April 30, 2012



I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Friday night, Vidya made a lovely dinner and couple big bowls of organic popcorn with organic butter and Celtic sea salt and we headed out to meet Penny at the movies.

We watched Jason Statham’s new movie, “SAFE”. It was great fun – Full of good action, great martial arts, and, believe it or not, a good story too! We all really enjoyed this movie.

Vidya, Penny and I were all busy working and playing in the garden this weekend.

Between the Vidya and I, we must have built eight or more new rock creations. Here are some photos from our weekend:

Making Healthy Soil!

We are getting close to having both our compost barrels full, so I though I’d head out into the garden and turn the compost pile to get it ready to the next installment.

It was amazing to see the myriads of bugs and worms come out as I turned the pile. I’m always amazed at the beauty and magnificence of nature! What a joy to work with Her!


This piece took me several days to draw. I usually draw at night after work to relax myself and like to finish a piece once I start. This one eluded me.

I didn’t get a sense of completion over the period of three different days, so I trusted that I should be patient and let it come forth on its own.

This drawing symbolizes how I feel inside about what’s going on in my life and all the amazing relationships I have. I hope you can feel my joy by looking at it.

Vidya was busy creating too!

The one above she finished over the weekend but she started it last week. When I look at it I see how much love the sun has for life here on earth as the elements merge in their creation together!

The one above reminds me of the play of elements that allow consciousness to expand in happiness!

Angie Lustrick, The Ulitmate Chek Professional came to visit me for a play in the rock garden last week. Yesterday, she sent me this piece of art she did as an expression of the experience she had in the garden.


I really love this piece of art (can you see my face on all the living creatures?). I was giggling like a kid when I looked at it.

Thanks Angie! You really captured how I feel in the garden! Love your art Dear!

One of my student’s, Arran Williams does some amazing art! I really love seeing his art when he emails the new pieces he creates.

Here’s a message from Arran about his art, and his work with the Institute and myself:

“Paul has asked me if i would comment on what the picture means to me, and what the CHEK Advanced Training programs have done for me so here goes:


This drawing represents my coming out of darkness just like a lotus flower. If I live in love with an open heart, its wings lift me up higher.

If I speak truth and live truthfully to myself, and others, I smile contently.

If I concentrate my mind on the sacred sounds my brain works optimally.

When all three are in place and I live fully; tai-chi is felt and known through the body.

The two fish are staring intently at the goal–my spirit guides I’m grateful for.

In all I think this is my soul sending me an easy to understand message; It would be interesting if Paul would like to give his account of it too.

A little account of what the CHEK Institute training programs and couching has done for me:

When Paul accepted me as client, student and friend I was totally broken, body, mind and spirit.

I needed and wanted a spiritual doctor, who could guide me back to life without becoming entangled in my mental and emotional mind games, who new how to administer soft love and hard love when needed.

More than that I needed someone who was consistent in there own life.

Maybe he didn’t think I was going to be hard work (I don’t know?). But I was the dog who all-ways returned to his sick. I’d follow his advice start to feel great.

Subconsciously I suppose I would need to crash; maybe I just need another lesson to learn; lifetimes of addictions and shadow self living does not vanish over night.

The C.H.E.K Institute’s teachings and my personal time with Paul taught me the importance of correct living and healthy thinking.

More than anything, Paul has taught me how to Love and respect myself, to stop living in the past, projecting into the future, and to live and love in the here and now.

I still have lots of work to do on myself, but don’t we all!

At least now I feel at home and can practice healthy living and work at becoming an example of love to others who are hurting.

Thanks for letting me share!”

Arran Williams – Wales, UK

Well, that’s it for today!

I’m running off to my dentist this morning.

Unfortunately, I had a gold crown break off while having dinner last night and I’m about to jump in my car to see the dentist and have it cement it back together before anything worse happens in my expensive mouth!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and are inspired to create something fun yourselves!

I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek