August 23, 2012


Happy Thursday to You!

I hope this day is one of abundance and inner-peacefulness for you.

Yesterday was busy but fun. I was busy with my usual blogging, paper work, PPS coaching, and taught for a few hours at CHEk Level 3 with Suzi Nevell here at the institute.

I gave a short lecture titled, Why People Don’t Heal. In that lecture, I highlighted the ten steps to healing I feel we must all follow and let each of the students look at their own life challenges relative to the model I teach so they can see how they can better heal themselves.

I feel it is the responsibility of ALL in the exercise industry and any aspect of healthcare to be a living example of their teachings. Anything else is merely information swapping.

We are drowning in “ideas” without practical application. Ideas don’t heal without affirmative action. That’s just how the world works.

As we clear our own fog and insecurities, our vision improves proportionately. When we are whole, we can easily see where people are in their journey to wholeness because we know the path and the obstacles along the way!

I got into the gym early yesterday so that I didn’t disrupt the class with my passionate clanging, banging, breathing and movement. It was lunge and squat day for me.

I warmed up with lunges coupled immediately with squats until I got to 225 pounds. Then I coupled three sets of 2 lunges on each leg with two to four squats. I followed that with some Swiss ball reverse crunches. I left the gym feeling well toned and balanced like a young man. I love that!

I had a great business meeting after teaching that went until late in the evening. The Universe has brought Angels into my life and I’m very grateful!

Thank You Mother Universe! Great things are happening “NOW” and I’m loving it too.


Today, my inner-voice suggests that I share Arnold Patent’s Universal Principle #3 with you:
I effortlessly and joyfully experience the perfection in Universal design.

The eternal Now unfolds in my awareness.

Everything and everyone in the universe is already perfect, including ourselves.

We don’t have to do anything to make the universe or anything in it more perfect.

Whenever we believe we must do anything, it is a signal to remember this principle. It is wise to sit down in a quiet place and rest until the perceived need to act passes.

Anything done out of a sense of need or obligation is inappropriate.

Every activity grounded in peacefulness and inspired by joyfulness is appropriate.

Paul’s Commentary:

All legitimate spiritual teachings offer us an opportunity to better understand, explore, and experience wholeness.

When I lay in my front yard at night looking at the stars in the beautiful night sky,
when I look at the world as seen from the Hubble telescope,
when I see children playing happily,
when I see my students transforming before my eyes,
when I see how my painful events and challenges have all been a process of ripening me so that my essence emerges more naturally and fully,
I cannot imagine how I could have created a more perfect experience for myself than the Universe has offered me, and all of us in the world.

When I act out of a sense of need or perceived obligation, I often find myself losing my bliss, my natural childlike creativity. I sometimes find myself wondering why I do all that I do; am I trying to prove something?

Am I trying to validate my self so that others will make me feel better; isn’t that something I should do for myself first so that I’m not co-dependent (entangled even) with others? Am I playing a role in a story written by someone else?

When I am honest with my personal needs and take responsibility for meeting them, I don’t come to “work”. I come to share my love and wisdom with the rest of me.

When I choose to meet my own needs and do that, I feel love flowing naturally.

When I choose to take responsibility for meeting my Dr. Quiet, Dr. Movement, Dr. Diet and Dr. Happiness needs, I experience my own penmanship – my own story.

In those moments, I realize that I can create my own freedom, my own joy.

When I am still, clear, and open, I see and feel the perfection of the Universe. When I look into it, I see it looking at itself through me and I know that I’m seeing the history of the stories I’ve written; and I see you there with me, as One.

Each night as we sleep deeply, we experience the unbound perfection of emptiness; no needs, now wants, no obligations. All my problems and challenges are gone. I wake up now as an older, wiser man.

I wake up aware that all the pain others seem to stimulate in me is their gift to me, for they are showing me where I have not yet healed from the past stories I (often unconsciously) believed.

As I’ve become more disciplined, taking responsibility for the creation of my own acts of self-love, I’ve experienced the reflection of that love in my chosen work.

When I was recently in Toronto staying with Rory Mullin for Can Fit Pro, I consciously chose to meet with three young, vibrant, courageous professional hockey players.

In the moments we shared together doing tai-chi, toning and singing in the steam room, and sharing our life stories, I felt deeply connected to these warrior spirits. I saw the great love of life hiding behind their scars and battle wounds.

I saw magnificent flowers opening in their hears and crowns. I saw young men leading the way to change for many other professional and armature athletes.

I gained the gift of their trust and their willingness to practice methods that are scary for most western men who normally only hug each other at the end of a battle.

I felt their love in their honest, open sharing of the challenges they have faced and do face each day. I felt great joy sharing my story and my wisdom with them, for I could feel their hearts listening openly.

It is in these moments that I know the Universe is a loving Universe and that without our pain, we could not know what love is.


My friend and CHEK Institute Faculty and Presenter Dan Hellman was with me in Toronto at Can Fit Pro. Dan attended my workshop on “How To Work-In”. Dan also delivered some great lectures there. He’s really an amazing presenter and his passion is infectious.

Dan sent me this drawing he did of himself depicting the experience we had doing tai-chi together in class. I love it!

Thanks for being the amazing, intelligent, Loving man that you are Dan!

Well, that’s it for today.

I’ll be taking the day off to celebrate my birthday tomorrow so Vidya will share on of my Tao-Te-zen sutras with you.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend; don’t forget to look at the stars at night so you can read your storybook!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek