June 23, 2014

The Healing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Happy Monday to You!

Happy Solstice! I hope you all had fun doing things you love to do this weekend.

Today, I’ll share some tips on the healing benefits of apple cider vinegar. After that, I’ll share some highlight’s from Ashley Mazurek’s HLC 1, my coaching of Mike Salemi, my visit from Ryan Hughes, and my current art adventures.

The Healing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is somewhat of a “panacea”, and is generally under appreciated and utilized by the public at large.

Most people have been conditioned by the medical and nutrition industries to buy “pills” for everything that ails them, while not receiving much legitimate information on natural ways to care for common ailments.

In my vlog today, I share practical information about apple cider vinegar and its many uses.

I also give tips for making your own fruit and vegetable wash from 1-2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar in a gallon of water; how much apple cider vinegar (1 to 2 tablespoons) you choose to use is largely personal preference.

This natural, effective produce wash is cheap to make, and very effective, while being totally non-toxic; always use drinking quality water for washing produce to avoid adding toxicity while trying to reduce it .

I also share the following recipe for a “tonic” (pick-up drink) that can be used in place of coffee or tea for those wanting to reduce the intake of addictive pick-me-up drinks:

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic
8 oz. quality drinking water
1-2 teaspoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
½ teaspoon of honey, or Virgin Raw Bee Panacea for broader nutrient profile
¼ teaspoon of cinnamon (or to taste)
¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or to taste)

I hope you enjoy my video blog on apple cider vinegar today. If you enjoy it, please share it with all your family members and friends. We all want to look and feel great!



Eat Move and Be Healthy – Book

Congratulations HLC1 Grads!

HLC1 Denver Colorado picture 6.2014
Ashley Mazurek just taught her first HLC 1 (Holistic Lifestyle Coaching) course in Denver Colorado this weekend (far right in back row in photo); Terrence Thomas (CHEK Faculty) assisted Ashley, and will begin teaching HLC 1 on his own soon.

(BTW, both Ashley and Terrence are contributors on the CHEK Institute Blog! Check out their excellent posts)

I’m proud of all the progress Ashley and Terrence have made as instructors, and am excited that they are now out in the world teaching Holistic Lifestyle Coaching courses for the CHEK Institute.

I asked Ashley if she could share a few words about her experience teaching HLC 1 in Denver, and this is what she had to say:

“This was an amazing HLC1 class to teach in Denver, Colorado. I always offer the students the flexibility to open themselves to as much growth as they would like to experience in HLC1. Well, I can say first hand they all created their appropriate growth. They absolutely Love the holistic/integration approach to Health that Paul has put together.

There were clients of CHEK practitioners, nutritionists, and CHEK practitioners present to soak up the information for themselves and to take that next brave step in their own evolution. I am very proud of all of them. This class found a new family. A CHEK HLC family that now provides them with love, support and inspiration to be what they need to be at anytime in their life.

It’s sad for the departure on the last day but I have encouraged All my students to join my Facebook page “Ashley’s Good Chi Circle” to continue that love, support and inspirational guidance from their like- minded CHEK family. I am always grateful to learn and grow with each class I participate in teaching.

Thanks Paul for working so hard to create these classes and I am speaking for my students and for myself!”

And, Down Under, Jo Rushton completed teaching her HLC1 course over the weekend!


So there you have it! Another amazing CHEK HLC1 experience by amazing CHEK HLC Faculty who are truly devoted to being a living example of their teachings!

Thanks again to Ashley, Terrence and Jo for teaching, and to all the lovely students that are willing to explore my holistic approach to living and conditioning as athletes.

For those of you who want to benefit from my Primal Pattern Eating techniques, CHEK Faculty Angie Lustrick will be presenting the CHEK Institute Webinar on the subject, Wednesday, June 26, 12pm PDT.

It gives me great joy to see my life’s work adding meaning and value to the lives of others.

Mike Salemi Seeks Second Russian KB MASTERS Qualification

Paul and Mike S KB
Well, Mike has had a little rest after successfully achieving his Masters Qualification in Russian Kettlebell competition lifting (5:00 @ 32Kgs ea. class).

Mike has decided he’s like to try getting his next Russian KB Masters in the newly created “40 Kg” class! Yes, that’s a 40 Kg (88 lbs.) in each hand for as many clean-n-jerks as you can do in 5:00 without letting them touch the ground at any point until you are done!

Those of you who have any experience with KB lifting will immediately be aware that this is no small challenge! To get his masters in the 40 Kg class, Mike will have to perform 27 strictly judged clean-n-jerks in 5:00 .

As odd as it may seem, the 40 Kg class is a more natural event for Mike. He is much more of a lion than he is a camel so-to-speak. His body responds much better to high intensity training than to endurance lifting, suggesting that he probably has a higher than average percentage of fast twitch muscle fiber in his overall composition; in other words, he’s more of a sprinter than a distance runner by nature.

Mike also has a background in powerlifting, and loves heavy lifting in general, making this a more psychologically pleasing form of training for him. He had to develop the ability to deal with a lot of lactic acid and PAIN to meet Masters requirement in the 32 Kg class, but did it with iron grit.

To get Mike ready for the 42’s, we will be adding some muscle, and base strength training.

PC MS deadlifting

Here you can see Mike and I working on contrast training; we go from a heavy deadlift to heavy KB exercises.

Because the deadlift is so intensive relative to the KB’s, we are able to extract more reps/pounds per set for a deeper overall conditioning effect. As usual, Mike and I had lots of fun testing and getting him ready for the next phase.

This time I was smart though, and didn’t get into a lifting competition with him and end up remembering it for a month….

By the time I was done coaching Mike, I had torn the skin from the palm of my right hand (40 Kg bells are pretty brutal on the paws!) and my hands were on fire.

I think I’ll get an ice machine in my gym if I’m gong to keep lifting with all these young whipper-snappers! Great job as usual Mike!

Ryan Hughes Shares Recent Art

PC and RH his art
Ryan Hughes is a world famous professional motto cross racer (many times in the top 10 in Super-Cross events around the world), as well as being European National Outdoor Champion.

Due to breaking his neck in a racing accident, Ryan expanded his coaching business and retired from racing. In the past couple years, Ryan has spent time with me exploring art, and has really become an amazing artist in his own right.

Here you can see Ryan and I with a couple of his art pieces that I really liked; I thought they were all good, but he couldn’t possibly hold up all the lovely pieces he brought to share. He caught me in the middle of dong some cooking, thus the unique outfit I’m wearing .

Ryan and I both find art to be very stress relieving, and a necessary tool for expressing the high degree of creative energy we both experience on a daily basis.

I love watching Ryan’s art evolve. He also brought his first clay vase that he made in Australia recently. It was very cool.

I can’t wait to get to spend time with my mother learning the fine art of making things out of clay; my mother, Meera Censor is an accomplished sculptor and you can see her work at: www.humanitariansculpture.com

Thanks for sharing Ryan and keep up the great work Bud!

Paul’s Current Art Project Continues….

Chipu Acrylic Stage 3

This Friday, I took the day off to rest and continue my painting. I added the green heart that goes around the breasts and down below the third chakra. I also added the flower to represent the second chakra, as well as coloring in the thighs to represent large plant leafs. There are some areas I did small modifications to, such as the hair.

It is very unusual for me to spend so much time on one art piece; I prefer to express myself fully in one session and start something fresh on the next session.

I’ve been having so much fun, and just keep finding ways to enhance my vision, so why not keep going? I feel I’m close to being done now and will hang this piece on the wall in front of my desk so I can enjoy the memories of creating it.

I hope you all take a little time to express your creativity each day. Doing so can make a much calmer, happier “you”!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek