March 22, 2013

The Earth Awakens!

Happy Friday from Heaven!

I’ve been very busy with clients all week here in Heaven.

I hope you enjoyed the Tao-te-zen sutra Vidya posted for my blog yesterday.

I love the outdoors and I love to share with my clients.

Teaching outdoors
Here you can see me teaching in my very favorite way, out in nature where there are no distractions from cell phones, computers, or even the buzz and noise of a city.

Jason and I were discussing the deep paradoxes of what God is, and how beliefs (stories) are all projections of mind.

It’s very fun for me to work with people who’ve reached a point in their own spiritual development where they seek awareness and experiences of what’s outside the constraints of their belief system.

I’ve explored many belief systems and ways of living, so I feel very comfortable addressing deep questions about life and all related to it.


As most of you are aware, I use rocks as effective teaching tools in my coaching practice and personal exercise and spiritual practices.

Jason Big LIft 1
Jason big lift 2Jason bigl lift 3

Jason is a well-conditioned athlete and LOVES big rocks. I shared my plan for our rock work on day two of his visit and when we met yesterday morning, I told him I had a vision while sleeping of what we would build today.

He said, “Me too!”. I shared my vision and he just looked at me with a grin of serendipity and said, “that’s the same pattern I saw in my dream last night!”

To begin our project, we dismantled my last project and put the stones back into a circle. Before we began reconstruction, we did a good half an hour of tai chi together in the circle to harmonize.

Above, you can see us beginning the two-hour project in the beautiful warm sun with heavenly views all around us.

The Christening
Christening 2

Here you can see Jason and I christening our project. I used this opportunity to teach Jason and his mother a lot more about how to feel subtle life-force, or bio-energies.

Feeling bio-energy

Nancy, who usually doesn’t feel these energies so easily, really felt the energy from the stones, particularly after pouring water over them. I taught her a lot about the dangers of metal jewelry once she could feel subtle energies.

Paul's Smashed finger
While Jason and I were lifting the big rock second from the top into position, I got a little jolt of awareness as my middle finger got squashed. We were lifting a very heavy stone on top of another stone that was very delicately balanced and had to move quick and be careful..well, I’ve got to be even more careful ☺.

I love my injuries though. They always teach me how to be more present. I always take responsibility for what I create and each injury teaches me something special about healing I can share with others.

Jason Paul stone mandala
Here you can see our finished stone mandala project. This is a meditation labyrinth. The inner-circle between the center stack and the first ring of 3-stone stacks creates a yin, left-turning spiral energy, and the next ring out creates a yang, right-turning spiral.

When we do walking meditations, the energies help balance and clear the body-mind.


Just as Jason’s mother, Nancy arrived, our first rattlesnake appeared on the Heaven property.

Rattle snake 1

Its next to the road by the roof tiles.
Rattle snake 2

Its about 4 feet long!

Rattle snake 3

He blends in with his environment, nature’s beauty!

I’ve been wondering and watching very carefully, as I go get rocks in the brush. This is rattlesnake territory full-on! I love them though. They are very beautiful, powerful creatures who protect the earth.

Their arrival means the ground is warming and spring is alive. There are many spiritual significances to snakes appearing in your life as well.

The rising of your life-force energy (awakening) is one of the metaphysical meanings.

This beautiful rattler was a healthy 5 year old. We spoke nicely to it and welcomed it to the new day of it’s awakening after hibernating. My level of awareness will now certainly rise as I move around the property ☺.

Hawks in Heaven
The hawks were out too. I love watching them do their areal acrobatics and mating rituals. They are very beautiful, powerful birds.

Two days ago, I saw a hawk fly to a perch in a tree right next to me with a bird it had just caught in its claws. I watched it tear the bird open and eat it right in front of me as the bird tried to get away. No chance.

Time to meet God! Mother nature is brutally honest with her love!

Today we will do another day of healing, tai-chi, art therapy, and much more!

May your day be as fun and beautiful as ours wherever you are!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek