October 24, 2010

What kind of L0Ve do you practice?

Hi Everyone!

Today is a special day!

I’ve put together a new presentation that will help you to really understand my stage model about the ways that you and I love. You see, the webinar I’m presenting tomorrow on Sex & Violence Love is brand new and more than ever pushes the envelope of holistic healing, helping you to upgrade your own personal software so that you create optimal conditions to experience an empowered free life.

Everything you’ll learn in 90-minutes explores an issue that is central to everyone’s life experience: The way you love yourself and those around you affects your:
* Self-esteem
* Trust in yourself and others
* Drive to better yourself
* Relationship quality – both who you form those relationships with and how you sustain them
* Self-care, eating and fitness habits and behaviors
* Stress and coping levels

There’s no doubting the connections here! And if you aren’t sure what to do to heal these kinds of self-defeating limitations, the ultimately revelatory life-perspective you will learn in Part 2 of my Webinar Love Series is both practical, accessible, intuitive and liberating when you join me Monday, Oct 25, at Noon PT.

My Learning objectives are to help you to

1. Comprehend what Sex and Violence L0Ve is
2. Understand why Sex and Violence L0Ve in human growth and development is essential
3. How to become more aware when you are both creating Sex and Violence L0Ve and what to do about it while experiencing it from another
4. When to develop “safe-love” conditions

That’s the kind of healing empowerment that is central to your success in life!

When you register, you will also receive:
* A downloadable handout to serve as a guide during the webinar
* Access to the recording of the webinar
* Full replay of the entire webinar – audio and video – on our website
* The opportunity to earn PDC’s for CHEK/HLC Practitioners

I’m looking forward to sharing ~ It is because of Unconditional Love that man forever grows, looking for the “True-Self”.

Love and chi,