January 25, 2016

Inner Experience Day + Cable Pulling and Breathing Mechanics Explained

Happy Monday!

I’m having one business meeting today, and then I’m planning to finish painting my 2016 Mandala.

Sunday was the beginning of my instructor training week at the Heaven House.

Our CHEK Faculty Instructor meeting continues with everyone starting tomorrow, so I looking forward to sharing my energy as I have lots of love and life-force to share with these most amazing people!

The instructors have come from around the world to be together, share, and spend time with me learning about the new programs I’m releasing.

We started out work together with an “Inner Experience Day”.

Here you can see me teaching the relationship between vantage points (states of consciousness) and structure stages (levels of authentic conscious development and the lenses people  wear at different structure stages.

I’m sharing this essential information with them so that in their own meditations, they can be aware of the elements that offer change opportunities, and gave suggestions as to how to climb the ladder of conscious to view their inner-dialogue from a broader, more all-inclusive perspective.

I explained, for example, that someone at the “Traditional level of development (magical/mythic) (Christian for example), will never see “The Buddha”, regardless of how deep into a vantage point they get.

Even if they make it all the way to “causal”, any visions or impressions they have of Wholeness will be connected to Jesus Christ, while a Buddhist or Muslim will never see Christ in while their consciousness is at the same vantage point (state of  consciousness).

This kind of information is essential for one’s personal growth, as well as when coaching others who consciously or unconsciously practice a dogma.

Only when you can identify where each person is at, can you determine how they are creating stress within themselves and their relationships, and  build a functional ladder to help them “climb above it all” for a broader view.

This opens the doors of perception, and gives each person a chance to cultivate “authentic freedom”.

Rattling and Painting

As part of our training, we spent time in my rock circle rattling and chanting together as a means of personal, and inter-personal harmonization.

Once we were harmonized, we began creating a beautiful mandala together. That process when on for most of the day.


Rock and Nature Art

Nicole Devaney and Matt Wallden ventured outside to express their creativity in nature.


They created these beautiful artistic expressions by using the natural environment.



I love to see my instructors accessing their creativity because to be an effective therapist or coach requires perpetual conscious creativity; you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

We concluded our lovely day with a nourishing meal that Vidya prepared – thank you!

We are all excited to resume our intensive training’s Tuesday.

Today is a day for them to play at the beach and relax since many are still jet lagged.

Thank you all for making the journey to be with me at the Heaven House this week!
I am most grateful!

Cable Pulling and Breathing Mechanics Explained

Today, I chose to share some essential tips about breathing and movement in my vlog.

In my video, I first cover the essential basics of how the body responds to the breathing processes of inhalation and exhalation.

Then I show you how to figure out how you should breathe for optimal performance in most exercises by monitoring spinal movement and rib cage expansion.

I finish by applying those methods to the high-cable row. I show how the changes in mechanics induced by changing arm position have a direct influence on the respiratory sequence needed for optimal performance.

I hope you enjoy my video blog today. Understanding how to breathe to optimize exercise performance is not only wise for enhancing performance, but can prevent a lot of injuries!

1. Scientific Shoulder Training (correspondence course)
2. Heavy Breathing (DVD) by Dan Hellman

I hope you all have a fun-filled, joyous week!
Love and chi,
Paul Chek