January 21, 2013

4 Chiefs for 2013

Happy Monday!

Well, Vidya and I finally took Sunday off to rest after almost three weeks of nonstop packing and unpacking; we still aren’t finished, but we are close.

It feels AMAZING to be here living my dream! Vidya is loving the new environment and doing tai-chi outside with incredible wildlife energy and great views. I love it too of course.

Here you can see me christening my newest rock stack. I love to pour water on them once I build them. If the sun or moonlight is hitting the rocks when the water touches them, it creates a conductor between the stones and acts like an amplifier of the more subtle energies that are there without the water. It’s quite cool.

It feels like you’ve just turned the power on. Water is incredible stuff! What and where would you be without it?

Here you can see Vidya’s new stack she created just outside her office window.

I love it when her and Penny get outside in the dirt and start playing. It’s fun for me as a therapist to watch how it improves their motor function, and calms them from the stresses of the day (or week).

It is a form of medicine that I choose to live with regularly because it’s free, easy, fun, and it works!


Here is my artwork that symbolizes 2013 for me. This is the artistic rendering of my written goals.

There is a lot that you can’t see from looking at this image because I’ve used many layers and luminous pens that only show if the light intensity and angle are correct. If you were to leave it outside in the sun and look at it at different times of the day, the image would be different every hour, just like you and I are.

My goals encapsulated as a general theme this year, are to live congruently with the wisdom and insights offered constantly by my 4 Chiefs/Doctors within.

As I’ve worked steadily through the different layers of my own ego-self, I’ve found that many of the messages I now hear and pay attention to, had been there all along; I just was so engrossed in appearances and the show that I was like a kid watching cartoons so intently that they didn’t notice the mosquito biting their arm.

I am of the belief that the best thing I can do to facilitate world change is to make the changes within myself and my life first.

It is one thing to talk about recycling, or composting (as though it were important for others to do!), and another thing all together to be doing it as a practice!and the list of such “self-checks” goes on as we grow.

DOCTOR/CHIEF QUIET is represented in the top left of my art piece.

I have learned the most in my life (when it comes to living wisdom that has value every day) from time spent with Dr. Quiet.

It is only with Dr. Quiet that we can get behind our show and gain clear perception of the ideas and feelings attached to them that we’ve buried beneath our conscious awareness.

This is important to do whenever we have a feeling of being stuck, things not flowing smoothly in relationships, or in our life in general.

There are a wide variety of ways to get into a state of relaxation that facilitates inner-awareness. If you’ve found it hard to get into a meditative state deep enough to gain clear self-reflection, feel free to try one of the seven meditation methods I share for active minds on my Dr. Quiet Audio Companion MP3, which is available to you at www.ppssuccess.com

It is very easy for me to work too much. When I get home past 6:00 PM, the later I arrive the more I find it takes longer and longer for me to wind-down and enter into deep restful sleep.

Because sleep is the most potent source of body-mind regeneration, I value it highly. When we are truly committed to living and building our dream(s), we are also as committed to living the core values that affirm the dream.

Each of the 4 Chiefs/Doctors represents an essential category of core values we must participate in consciously if we are to experience truly holistic living – which is essential if we are to be whole people.

My commitment to Chief Quiet is to listen to Her guidance and give myself the rest needed to effectively participate in my own dream creation.

In so doing, I’m contributing to your dream in the best way that I can create mutual support; we are all dreaming collectively. It’s “our game, our play, our show!”

Diagonally opposed to Chief Quiet is Chief Movement.

Chief Movement symbolically represents all that moves. The symbol for OM is the domain of Chief Movement.

Chief Movement oversees the balance between energy/resources coming inward, and going outward. To the degree that you are in harmony with Chief Movement, your body-mind is energetically balanced.

If you are unsure of the symptoms often experienced when you are not listening to Chief Movement, simply do a Google search under the heading, adrenal fatigue symptoms; the more symptoms you have, the more time you need to spend with Chief Movement.

Chief Quiet is Chief Movement’s Chief, so you may want to start there!

In 2013, I commit myself to deepening my “Work-In” practice. I will enhance my ability to perceive my needs, meet them, and share those skills with all whom I can help with them.

The top right hand of my art shows Chief Happiness.

Chief Happiness is the Chief of our mind and emotions. Chief Happiness works with us to define what happiness is to us.

Once we are clear about what is, and what isn’t happy making for us, it is up to us to establish core values that facilitate living in such a way that happiness is our natural state.

Our core values are essential for giving ourselves guidelines for knowing when to say “no”.

In 2013, I will continue working with Chief Happiness to fine tune and live my core values even more effectively than I have in the past.

The bottom left corner of my art piece shows Chief Diet.

He represents the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom and their intimate relationship with our lives as human beings.

Chief Diet speaks to you through your urges to meet your authentic needs for body-mind restoration.

Chief Diet is a key player in guiding you to live such that your fecundity (fertility or fruitfulness) is high; those having challenges getting pregnant should pay closer attention to Chief Diet.

If you want to develop an intimate relationship with Chief Diet, you are welcome to study my audio program titled, Primal Pattern Eating, from www.PPSsuccess.com

In this program, I teach you three methods for listening to your inner-guidance systems and choosing the right foods and optimal proportions for your unique needs.

In 2013, I will continue refining my relationship with Chief Diet. Chief Diet has taught me a tremendous amount about myself and others that I couldn’t have learned in classes or workshops and has allowed me to share what I have learned in classes and workshops so others can enhance their own life and dreams!

This is just another example of how loving, caring for, and healing ourselves becomes a gift to all others in the world.


The combined wisdom of all 4 Chiefs is embodied by the Chief-of-self. Because I drew this for myself, the Chief in the center represents my embodiment of the 4 Chiefs.

My feather above represents my connection to the Spirit world, or the world of the subtle energies and realities that the eye can’t see, while the feather below my chin represents staying connected to the elements that gown our physical reality, and give us life experiences together.

My Chief is a constant reminder that the state I create within myself is a mirror of the state I’m creating outside myself.

It is also true that the state we create within our selves is commonly mirrored back to us in relationships with others; often we blame them for the pain we experience without realizing that they are mirroring us ☺. Oh Boy!who’s on first?


Fungal and Parasite DVD Program Launch

We are still on schedule to launch the new Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials DVD series 1-24-13. If you are not on the list to be notified, you can do so now and get your free report so you can learn the symptoms of fungal and parasite infections now, and start the healing process!

Zen In The Garden

We will be announcing the date for my next Zen In The Garden event. We are very excited to have a group of open minded, nature loving participants to join us here in heaven (my new office location) for a day of joy-filled-learning.

If you want to learn more about expressing your creative potential, finding and being in your center, developing your body-mind health and athletic ability, expressing your creativity, and much more, keep a look out for our upcoming invitation.

Our students have had many amazing experiences in zen in the garden workshops and we are sure you will too.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek