December 18, 2011

zen Garden Reflections ~ Part 2

Hey, My name is Evan Jerkunica and I am a student and friend of Paul’s.

I have a number of web based businesses and am really excited our business activities can change people’s lives — for the better!

I hope that you enjoyed my post a couple of weeks ago ~ My experience at zen In The Garden with Paul has helped me gain deep insights into how I was taking on too many entreprenurial projects and how to bring intimacy into my relationships.

Stacking rocks in Paul’s garden really recharges my batteries! So today I will take you through part 2/3 of my experience in the zen garden stacking rocks!!

After the hike, we jumped into the garden – well I should say that we tip-toed in!

Paul explained to us 17 different ways we could be seriously injured by bouncing rocks, stacks of rocks falling, rocks with spiders under them, or running away from the above and then tripping on other rocks, and so on.

So in this sense stacking rocks is about as dangerous as a martial art (Aikido is my favorite) and requires just as much attention, and has as much potential for catalyzing personal growth ^_^

After going through the safety rule, Lukas asked, “Right but WHY do we stack rocks?”

Paul responded with something like, “First, there is great therapeutic benefit to unbounded play. I would have so much more stress if I didn’t come out here and play in my garden.”

Paul then continued,”Second, everything in life is a relationship. Nothing can exist without being in relationship to something else.

Stacking rocks is all about creating harmonious relationships. But, when the rocks fall down, we get to 1) practice non-attachment 2) try some new relationships that might work better.”



My very first time in the garden in March, Paul told me to “feel where I should make a stack”. And then, “feel which rock was pulling me”.

I wasn’t really feeling where I was suppose to go. Or what rocks to work with. So I just sat on this really cool throne rock, and tried to feel what it feels like to be a rock.


While I was chilling like a rock, I got to enjoy everyone around me stack their rocks. I reflected a bit on my own life.



It’s not always my turn to create myself, but sometimes I just need to observe ~ especially as a business owner, I need to step aside and let others create on behalf of the business.

So while everyone began creating their rock stacks, I kinda walked around tried to feel where the rocks were pulling me, and what the rocks and my soul wanted me to do.



I was quite impressed with the first stack Lukas had ever made (above)!

After a bit I started to feel the rock mojo and began to play with some rocks. I felt around, made a stack, took it down and just enjoyed the sun and watching everyone else.





In past rock gardens I have been quite hesitant to build high or stack big rocks. So today I decided to really get risky and make something I couldn’t have dared to make previously.

I have spent much of my life in fear my own power.

As a bright, personable individual, I will be able to go far, do what I commit to, date lots of great people, have fun experiences and the like, but I have been holding back and self-sabotaging.

Maybe fear of being a bit of being too tall a poppy (tall poppies get cut down)? Fear of people not relating to me?

I have also been afraid of making mistakes or taking risks. I am not sure where this comes from because obviously everyone make many mistakes throughout their lifetime.

And I have been and still am very harsh to myself when I make mistakes.

It was really fun watching Paul stack rocks. He makes such TALL stacks!


I have found Paul’s zen Garden one place where I can safely move out of my comfort zone and grow through some issues of perfectionism and self-sabotage (what a nasty combo!).

Stay tuned for part 3, where we rap up our day in the Zen Garden with lots of fun pictures and a few words of wisdom that work for me.