September 10, 2012


Happy Monday to you!

I had a lovely weekend and hope you did too!

Happy Birthday Paul Jr.! Today my son is 33 years old. Pretty wild really. I LOVE YOU Bud!

My son turning 33 today is certainly a reminder that I’m aging. I don’t mind though. I still have youthful vitality, good bodily strength, and a lot more wisdom than I had when he was born.

In the photo above, you can see me holding Paul Jr. when he was about the age he began walking. His mother (Sue) and I were both 19.

That’s my brother Dusty on the left, who’s now 42. Paul’s mother doesn’t look much different today than she did then so at least we know Paul Jr. has some good genes to work with.

I hope you have a beautiful day today Paul Jr. I love you more than words can ever express!


People are ceaselessly asking me what I eat!Well, here’s a photo of a typical meal for me come by way of Vidya’s skillful heart and hands.

This was a lovely dish of peppers, okra and eggplant with a lovely sauce and fresh parsley. The delicious mahi mahi fish melted in my mouth. Eventually, Vidya will work on a cookbook but she’s very busy now managing my activities and coaching clients.

Maybe once I get through some of the business ventures at hand, she will have time to share her food preparation secrets with you. Until then, just know that the main ingredients in her foods are love, a joy of cooking, organic food, and only the best quality meats and fish.

Sadly, the very ingredients we are now all challenged to have access to with all the government prostitution to major corporations that have some very sick and twisted agendas. We’ll talk more about that soon!


Yesterday, I spent the day with Penny. She LOVES to be in the mountains hiking so I offered to take her up to Idyllwild CA at my buddy Ryan Hughes’ suggestion.

Idyllwild is a stunningly beautiful mountain town about an hour away from where we live. The town is small and cute and we were easily able to find an excellent organic meal before our hike, which is very cool considering this is a little mountain town.

Great Jerky!

As we were exploring Idyllwild, we came across “Grandpa’s House Of Jerky” (Go to: ).

The owner’s son was minding the store when we were there and he informed us that they bring in free range meats of the best quality they can get. I tried some Kangaroo, some venison, and turkey jerky, and Penny got some beef jerky. The quality was EXCELLENT!

I was blown away by how deep the flavors of the meat are. I began to feel an upsurge of energy as my body began to digest the jerky and it lasted throughout our two-hour hike and I was still feeling it hours later when we got home.

This kind of feeling is what I get when eating fresh wild game meats, which I’ve got plenty of experience of. They do ship their jerky to those that want to make internet orders as well so I felt compelled to share this lovely find with all of you. You won’t be disappointed!

Amazing rock shops in Idyllwild too!

I shop for gemstones all over the world to use in my healing work with clients as well as in the preparation of natural herbal remedies.

I’m quite sensitive to the subtle energies of stones and am not very often impressed with what I find in shops. After looking around a bit, I asked for any recommendations as to where I may find a shop with stones geared toward healing, particularly, a healing wand. I was directed to “Georgias”, which is in downtown Idyllwild.

Georgia had some great stones there. After looking at a few of her big expensive ones, she asked me what I felt and I told her that I thought most of them were pretty weak from a healing perspective.

That certainly got her going! She said, “Well, then let me show you some of my special stones.”

She came out with an amazing big citrine quartz crystal that was VERY powerful. She told me right away not to get excited about it because it was her pet and she wouldn’t sell it at any price.

I was very impressed with it so she said, “Well, I guess I can share her brother with you if you like.” She brought out the brother stone you see in the photo above. It was also very powerful! This thing was so strong that when I pointed it at myself, it felt like a hose was blowing water right through me!

I told her I’d take it and she had hard time parting with it, but obviously, it’s sitting on my kitchen table in the photo above so she must have wanted the money more than the companionship!money talks!

Penny found this beautiful lepidolite sphere. This bad boy was also loaded with healing juice! I got it as a gift for Penny to put in her bath water at night. I cleansed it and had the honors of dropping it in her tub to begin its new life with Penny. That was fun!

Great Herbs In Idyllwild Too!

Penny and I came across a great store called Mercaba – Purveyors of Gourmet Teas, Herbs and Gifts (Go to: ).

I found a variety of lovely high quality (Kosher) herbs that I purchased for experimentation. So far, the ones I’ve tried have been of excellent quality. What a joy to find such treats way up a mile high in the California mountains!

Great hiking!

We had a great hike together.

Here’s Penny and I at the start of our hike. We had to get a hiking permit at the ranger station. These rangers are serious about having permits too. We got stopped twice along the way by rangers wanting to see our permits.

Here you can see my beautiful wife in her natural environment. She’s been a mountain girl since she was a child. She’s like a little locomotive going up the steep hills and seems to never get tired out there in the wilderness.

Penny taught me some hiking manners; I’m from the woods of Vancouver Island where the only rule is “the strongest wins!”. She told me that if you need to fart, you pull off the trail, wait for everyone to pass, and then you fart!

I got so excited with that new Kangeroo jerky I ate a whole pack and it resulted in some jet propulsion ☺. But I did learn her hiking rules quickly so my marriage stayed intact and I didn’t get a hiking pole up my bunger.

Off in the distance, we could see the rain falling.

In an hour or so, that cloud made it to us, but we had so much fun anyway!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Tomorrow, I’d like to talk about an article that I recommend you all read!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek