January 26, 2012

Vegas and Tao

Happy Thursday to you!

Yesterday was extremely busy with coaching calls and my Flatten Your Abs Webinar.

I managed to get into the gym for a quick lunging workout, which felt great!

Penny and I managed to make Las Vegas in 4.5 hours, got ourselves setteled and to bed by 9:30pm.

This morning I found a small crack between two buildings in the concrete jungle here to do my tai-chi in the morning sun. I love my tai chi practice! Especially when I’m on the road it helps me to discharge all the electo-magnetic buildup and resource lovely chi!

I’ll be teaching my Scientific Shoulder workshop today at ECA-BALANCE.

Today, I want to loop back to one of my Tao-TE-zen Sutra’s: #1.

The mandala art is by my good friend Gunnila Blumberg our CHEK Swedish International Affiliate.

TAO-TE-zen Sutra 1:


TAO-TE-zen Practice:

Our Natives, living in the wild, developed intimate relationships with Mother Earth.

They were also very conscious of the moon, the sun, and the stars, for they came to realize that these larger “bodies” regulated the seasons.

They knew, with ever fiber of their being, that they could not live without water, earth, sun, air – and all these realities changed with the seasons.

When our Natives had challenges they could not solve, they looked to other “beings” who gave them knowledge they could not find on their own accord.

They worshiped trees, fire, the lingam and yoni; the moon, the planets and the stars were respected as “gods” and nature spirits were “deified”, for they were the bringers of life – life we could not create ourselves.

Today, scientists peer into nature through electron microscopes, atom colliders, and mathematical formulae only to find that inside, it is All connected!

When looking through telescopes, they find that nature expands to match their conscious inquiry.

The result!we now have reaffirmation that no matter which way you go – smaller – or BIGGER – we are ALL ONE – ONE IS ALL THERE IS.

Practice seeing “wholeness” in and around you. Treat nature as “thy self” and you will never feel alone again.

To gain a natural sense of the Oneness of Nature, please take a few minutes to watch this amazing video clip that was forwarded to me by Chek Practitioner, Corey Jung.

It’s amazing and truly beautiful.

It made my day!

Gorillas and Man

May you be inspired to develop your relationship with Nature!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek