, CP4, HLC3

After a few days off resting and catching up to myself after HLC3, I had the pleasure of doing some advanced training in spiritual healing with one of my most advanced students, Judith Marsden.

Judith lives in Bermuda, and has completed her CHEK Practitioner training as a CP4 and has now completed HLC3 twice. She is also a new mentor for our CHEK Academy.

While she was here, we worked on mandala therapy and mandala assessment, we created a beautiful mandala together to celebrate our work and relationship.

JudithPcreating the circle


We did some Native American drumming as a means of developing inner-harmony and contact with nature, and more.


As we were working together, a beautiful rainbow appeared just out the window between bouts of rain, and we all felt blessed to be witness to the beauty of it.


It was a fantastic two days of healing, tears and integration.


Thank you Judith for being an amazing woman, a great student, and a fantastic living example for all your clients and the people of Bermuda!

Vidya also did some painting with us, and she created this amazing painting.


A Surprise Gift from Haitian artist, Frantz Zephirin

Over the weekend I received a delightful surprise from amazing Haitian artist, Frantz Zephirin.


The painting called, “Ocean Goddess”, speaks deeply to me. I love Frantz’s style of painting and am very inspired by his art.

Thank you Frantz for your Love and artistry, I am blessed by you!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today.

I look forward to sharing Part 2 of “Exploring Pornography” with you next week.

Love and chi,