October 26, 2010



Lovely to have a moment to share with you today.

First off, I’d like to let those of you who may be as yet unaware, I’m running two live workshops here at the Institute this coming Friday and Saturday. My new program: The Science Of Breathing and Movement, is Friday, October 29th, 2010: This unique program addresses the top of the CHEK Totem pole – Breathing/Respiration. I feel that this is so important a topic that In this program, I share the essentials of breathing and respiratory physiology. But this is not a boring physiology lecture! The physiology I present relates directly to how the autonomic nervous system regulates our entire body and how stress to our physical, emotional, mental construct immediately represents itself in our breathing patterns. I teach several highly practical assessment methods of both determining how stressed an individual is, and how to determine if improving their breathing pattern will be a useful tool for restoring well-being. Additionally, I spend a significant amount of the training on the essential correlation between breathing mechanics and the mechanics of exercise. Participants will learn that much of what is taught to exercise (and health care!) professionals with regard to how we should breath while exercising is actually backward when viewed from either a biomechanical or neuro-mechanical perspective. After this class, participants will have many useful tools for assessing respiratory pattern disorders, teaching exercise more effectively, and understanding the many strange symptoms of breathing pattern disorders that so often elude medical professionals. This workshop is appropriate for CHEK Practitioners and HLC Practitioners at all levels of training.

Saturday, October 30, 2010 I will teach Scientific Balance Training. This is a workshop I’ve given many times at health and exercise conferences worldwide. Since seeing the list of students registered for this class, I’ve come to realize that most of the people attending Saturday are the most educated of my Practitioners and therefore, need this information the least. I’ve always found it interesting that the people that need training the most are the least likely to show up! That said, I’ve decided to revise this workshop to make it a little juicier for the committed learners. In this workshop, I’ll review the essentials of core control and then take the participants on a journey into the practical applications of what I’ve learned over the years with regard to developing a logical, practical approach to restoring balance for anyone.

This topic is very important today because we have a rapidly aging population who suffer from many injuries and surgical procedures secondary to falls. In fact, the most common cause of death among people 60 and older is a hip fracture from falling; it’s not the fall that kills them though, it’s their lack of vitality that results in an inability to recover from the surgery! If any of you work with athletes or the general public and want to better your skills at developing effective programs for improving balance, I suspect I’ll be able to share enough to really build your confidence when marketing to and serving people in need of better balance. Based on the athlete screenings I’ve done with high school and college students over the years, your market is HUGE.

I realize this is quite late notice (so anyone locally if you see this and are inspired) but I just felt that some of you may have missed our marketing pieces on this and may be close enough to drive. I don’t do too many of these workshops any more due to other commitments so if you want to come refresh your knowledge and skill base, your Chekisms, and see if I’ve got any new jokes, I’d love to share that and all the above with you!

See you in a few days!

Love and Chi,