December 29, 2015

Exploring Pornography Pt 3 (3)

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you are all feeling fantastic after the Christmas Holiday (or weekend if of a different faith).

I’ve had an amazing time resting and enjoying FANTASTIC food!

Penny was in the mood to cook for Christmas dinner, and the next couple days too, so Angie (and Mana), Maggie and I all enjoyed fantastic food full of Penny’s love.

Penny went to culinary school in Europe when she was younger, but doesn’t “enjoy” cooking, but when she does, Oh Boy!

My intention, as always, is to release my new video blogs and written blogs on Monday each week, but due to the controversial nature of the issue of pornography, I put a lot more time and energy into this final edition of the three-part series.

The video is about 1:40:00 long (one hour and forty minutes), but addresses what I feel are the most crucial elements of issues of pornography and many other “issues” people face in their lives today.

In my blog today, I will share my final segment on “Exploring Pornography”, and then I’ll share an amazing video link where you can see children performing some incredibly good music.

I will finish with a little “Show-N-Tell”.

Exploring Pornography Pt 3 (3): Running time 1 Hr. 40 min.)

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be sitting in one of my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) Level 2 or Level 3 Advanced Training Programs, now’s your chance (go to: for the 2016 event schedule).

When I’m training people to be professional Holistic Lifestyle Coaches, it is essential that they grow themselves to the level of being authentically holistic.

Many of my students come face to face with “their Gremlins” in my classes, and my instructors and I are equipped to help them create holistic approaches to their own healing in honor of their current and future clients/patients.

Today, I use pornography and people’s individual judgments around masturbation, orgiastic behavior, God, money, power, and the environment as a means of showing how our viewpoints directly reflect our level of conscious development.

I offer several excellent references and resources so you can all do your own investigations on the topics I share, and will not be writing them into this blog due to time constraints.

My vlog presentation today follows the chart above (click on it to expand). I explore each of the stages of conscious(ness) development now validated by astute researchers.

The chart (above) is made from the Ken Wilber resources (I share in the video)

as well as “Streams Of Wisdom” by Dustin Diperna and my own additions.

I share how each level of development experiences life and life events through their own developmental biases and individual filtration systems; many of which come from their own shadow nature (elements of themselves and their life that they are repressing).

I share what percentage of the population is developed to each level of consciousness, and look at that reality in the face of many issues of the world today; some of which are much more concerning than pornography!

Below the chart (above), you can see my approximations of how people at each level of development would judge issues such as masturbation and/or pornography.

I finish my vblog presentation today by sharing some key tips for growing yourself to higher levels of authentic self-love (love of yourself – celebrating your amazing life) and finally to Self-Love (Love of ALL life).

I hope you enjoy this final segment of “Exploring Pornography” and that it stimulates constructive thought within each of you.


How To Eat Move and Be Healthy – Book

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series in totality as well. Feel free to leave comments and questions under the video on my channel.

I typically do my best to answer questions during the first week each new vlog is posted, but move on to the next blog when published.

I answer questions from one of my subscribers because I felt the questions were both relevant, honest, and questions many others probably want answered too.

If you desire to grow consciously, become more whole and more authentic in the expression of your own love and creativity, I’d love to see you at any of my CHEK HLC1 Courses.

Those that feel inspired to continue their legacy of holistic health beyond themselves and learn how to support others in living holistically are welcome to attend HLC2, and then HLC3 when they feel ready.

You can see our schedule of Advanced Training Courses at

Amazing Music By Children

My wife (Penny) recently forwarded me the link below to see the children of the Louisville Leopard Percussionists group play some amazing music.

I was blown away to see how beautiful and complex the music children under 14 years of age could produce. Seeing this gives me great hope for the children coming into a chaotic world today.

There is so much harmony created, and spiritual growth offered to a child who explores music because they are naturally drawn to it (as opposed to music just being yet another task to complete to keep mom and dad happy).

Music produces harmony within us, and teaches us how to create harmony for others and ourselves.

Music has a strong link to mathematics, so those that study music typically grow and develop both their irrational and rational faculties, which is holistic.

Music teaches tempo and rhythm, and often inspires movement – dance. This is also fantastic for the integration of the body mind, and for creative self-expression.

Here is the link to the Louisville Leopard Percussionists that we listened to last night in the sauna.

Show-N-Tell With Paul

Holiday Art Gifts 2015
For many reasons, I prefer to give my art, or something I’ve created with my own hands and love to people at Christmas and New Years instead of “buying them something.”

I’ve been enjoying lots of painting on my Holiday Season vacation and here you can see a few samples (one may be for you!).

So far, I’ve completed 14 new paintings and have 38 to go so I can share with each of the people I want to give a little of my personal love for the holiday season.

I hope you are inspired to create something fun each day, and over the holidays too.

I do my yearly mandala at this time each year, so I’m in meditation on what Spirit wants to share with me.

Enjoy your week and Celebrate Your New Year with Awareness, Love, Purpose and Play!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek