August 30, 2012


Happy Thursday!

I hope this day is one of holistic self-expression for each of you.

I know that I feel my best when I’m addressing each aspect of my wholeness. But what is that? What are the essential aspects of your own wholeness?

Since I suspect only human beings are reading this blog, its safe to say that what we have in common is greater than what we share as our individuality. Our individuality may be seen as the differences in our genetic expressions, as well as the differences in what we believe and act upon.

Underlying our individuality is our commonality. What is common to all of is what makes us whole, healthy, functional human beings. Here are the essentials of what we share in common with regard to our wholeness:

QUIET: This is the domain of Dr. Quiet. We all need adequate amounts of rest or we begin to dis-integrate as a response to stress.

Sleep is the most anabolic act we need consistently. Without adequate amounts of sleep, no amount of therapy, exercise, study, drugs/medicine or creativity can replace the anabolic benefits of sleep.

Dr. Quiet is also the domain of “introspection”. If we don’t spend enough time being present within ourselves, we run the risk of identifying our authentic self with what we do, not who we really are.

“Doing” without “being” makes Jack a dull boy!

MOVEMENT: “Life is movement!” Movement in general is anabolic. Movement is anabolic because without movement, your blood doesn’t flow, you don’t breath, you don’t “express your potential as a creator.”

Everything we see and interact with in life is moving. Things that seem static, like the wall of a building or a steel post, are actually moving very fast.

All these things are made of atoms, which are light entangled. All atomic things radiate energy/light and progressively decompose.

Plant a steel post in the ground today and come back in a hundred years and all you will have is a pile of rust; the post was moving all along!

Plant a tree and come back in a hundred years and you have a big tree; everything is moving. Think a thought, and you have movement; no movement, no thought!

In general, movement requires that we express energy. If our movements throughout the day consume more energy than they create via the physiological and psychological interactions stimulated, we are working-out.

This implies that such movement is catabolic – tissue destructive.

If we move with gentle ease and flow, not elevating our heart rate or breathing rate, we are cultivating energy to a grater degree than we are spending energy. This is anabolic (tissue building).

To be whole, we must balance the outgoing energy invested in movement of all types with the ingoing energy of movement.

To do this, we must be aware of our inner-world and body.

When our bodies are balanced from effective use of movement, our emotions and our mind generally reflect that balance and we feel good about ourselves and our lives.

HAPPINESS: This is the domain of Dr. Happiness. Dr. Happiness is the doctor that arrives in our lives whenever we take responsibility for:

1. Being clear on what it is that creates happiness in us.

2. Creating an environment and relationships that are congruent with our happiness ideal.

3. Establishing clear core values so we know when to say “NO” in relationship to other persons, places and things that may go against our core (happiness) values.

You can learn how to establish your own core values by studying my multimedia ebook titled, The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need – How To Get Healthy Now!, which is available at

DIET: Diet is the domain of Dr. Diet. Hippocrates said, food is man’s best medicine. Each of us has unique racial, ethnic, and genetic dietary needs.

It is important to remember that we are as different (in our needs and functional parameters) on the inside as we are on the outside.

Current research shows that the human body replaces every cell within a years time. Your cellular or biological function can only be as good as the food you eat and the water you drink.

Next time you reach for a soda pop, or some other form of junk food, simply ask yourself, “What part of my body can I make our of this stuff?”

In most instances, the only thing you can make is foul smelling urine and feces! Stick to organic, whole foods and you will have the right stuff needed to establish a sound biological basis for a healthy emotional-mental life of creativity.


Have you noticed the beauty of the moonlight in the past few days?

I love the moonlight myself. Sometimes, when the moon is approaching a full moon or is full, I wake up between 1-3:00 AM and have the urge to be outside in my garden.

I have no thoughts as to what I’m doing. I just go outside.

Sometimes, I’m moved to just stand there like a tree and witness all the incredible nightlife. As I stand still, the animals and insects get comfortable with me.

In a few minutes, they start moving around me as though I was, well, just a tree. I witness them in their natural environment.

I feel deeply connected to them.

I feel as though the know me from all my many hours of activity and tai-chi in the garden.

I feel like I’m part of their family and that we all share this special piece of land mutually.

I love the creatures because they are essential to weaving the fabric of the land so I can enjoy being at home.

Sometimes, I have spontaneous urges to move and allow my body to unwind.

In the photo above, I’m out on a full moon doing some unwinding, allowing my body to balance itself.

When I’m done, I feel first hand how balancing my body calms my mind and emotions.

When I wake up, I feel more complete because I’ve taken responsibility for meeting my unique individual needs, and, I’ve gotten to visit my night family.

Friday, we will have a Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon is the name given to the full moon whenever we have two full moons fall into the same calendar month. The next one will not be until July 2015.

I was out in the moonlight last night doing tai-chi and I had an incredible experience of connection.

The electromagnetic field generated by the moon was so strong, as I moved, it felt as though space was palpable. It was almost like air, but even more subtle, yet still strong at the same time.

I could feel the moon-force that moves the oceans and gives Mother Earth her heartbeat.

I could feel the energy of the moonlight being magnified by my stone formations.

I could feel many things that words cannot describe, but I know they are the things the coyotes feel and sing about.

I hope you take time to get out of routine and into your authentic nature, which is nature itself!

Lets all go out tonight and/or tomorrow night and join the night beings and coyotes.

If you howl at the moon and I hear you, I’ll howl back to you to celebrate the night.

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Love and chi,
Paul Chek