August 27, 2012


Happy Monday to You!

I had a great birthday celebration and got to share with a number of friends and family! I spent some time in my rock garden and ate great food!

Thank you to all of you who sent gifts and cards and emails! There were so many of them I’ve still not gotten to open them all, but look forward to doing that as soon as I get a chance later today.

Besides Sean Greeley, Holli Clepper, her very cool son Jake, and Suzi Nevell (CHEK Faculty) came to see me on my birthday after Suzi finished teaching CHEK Level 3.

Here you can see Jake giving me my birthday gift from him and Holli.

Jake picked out a bunch of beach rocks to add to my rock garden. He painted a few himself and I really enjoyed sharing this special moment with him. The beautiful lei of plumeria blossoms I’m wearing Holli made too!

Here you can see me creating some new little stacks in my converted bird bath in front of my home. Jake and Holli’s gift will really add a lot of beauty to my mini rock garden.

Here you can see Suzi and I feeling the healing current created by my water charger.

Suzi was pretty surprised how powerful the current flowing through the stones was. She says she normally doesn’t feel the subtle energies of stones so well, but that she could really feel the power of my water charger.

She was pretty amazed and said “I’m getting high touching this thing!” Ah, yes, you are getting a “natural high” for sure Love!

I love Suzi and don’t get to see her often since she moved back to New Zealand several years ago to start her family. She’s one of my first instructors and Suzi is the best physiotherapist I’ve ever worked with in my career. I’m blessed to have her with me on my life mission. I love you Suzi!

Here you can see me pouring water on my water charger. This really improves conductivity of bioelectricity. I stand there and hold onto it once I get it wet and the charge increases significantly.

The energy and information emanating from the water charger is a big help to establish base levels of harmony and coherence in the body-mind construct. Everyone I’ve ever let touch it has been amazed.

While meditating on what would occur at the time the Mayan Calendar ends, I had this vision so I drew it to share with you all. What does it say to you?

Vidya and I would love to see what you draw when you meditate on this special event? As a matter of fact, Vidya drew this amazing mandala while I was drawing the one you see above.

Her art always inspires me. Vidya can do things with pens and paints that I just can’t seem to get to happen with my fingers!I’m watching and learning though ☺.

I hope you all have a beautiful day and a lovely week!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek