February 5, 2013

Cultivating Energy for Change

Happy Tuesday to You!

I hope your day was fulfilling yesterday and that you are on track for a rewarding day today.

I’ve been amazed at how fast time seems to be moving since the beginning of 2013. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in such a state of joy being in my new office location each day, or if it’s a product of the changing cosmic energetic influences – possibly both.

Yesterday, Vidya and I enjoyed some great tai-chi to start our day. I did a second session just before recording a new webinar on Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections, which overviews my new DVD series on the topic.

If you want to learn how to assess yourself for fungal and parasite infections to see if that may be the cause of your symptoms, you don’t need to wait for the webinar, you can get started right now and get yourself and your family on the road to health and vitality with my new Healing Fungus and Parasite Infections: The Absolute Essentials


I managed to get into the gym for a beautiful circuit workout in the sun. It’s quite amazing to workout on top of a mountain with the back door and front doors open. As I train, I’ve got a 360º view of all the beautiful farmlands, estates, mountains, and the lake right next to me.

I did a circuit workout composed of the following exercises back to back for ten reps each at a 12-rep load (by the end of the third circuit, the 12 rep load becomes a 10, 9, or 8 rep load!), followed by 1:00 rest:

1. Single Arm Cable Push

2. Clubbell Touchbacks

3. Swiss Ball Bruce Lee Arch-to-Pike Push-ups

4. Walking lunges with overhead dumbbell press

5. Swiss ball-Dumbbell Bench Press

This is what I refer to as a “fat burner circuit” because it stimulates metabolism significantly.

Most people can’t handle more than 2 of these sessions weekly unless they are highly conditioned. This is the typical format for many circuit workouts like Cross-fit, and if used too frequently results in a fit sick person!

Always remember, if you can’t improve on your last performance in a gym by 1-3%, you don’t belong in a gym! Ignoring this suggestion typically results in the following symptoms, usually in the order presented here:

1. Fatigue; often needing longer and longer time to feel “warmed-up” and an increased propensity to consume stimulants via food and drink.

2. Muscle/joint aches and problems that don’t seem to clear up.

3. Niggling illnesses such as colds, flu, digestive challenges, skin eruptions. By now, emotional highs and lows become more pronounced and relationship challenges are much more likely!

4. An injury that forces you to stop training due to pain.

5. Depression

When people over-exposes themselves to intense training and doesn’t pay attention to their own signs and symptoms, it usually indicates that the exercise is either a means of coping with unresolved stressors, exercise is an addiction, and/or they are overly identified with their physical appearance as their primary expression of who they are.

All the signs and symptoms acquired are the body-mind’s way of creating more awareness, and ultimately, such challenges facilitate spiritual growth and development.

Life is a journey that never lacks learning opportunities. An unwillingness to learn translates into an unwillingness to grow. This often results in people who didn’t have enough freedom and play time as children, and now resist any perceived “constraints”, even when they are beneficial to them.


Yesterday, I shared some concepts for identifying your dream, goal or motive for change. I shared two strategies:

1. First make peace with where you are now.

2. Identify what change, if made, will alleviate the majority of your negative stress. This is the first essential step to regaining the energy needed for making changes in your life.

In PPS Success Mastery Lesson 1. How To Find and Live Your Legacy, I take you through a comprehensive process for identifying your primary dream, goal or objective.

In that lesson, I also take you through an important exercise that allows you to see the events in your life that have cultivated meaning and awareness so that you can see how events and circumstances were redirecting you.

With an awareness of the beauty and harmony of the universe and it’s influence in your life, you are directed to explore the 10 components that are essential to effectively creating you current dream.

The lesson is a complete package and can’t possibly be reproduced in a blog, or short lesson format, yet, may be just the medicine your soul is guiding you to so you can have the confidence of knowing there is a clear path and structure to follow that works. Feel free to look into, or purchase this lesson here: www.ppssuccess.com

Today, I’d like to share some tips for cultivating the energy needed for effective change.

The reason change takes so much energy is that as we repeat any given though or action, the nervous system becomes facilitated. This means that when an impulse passes through a given set of neurons to the exclusion of others, it tends to do so on future occasions.

The challenge is that the nervous system and related systems do not “choose”, they facilitate the changes directed by our mind, reflecting our choices. There is often an issue of chemical dependency as well.

For example, you may have chosen to enjoy coffee before you were aware of the long-range complications chronic consumption would create.

By the time you realize that coffee drinking isn’t effectively contributing to your dream, goal or objective, you are likely to have developed significant facilitation of the “habit pathway”, which is now an integral component to your routine.

At a core neurological level, putting anything else in your cup requires the development of new neurological connections in your brain and nervous system.

To better understand this process, imagine you bought a piece of land with a lake (brain) at the top of a mountain (body). The lake overflows and the water runs down the side of the mountain (habit pathway in the nervous system). You look at your new property and decide you want to build a play area for your children right where the creek from the lake overflow runs.

Can you simply have a conversation with the lake and ask it to dump its excess on the other side of the mountain, and realistically expect that to happen? Not likely.

You will have to do a lot of landscaping work, and probably with significant effort, to redirect the water so that you can complete your (dream) project.

The same is true with coffee drinking or any established habit pattern.

The difference is that the lake water flowing where you don’t want it doesn’t create a chemical dependency like coffee, sugar, gluten, dairy, and many other substances do!

Whenever we have a chemical dependency, and we don’t feed it, our biochemistry becomes imbalanced, often producing fatigue and a wide variety of potentially unpleasant mental-emotional symptoms as well.

In such cases, the person wanting to implement change typically needs a strategy for balancing emotions and creating a surplus of energy to aid them in the transition state, or they are unlikely to stick to their own stated plan for change.

Energy Cultivating Tips That Support The Change Process

Food is an essential source of energy. Most people don’t realize that the energy available in any food or drink is secondary to the nutrient profile.

If you consume a high-energy food or drink, such as coffee, you will accelerate most of your biochemical pathways, creating a surge of energy that is above and beyond what is normal for your own cells to produce naturally for any sustained period.

Each cell is a living organism in-and-of itself, and all increases in energetic, or physical demand (such as shoveling dirt to try and get the water to flow differently from your lake!) place legitimate demands for nutrients.

The cells of our bodies don’t just manifest resources out of think air. We have to acquire them intelligently; that means you shouldn’t believe what you read in magazines and see on TV!

Whenever you are in a change process then, it is essential to:

– Eat as much certified organic produce as possible.

– Eat as much of your flesh foods as possible from free-range, organic meats and wild caught fish. Rotate your flesh foods on a four day cycle so you get a good variety of flesh food nutrients, such as fats, fat soluble vitamins, and proteins.

– Eat a wide variety of foods; choose foods of a variety of different colors at each meal.

– Study my webinar program titled “Identifying Your Primal Pattern Diet” so you can learn to fine-tune your meals to your specific individual needs and throw away all your diet books!

You can also learn how to fine tune your diet and much more in my book titled, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

2. Get outside and move your body!

People in general don’t get enough movement to stimulate optimal energy production. When they do participate in exercise, it is frequently in a gym, which is not typically an environment that facilitates energy development at multiple levels of your being.

Research shows that on average, the air outside any building is about ten times less toxic than the air inside the building, largely due to outgassing of chemicals, stressful lighting fixtures and light types, and electromagnetic pollution.

Gyms are largely void of natural life as well, which has a disconnecting effect between you and your natural environment.

There is also little head-space in gyms; you are likely to be interrupted by people, noise, sounds, and unpleasant smells (the smell of unhealthy bodies sweating out processed garbage, and often steroids!)

When you need energy for change, you need connection to natural sources of energy. A key concept that most don’t understand is that the environment you are in significantly influences your inner-environment.

If you are in a dirty, cluttered room or gym – that is exactly what is facilitated in you!

By getting outside, you gain many significant benefits to support the change process, including:

A. Breathing fresh air.

B. Exposing yourself to varied terrain, such as hiking trails.

C. Color stimulation: our eyes and nervous system need a variety of colors to provide different forms of light-energy and information. Nature has all the right frequencies of light to share with you for free.

D. Connection to the earth: When you get your bare feet on the ground, the earth sucks the negative electromagnetic pollution right out of you! It’s like being cleaned within. That can’t happen in a typical gym with rubber and artificial flooring.

E. Wildlife: We are part of nature. Getting outside and visiting our friends in the animal kingdom soothes our body-mind. We have an unconscious (or conscious) need to be, and feel connected to animals in nature. I

f nothing else, they remind us how to live! After all, when is the last time you went to the doctors office and had to wait in line with deer, squirrels, and birds?

They are smarter than that and we can and should learn from their ways of living. In a gym, your influences are most likely to be people that look good on the outside, but are dying on the inside!

F. Connection to the biosphere: Have you ever moved into a new home and notice how empty and lifeless it is without any plants in it? How did if feel when you put some plants and trees in there? Better I bet!

Remember, plants are intelligent beings that literally do the bulk of the work necessary for your survival. You and the animals couldn’t exist without them! They produce oxygen, and create environmental influences on our psyche that result in soothing our minds.

This is well known by people that build hospitals now and there have been many changes made to bring nature, plant life, into hospitals because of the more rapid recovery times linked to having a more natural environment.

Whenever you need to cultivate energy for lasting change, you will be far better supported by getting outside with the sun, rain, plants, animals, and elemental forces that are distorted or blocked inside buildings. I recommend at least 30:00 of movement daily if you want to get optimal energy enhancements.

3. Sleep and Take Naps!

There is nothing you can do for yourself that is more important for gaining energy/vitality and restoring your body-mind than sleep! It’s free, requires no effort to do, and is essential to having a healthy body-mind.

In general, we all need eight hours of sleep each night. Anyone telling you otherwise probably has a degree in accounting, interior decorating, or political science, but probably doesn’t understand the comprehensive sciences that one need understand to teach people about how their body, mind or life works!

I’ve met many such “experts”!and they are most always tired!

I give a comprehensive outline of sleep hygiene in my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy if you want tips for optimizing your sleeping quality.

Taking naps is also essential. Many people with children, shift workers, students, medical professionals, security people, etc., don’t have as much flexibility with their sleep schedule and often end up with lots of problems due to sleep deprivation.

Research shows that taking naps between 10-20 minutes long can have a very beneficial restorative effect on the body-mind. This form of energy cultivation isn’t addictive and has no negative side-effects either.

OK, that’s enough from me to day.

Somehow, my short blogs love to grow!

I guess I have enough energy to share with everyone because I actually live the principles I teach. At least you can’t complain that I didn’t offer enough to really do anything with, like is so common in mainstream publications today.

Enjoy cultivating energy for the change process that will allow you to live your dreams!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek