July 16, 2014

Core Values – My Dr. Quiet

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Core Values – My Dr. Quiet

Namaste from Paul
Core values are essential components of a living philosophy. A wise man once said, “Never judge a man by the creed he professes, but by the life s/he leads.”

The life we lead is but a string of “choices” that result in actions toward self or other.

When our life produces meaning within us, it is usually because the meaning we perceive expresses our core values; we may not be aware of the core values our choices and actions express, but that doesn’t negate the fact that we are expressing our core values.

When people are unaware of their choices and the values they represent, it is not uncommon for them to reach a point where they feel like “life is doing them” as opposed to creating the life they want.

Since many of our choices are unconscious, the only foolproof way to see what we have chosen is to see what we have.

If we have troubled relationships, and that’s a pattern, it’s easy to forever blame others, but that hasn’t helped anyone live better to my knowledge.

If we have chronic money problems, we can believe we are forever doomed to poverty and seal that reality in the fate of our belief system and creative efforts…

or we can look more openly and honestly at our 50% in every relationship and start making changes there.

When we have clearly stated, realistically written core values, we can easily look at how we use our energy, time, and money; are our stated core values expressed, or is there a mismatch?

If there is a mismatch, and we feel we don’t have the knowledge or skills needed to restore balance by reprogramming ourselves to act in harmony with our stated dream and core values, then it is wise to find supportive education and/or a mentor.

I created the PPS Success Mastery Program to serve as a “virtual mentor”.

The first three lessons of the PPS Success Mastery Program are “foundational”.

They are the lessons that cover the most common challenges all human beings have in creating a meaningful, fulfilling life that expresses our potential to create and live our dreams.

As a means of exemplifying how I personally construct some of my core values, I decided to share some of them and my rationale for living that way in my vlog today.

Core Values My Dr Quiet

My diagram (above) shows a “zero” line (flat line in cardiology). This represents the ground of being, or the zero point field from which all “things/vibrations” emerge.

The tai-chi symbol represents the two possible expressions of zero; yin = negative and yang = positive with respect to polarity of energy (vibration) flow.

I explain that our deepest forms of anabolic (tissue regenerative, restorative) potential are available from deep dreamless sleep; advanced meditators like Paramahansa Yogananda could get the equivalent of eight hours sleep in relatively little time in Samadhi or a state of Complete Union (or egolessness).

Since very few have the meditation skills or time in practice to gain such rapid anabolic energy in short periods, it is likely that most of us need eight hours of sleep to regain the necessary energy to function well; I offer sleep guidelines in my book titled, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

I explain that Dr. Quiet time can include periods of minimal mental activity, such as tai-chi, walking in nature, or low stress activities that don’t require cognitive thought processes above and beyond “walking, looking and feeling”.

Periods of introspection and intuition are best placed as Dr. Quiet activities. Because novel (intuitive) creativity is “discontinuous” (is not a series process like 2=2=4, or take the garbage out to remove the smell), we need periods of inner quiet, inner calm to create an “open-state-of-mind”.

Without adequate Dr. Quiet time in an open-minded state, we are very unlikely to be aware when our intuitive calls are answered. Some have waited years for their intuition to respond to deep questions, which exemplifies the discontinuous process of novel creativity.

I share some of my chosen Dr. Quiet activities as a means of expressing my personal values around Dr. Quiet and how to use Dr. Quiet as inner-guidance.

I share the need for eight hours of sleep each night and why I choose the time frame for my sleep that I do.

I explain how taking cold showers can be useful for entering a mindless state; a moment with Dr. Quiet can be more nourishing that a month with Dr. Movement when inner-calm is the medicine you need.

I finish by sharing how I use my evenings for tai-chi and art as a means of expressing my Dr. Quiet values.

I hope you enjoy my vlog today!

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Have a fantastic day living your 4 Doctor core values.

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Paul Chek